7 Bedroom Wall Panels Create a Chic and Cozy Retreat

bedroom wall panels

We’ve all daydreamed about a chic and stylish home once in a while. Well, that Hollywood-like house of your dreams might be just one step away from you. That step? Wall paneling. Yep, this one easy technique can level up your home in an instant. 

With the wide variety of choices available for wall paneling, it’s easy to get confused. So, we at Arcedior have created a round-up of all the best bedroom wall panels to help you out! Read on below to find what suits you best! 

Why Choose Wall Panels For Bedroom? 

Before we dive right into the options for a wall panel, let’s take a minute to discuss their importance. A wall panel’s primary purpose is its ability to conceal any flaws in your wall. It helps hides any exposed wiring or the likes. A sleek wall panel will give your bedroom a sophisticated look.  

Wall panels can serve insulation purposes as well. On a hot summer day, they keep the cool air trapped in your room. Alternatively, during winter they help keep a space cozy and warm. Alongside this, soundproof wall panels are also a blessing for those who live in noisy areas. They prevent any noise from getting into your bedroom, allowing you to sleep peacefully.  

Wooden Wall Panel For Bedroom

Wooden wall panels are an age-old choice for every part of your home. They have a versatility to them that other materials might lack. Wooden wall panels are perfectly at home in both traditional and modern settings. They are also a durable and cost-efficient choice. Wooden panels require little regular attention and care, but will still last you ages compared to certain other materials. 

wooden wall panel for bedroomSource: Mikodam
Fila Wooden Wall Panel in Bedroom

Fila is a great pick for a wooden bedroom wall panels. The pieces are crafted with care from high-quality wood and engineered wood. The elegant look and subtle design of these wooden panels make them ideal for every area of your home, including the bedroom and living room.


  • Easily applicable
  • Elegant acoustic absorption system

Bedroom PVC Wall Panels 

Another material to consider for your bedroom wall panel is PVC. Where it might not hold the same sophistication as wood, PVC has its benefits. First and foremost, PVC wall panels have a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns for you to choose from. You could opt for something trendy with lots of colors, or a more subtle design, depending on your tastes. PVC panels also hold the advantage of being pocket-friendly and easy to install. They are also a safe choice in terms of hygiene as PVC is resistant to mold and simple to clean. 

Bedroom pvc wall panelsSource: Profhome
Interlocking Bedroom PVC Wall Panels

The Interlocking is a solid choice for a PVC panel. This unique bedroom wall panel has stone patterns. Interlocking bedroom wall panels is 100% water resistant and stable up to 60 °C.


  • Matt look
  • Abrasion resistant & waterproof 

Fabric Wall Panels For Bedroom 

Fabric is an often overlooked material for wall panels. However, fabric wall panels do have a lot of unexpected benefits. They have some of the best acoustic properties in the wide range of wall panels. Fabric wall panels give your room a softer and cozier feel than most other choices. Additionally, fabric panels can be applied on top of almost any material, making them an efficient choice. Their only downside is the fact that they can be difficult to clean. 

fabric wall panels for bedroomSource: Midsummer-Milano
Light Appearances Fabric Wall Panels in Bedroom

A gorgeous find when it comes to fabric bedroom wall panels is the Light Appearances Panel. These beautiful bedroom wall panels represent the midsummer time of year. With its red color and geometric motifs, this panel will be a breath of fresh air in your decor.


  • Unique patterns
  • Beautiful and contemporary art

Modern Bedroom Wall Paneling

Modern wall paneling balances the scale between functional and aesthetically pleasing. It usually features simplistic and elegant designs. Modern wall paneling is a great choice for a contemporary or minimalistic home. It’s ideal for making your bedroom look slightly bigger than it is. Modern paneling also has a way of adding depth and character to a space.

letter series modern bedroom wall panelingSource: Leno Wall
English Letter Modern Bedroom Wall Paneling

English letter series is the way to go if you’re leaning toward modern bedroom wall panels. This beautiful piece holds the strength of love and emanates a welcoming vibe. This whole series features waterproof and lightweight bedroom wall panels.


