Best Small Wall Mirror for Bringing Life to Your Home


A small wall mirror offers a wide range of options for creating a wholesome design for any space. They are ideal for various uses, such as making the space appear larger, reflecting light, and making the area more bright. They can also be used for the gallery wall display in the living room and foyer. You can make the small wall mirror the room’s focal point with no work.

This is why smaller mirrors have become the most loved home decor in recent years. Since they come in so many options, be it design, material, or shape, they cater to any style. These small mirrors can be hung on the wall using brackets or screws or placed on a shelf or cabinet. Since some of the mirrors are lightweight, they can be placed on the wall using strong adhesive tape for the walls. Here, we have combined everything that you need to consider before choosing the perfect mirror for your place. Let us get started.

Small Mirror Wall Decor

Small Circle Mirror Wall DecorSource: AnanTaya
Small Circle Wall Mirror

Small mirror wall decor is ideal for making a dramatic statement in the area it is placed in. Since a round shape breaks the monotony of straight lines, it creates a fun element in the room. These mirrors are a great accent in any area placed. Tava small wall mirror distinctly amalgamates modern technological patterns and the classic design pattern used for centuries. This fusion creates a home decor product that is unlike any other.


  • Built-in Light
  • Contemporary style
  • Exclusive look

Small Decorative Wall Mirrors

Six small decorative wall mirrorsSource: Pacini Cappellini
Small Decorative Wall Mirrors

There are many ways to hang a small decorative wall mirror, like choosing a pattern or random formation. When selecting a pattern, you must ensure a flow and order so that the mirrors look in sync. Otherwise, if you like uniqueness, you can randomly place the small wall mirror according to your thought process. This will create a more organic look and feel. 

A small mirror on the wall can become the room’s focal point or simply merge with the decor style. This Oblo set of mirrors is all round but slightly different sizes, allowing this product to create a nice niche for the wall.


  • Simple and sleek design
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in hook for stability
  • Lightweight

Small Bathroom Wall Mirror

small bathroom wall mirrorSource: OMK 1965
Small Wall Mirror in The Bathroom

If you’re looking for a small bathroom wall mirror, you are in for a few options. You can choose a traditional mirror which can be either rectangular or square. Or you can opt for the trendy round or small oval-shaped mirror for the wall. 

Orbit wall mirror is the epitome of grace and modernity. Its sublime look makes it adaptable to the functionality needed in the bathroom. The best part is that it is attached to the closeup mirror to magnify the face. With the magnifying mirror, you can easily see the minute details of doing makeup and skin care. 


  • Perfect bathroom mirror
  • Swivel feature
  • Good magnification
  • Contemporary design

Small Rectangular Wall Mirror

Small Rectangular Wall MirrorsSource: Veblen
Small Rectangular Wall Mirrors

Small rectangular wall mirrors are a versatile addition to any home. They can be used for everything from adding light and brightness to a room to creating the illusion of more space. Small mirrors can also be used strategically to reflect interesting objects or views in the room. 

Hermitage contemporary small rectangular wall mirror is a set of 4 differently shaped mirrors. They come together on the wall seamlessly and create a distinct look. You can decorate them together or use is standalone as well. 


  • Each mirror is of a different shape
  • Can be used together or separately
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Eye for detail


Small wall mirrors have made themselves prominent wall decor items, particularly in homes with a more modern or contemporary design aesthetic. They can create interesting visual effects, reflect light, and add depth to a room. 

When grouped, small mirrors can make a significant impact and can be used to fill an empty wall or space. You can use your creative imagination to decorate with small mirrors for walls all around your office or home. Add the charm of exclusive small mirrors from Arcedior and improve your room’s allure. Add the charm of exclusive small mirrors from Arcedior and improve your room’s allure.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can small mirrors make a room look bigger?

Yes, small mirrors can aid in making the room look bigger by placing the mirrors strategically in dark areas. Small wall mirror reflect light which makes the space appear bigger than it already is. You can put them opposite the natural lighting, and they will reflect light, making the room full of light.

Why are mirrors good for small spaces?

Mirrors are an excellent addition to small spaces as they are inexpensive to make the room appear bigger. Mirrors create an optical illusion that creates a facade of depth. If a small room feels cramped and worn out, then placing small wall mirror around the room can have a drastic effect in amplifying the natural light. Besides all these factors, mirrors are multifunctional as a source of utility and decoration. 

How do you hang a small mirror on the wall?

Since small mirrors are not that heavy, you can place them on the wall with a drill and screw. Use measuring tape and level to mark the correct position for the small wall mirror. Then drill and hole and insert a screw; then, place the mirror on it. Make sure the mirror is not tilted but at the optimal level. For a nice glow-up, clean the mirror since it can become dirty with all the fingerprints due to the installation. 

How do you arrange a small mirror?

You can arrange a small mirror in several ways, including:
1. Hang the mirror strategically to reflect light opposite a light source or directly below it.
2. You can pair it with other decor items like art, furniture, and accessories. 
3. Positioning mirrors at different angles can create visual appeal and break the monotony of straight lines from the walls and furniture. 
4. You can place different sized and shapes of small mirrors to create a cohesive look and make them the focal point of the room.
5. Since the world is your oyster, you can place the small wall mirror in any way that works best for you. 

What shape bathroom mirror is best?

Rectangular and round-shaped mirrors are considered the best for a bathroom. Though these are the classic options, you can choose unique shapes like oval, square, and arched. A rectangular mirror works the best since it covers the most space and provides a better angle and view. A round bathroom mirror can also be an ideal choice, as it is vintage and adds a new shape to the space. 

Is it good to decorate with mirrors?

Yes, mirrors can be a great addition to any home decor. Mirrors have an inherent quality to make the room bigger. It not only helps create an illusion of space but is also instrumental in making a visual enhancement in the bedroom. You can decorate it in multiple ways to spruce up dull walls. Additionally, it can be used to create a focal point in the room. 

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