11 Trendy Wallpaper Designs to Add Personality to Your Home

3D Wallpaper designs

Wallpaper (Wall + paper) is a self-explanatory word. You stick the paper to the walls to enhance the beauty of the wall. There are so many wallpaper designs that anyone can get confused while choosing one. Floral, animal, geometric, 3D, woodgrain, cork, textured, or abstract are some of the styles to explore. Solid vinyl, vinyl-coated, and fabric-backed vinyl are popular materials in wallpapers. 

If you want to raise a bar in wallpapers, go for an amalgamation of 3-4 types. You will never be disappointed with this idea. For example, 3D geometric metallic wallpaper will work amazingly in modern interior decor. 

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Geometric Wallpaper: Bold Shapes

Geometric wallpaper designs reflect a sense of stability, futurism, and creativity. It is a visually pleasing design that works well with any interior decor. Pastel colors and metallic wallpaper go well with a retro aesthetic. Whereas in minimalism, sober flowers blend in.

Geometric wallpaperSource: Texturae
Out of Stock Geometric Wallpaper

What’s in a name Out of Stock? It is a multichromatic geometric wallpaper design with rhombus and triangles motifs. You will observe a series of rhombus vertically joined in different colors.


  1. Water-resistant
  2. Fire retardant

3D Wallpaper: Illusion of Space

3D wallpaper, i.e., 3-dimensional wallpaper designs, are imaginative designs that can take you into another world. This could be repetitive illusive patterns. Any architectural designs, forests, and embossed designs can do magic.

3D WallpaperSource: Creativespace
3D Wallpaper Designs

Walk into the passageway to experience the historical moments that many people have lived. An architectural marvel in 3D wallpaper will make your room appear spacious and look amazing in the Living room and Hall. The sun rays coming from multiple arches symbolize new beginnings. 

Caution: Don’t walk into it. 


  1. Washable
  2. Shock-resistant

Flower Power: Floral Wallpaper

If nothing strikes your mind about wallpaper designs, then go floral. You won’t be wrong about it. Ever. Flower has the power to uplift the mood and will surely cheer you up. It adds femininity to the environment and beautifies the whole atmosphere.

Floral wallpaperSource: Tecnografica
Fuji Floral Wallpaper Designs

Fuji brings attractive and hard-to-ignore flowers in the background to your home. The beautiful roses of all colors in the wallpaper bring life to the dead space. Even beside the poolside, you can smell the rosy scent that exudes from it.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Spongeable

Classic Black and White Wallpaper

If you want something monochromatic, black and white wallpaper design is the classic choice to decorate your home. Black symbolizes sophistication, and conceals emotions, whereas white symbolizes innocence and opens the expressions. Therefore, black and white are opposites and balance each other out, like a yin-yang. 

Black and white wallpaperSource: Mineheart
Black and White Wallpaper Design

Organized, symmetrical, and clean checks are well reflected in Window Outline wallpaper. It is a black-colored checks on white background. The patterns are highly symmetrical and interconnected. 


  1. Peelable
  2. Spongeable

Abstract Wallpaper 

Abstract wallpaper designs are any non-existential design present on a wall that can only be imagined in shape, color, or design. The broad spectrum of colors utilized in abstract wallpapers produces a non-existential picture. 

abstract wallpaper designsSource: Texturae
Elation Abstract Wallpaper Design

In Elation, you can see how colors, shapes, and waves merge to create an imaginary yet real dimension of amoeboid shapes and prismatic colors. It metaphorically invites viewers to explore a gloomy wonderland and become lost in the woods.


  1. Scrubbable
  2. Durable

Wild Walls: Animal Wallpaper

Animal Wallpaper DesignsSource: Skinwall
Animal Wallpaper Designs

Are you a fan of Mowgli, Baloo, Mufasa, or Bagheera? If your answer is yes, then animal wallpaper designs are what you should look into. Sleighing with Reindeer in  Autumn woods, roaring with Bengala tigers, magic escape with unicorns, or To flying with birds, you may fulfill any of your fantasies through wild walls.

panda animal wallpaper
Pan Animal Wallpaper

Walk into the jungle to play with Pan and experience the wilderness. Stick this exclusive and enchanting animal wallpaper into the kid’s room, and they will love it instantly.


  1. Flame retardant
  2. Pet friendly

Tropical Wallpaper

Looking at the bright side, you may enjoy the tropics in your home, even during the rainy season, through tropical wallpaper designs. The bright and lively colors can transform any room of your home and suit any decor. 

Palm Springs Tropical wallpaperSource: Wallpepper
Palms Spring Tropical Wallpaper Design

Immerse yourself in Palms spring and enjoy the tropical wallpaper in your home. Palm leaves have symbolized victory and integrity for ages and, thus, have the potential to radiate influential vibes. In feng shui culture, the palm improves the equilibrium of the house, and psychologically green color soothes the eyes. So let’s plan out your escape to the tropics!