  • Eco-friendly and self-adhesive
  • Soundproof and lightweight

Soundproof Wall Panels For Your Bedroom

Soundproof wall panels are the biggest blessing for a light sleeper. They completely block out all outside noise to ensure that you have a peaceful slumber. Whether you live in a busy area of your city or just have loud roommates, soundproof panels are your best friend. While they keep outside noise from entering your bedroom, soundproof wall panels also help with the opposite. They limit the leakage of sound from your room. This means you can peacefully binge your next Netflix show into the middle of the night without worrying about disturbing anyone else’s. 

Soundproof Wall Panels for BedroomSource: Mikodam
Vero Soundproof Wall Panels in Bedroom

Vero is your best bet for soundproof bedroom wall panels. The product is built carefully considering European laws regarding acoustic absorption measurements. It offers reflective repetitive patterns that is designed out of diagonal lines.


  • Durable
  • Sustainable

Decorative Wall Panels For Your Bedroom 

The function of decorative wall panels is pretty much captured in the name itself. Their primary purpose is to add aesthetic value to your bedroom. You could opt for something featuring abstract art and muted colors. You could also choose something more vibrant and bold in terms of color, depending on your taste. There is no right or wrong when it comes to decorative wall panels.  

Decorative wall panels for bedroomSource: TecnoGrafica
Tropico Decorative Wall Panels in Bedroom

The Tropico bedroom wall panels are an exquisite choice among the decorative wall panel. This beautiful piece regards both techno graphic appeal and a support system, which makes it unique bedroom wall panels.


  • Techno graphic appeal
  • Water and abrasion resistant

3D Wall Panels For Bedroom 

3d wall panels for bedroomSource: Leno Wall
Camille 3D Wall Panels in Bedroom

3D wall panels are an extension of decorative wall panels. They are a great pick if you’re looking for something bold and fashionable. Camille by Levo Wall is a beautiful example of the perfect 3D wall panel. The piece features 3D waves throughout, giving it a hypnotizing effect. Additionally, the whole thing is made from pressed bamboo fiber, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 


  • Pressed Bamboo Fiber
  • Environmentally friendly


At the end of it all, it is obvious that wall panels for your bedroom, or any part of your home, are a useful decision. From soundproofing to insulation, they have a lot to contribute alongside aesthetic value. If you haven’t quite found the ideal wall panel yet, feel free to surf through our extensive catalog here. We hope you find the wall panel that is the perfect extension of your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you panel a bedroom wall?

The most crucial step to a properly paneled wall is planning. You should know exactly what you want before jumping into anything. Next, you need to measure your walls. Once that is done, cut your panels and sand your walls. You can now attach your panels to the surface.

Which wall panel is the best?

Generally speaking, wooden, MDF, and PVC panels are the best choices for your home. They are all extremely durable choices that are easy to clean and maintain. Wooden and MDF panels are also very elegant to look at. At the same time, PVC offers a wide range of color and pattern options.

What is the cheapest way to panel a wall?

For a budget-friendly way to panel your walls, opt for MDF.  The material is relatively more affordable than its counterparts. MDF is also reasonably easy to attach, meaning you can panel the wall yourself and save on the cost of installation. The material also requires little aftercare, saving you both tie and money.

Is wall paneling a good idea?

Wall paneling is for sure a good idea. The aesthetic appeal it adds to a space is simply immeasurable. Wall paneling helps you hide any construction flaws or exposed wall wiring. It also aids in other aspects like soundproofing and insulation.

What’s the best wall paneling for bedrooms?

Decorative wall panels are an exquisite choice as bedroom wall panels. You can opt for a set that goes with the rest of your decor, or something that adds just the right amount of contrast. A bright wall panel is also a good idea for your room as it can add some life to the space.

Does paneling make a room look bigger or smaller?

Paneling can make a room feel bigger or smaller, depending on how you want it. If you want a cozy space where you feel comfortable, opt for darker colors, These make a room feel smaller than it is. Alternatively, bright colors will give any room the illusion of it being larger than reality.

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