  1. Fire-resistant
  2. Hypoallergenic

Statement Wall: Mural Wallpaper

Mural wallpapers are statement-defining wall decor items that can change the look of your space. You can paste a picture, repetition of a big picture, or use scenery to depict something indescribable. It adds style and texture to space. 

Mural wallpaperSource: Tecnografica
Campofame Mural Wallpaper

Campofame is a PICTURE that you can’t ignore. The sky is the limit to a man’s dreams as he gazes up at a starry night sky until it suddenly descends upon his face. Then, finally, he was forced to acknowledge reality and how practical life ought to be. This wallpaper design is a must-addition for art enthusiasts. 


  1. Waterproof, Soundproof
  2. Removable

Textured Wallpaper: From Flat to Fabulous

Textured wallpaper adds a three-dimensional effect to the space. For example, geometric, animals, plants, or human motifs can be added in a 3D context. They will transform your wall from flat to fabulous. 

Textured wallpaperSource: Profhome
Bravo Textured Vinyl Wallpaper

Bravo is an aging-resistant textured wallpaper design. It has wavy lines in swirl form and metallic highlights. You can directly paste the wallpaper on the wall, which is fully removable. It is washable, scrubbable, and peelable.


  1. Washable
  2. Removable

Vogue Vintage: Retro Wallpaper

Retro wallpaper is inspired by vintage wallpaper designs and is manufactured with new technology. A correct selection of colors, patterns, and textures will surely be an eye-catchy wallpaper design.

Retro Wallpaper DesignsSource: Skinwall
Retro Wallpaper Designs

This wallpaper will take you Back in time. It is beautiful and stylish. The classic movie Casablanca starring renowned artists, is well printed on this wallpaper.  Use it in your living room, and show how much movie buff you are. 


  1. Easy to install
  2. Removable

Add Glamour: Metallic Wallpaper

Real metallic pieces, aluminum foil embossing, or simply metallic color on textures are some ways to achieve a metallic wallpaper. They look elegant and are simple to install and clean.

Metallic wallpaperSource: Profhome
Versailles Metallic Wallpaper

Versailles 69495 is a strippable, sponge-able, and textured wallpaper. The metallic highlights gave it an extraordinary look. It is a painted textured vinyl wallpaper design, a modern premium material. You can choose any available colors.


  1. Removable
  2. Spongeable


We’ve discussed all the trendiest wallpaper designs that add personality and style to your home. If you are dreamy, then choose floral wallpapers. If you’re into tech, go for geometric or 3D metallic wallpapers. Textured wallpaper is the all-time favorite type of wallpaper. In contrast, mural wallpaper is applied when you want to make a statement. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of wallpaper is best for walls?

Vinyl material is the best choice for wallpaper. It’s easy to clean and install. You can wipe the dirt with a wet sponge and a dry sponge. It is durable and available in many patterns and designs. These are available in peel-and-stick, pre-pasted, and textured wallpapers. In addition, some vinyl wallpapers are stain-resistant and can be applied in high-traffic areas.

What is the most trending wallpaper?

Floral and tropical patterns are the most trending wallpapers. The inclusion of plants, trees, and tropical organisms into the home can be done by installing floral wallpapers. Tropical and floral wallpapers are the best options for those who want to be surrounded by greenery but don’t have time to look after them. These patterns brighten up the space.

Is 3D wallpaper good for walls?

Yes, 3D wallpapers are good for the walls. They offer the viewer an illusion and an improbable scenario. If your room is small, 3D wallpapers can make the appearance bigger. 3d wallpaper creates an image that goes beyond the wall or comes through the wall. You can install tunnels, dense forests, stairs, or lamps in a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

What goes well with black and white wallpaper?

Wooden or white and gray furniture shades go well with black and white wallpaper. Wooden furniture breaks the color of monochromatic wallpaper and will stand out in a room. In contrast, shades of gray and white will blend with the black and white wallpaper designs. Bauhaus and Minimalism decor are popular choices for black and white wallpaper. 

Why choose floral wallpaper?

Floral wallpapers should be chosen because they are mood lifters and bring a sense of happiness. You may choose either small or big flowers. You may also come around big foliage wallpapers or birds around the trees; all goes well with any interior design. Pastel colors and metallic wallpapers go well with a retro aesthetic. Yet sober flowers mix in with minimalism.

Is floral wallpaper in style?

Yes. Floral wallpapers always stay in style. Due to many variations in floral wallpapers, they find their way to the home, either in the form of vinyl or fabric. In addition, there are handmade floral wallpapers, where original flowers and leaves are stuck into the material and leave their impression on it.

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