Top Cupboard Design for Bedroom to Maximise Storage

cupboard design for bedroom

Here comes your solution for your endless search to own a perfect cupboard design for bedroom. Cupboards are more than just a place to store things; they are also statement pieces that carry their aura with them everywhere they go. 

What matters the most is the material the cupboard is made of. Wood- never goes out of style, Metal- is sturdy and resistant to natural phenomena, and PVC- is a synthetic material with an advantage over the other two materials. 

A bedroom is a personal space, and that is why selecting a personal cupboard is a matter that should be taken care of by an expert. Here at Arcedior, we have a huge collection of cupboard design for bedroom, and you’ll find one that suits your taste and personality. 

Classic Wooden Cupboard

Wood is an all-time classic material that has the potential to transform the vibe of any area. The flexibility of wood with respect to intricate designs is immense. It is also a durable and sustainable material. Prefer teak or sheesham wood if you want a durable wooden cupboard. Whereas manufactured wood also serves the same purpose and is also eco-friendly.

WOODEN cupboardSource: Modenese Gastone
Wooden Cupboard Design for Bedroom

Art is a modular freestanding wooden cupboard. It is a neutral-colored three-door wooden cupboard that has ample space to store your belongings. It is 190 cm long, 62 cm wide, and 220 cm tall.


  1. It has three doors
  2. It is spacious

Stylish PVC Cupboard

PVC (polyvinylchloride) is a thermoplastic material with many advantages over other materials. The PVC cupboard is termite-proof and water-resistant. It requires very little upkeep and is simple to install. It is economical, highly durable, and can take any shape and color. 

Alinda Cupboard design for BedroomSource: Ider
Alinda Cupboard in Bedroom

Alinda is a sleek cupboard design for bedroom that brings quality and charm to the space. It includes two sliding doors, which are useful for tiny bedrooms because they conserve space. It has huge space to store all your clothes and other items, such as three hanging areas, two large shelves, five medium shelves, and three hidden drawers. This PVC cupboard is a perfect statement piece for your bedroom and will blend with other furniture.


  1. It has sliding doors
  2. Mirrors in the periphery are for decorative purposes

Industrial Chic Metal Cupboard

If you’re designing a bedroom in industrial decor style, then a metal cupboard is what you should add to it. It is known for its durability and waterproof qualities, which makes it a highly preferred material in the contemporary age. A metal cupboard might be a little heavier than its counterparts, but it is worth every penny. 

Metal cupboardSource: Rina Lovko Studio
Metal Cupboard Design for Bedroom

Transparent is a metal cupboard that is chic and sleek in design. It transports you into a world of sober elegance where metal, solid oak wood, and the majestic simplicity of glass are dominant. It has hidden hinges that makes the appearance of frames thin. 


  1. Lightweight
  2. Hidden hinges

Creative Corner Cupboard

corner cupboard design for bedroomSource: Ider
Bolera Corner Cupboard for Bedroom

A corner cupboard gives the impression of a huge area. These are placed in a room corner, making the interiors clean and neat. 

Bolera is a perfect addition to the kid’s bedroom, and you can stuff it up with their toys, stationeries, and personal items. The corner cupboard in the kids’ room adds design and security to kids playing noisily. You may place it in other living areas, as its design and outlook can match any room. Adding this fully covered corner cupboard will change the space’s ambiance. 


  1. Stylish and functional cupboard
  2. Blackout glass covers the front side.

Space-Saving Wall Cupboard

wall cupboard design for bedroomSource: Minottiitalia
Wall Cupboard Design for Bedroom

Lady man is a modern wall cupboard design for bedroom that radiates luxury and class at once. You will find unconventionally designed geometric doors that make the appearance chic. There are two doors with ample shelves to place your stuffs. 


  1. Inclined geometric doors
  2. Sleek design

Flexible Foldable Cupboard

A foldable cupboard is also known as a collapsible cupboard. The highlighted feature is its lightweight material that can be easily folded and transportable. In addition, the provision of shelves and hangers gives this cupboard design for bedroom an edge. 


  1. Easy to carry and transfer from one place to another.
  2. It keeps every item in an organized manner.

Stylish Solution Sliding Cupboard Design

Sliding cupboard design for bedroom serves a dual function. First, it opens and closes within a cupboard, thus saving the frontal opening space of the room. Second, you may use that floor space for other decorative items. 

Sliding Cupboard Design for BedroomSource: Estel
Sliding Cupboard Design for Bedroom

Anfiteatro is a wardrobe collection where you’ll get sliding doors. It is built in co contemporary style. It is a multifunctional storage furniture: sliders as a space saver and mirrors for dressing up.


  1. It features tempered glass
  2. Dual functions: storage and mirrors

Adding Functionality Cupboard With Mirror

Wooden Cupboard with MirrorSource: Mois
Wooden Cupboard with Mirror

Petra is a Greek word that means rock or stone. Well, there is no doubt that one-half of the cupboard has a unique pattern of rock that resembles the name! The cupboard is available in two colors, white and brown, with a lacquered finish. It is a multifunctional storage furniture: sliders as a space saver and mirrors for dressing up. 


  1. The unique wooden pattern on the door
  2. Dual functions: storage and mirrors

Cupboard With Dressing Table For Beauty Routine

It is essential to have a dressing table attached to a cupboard for grooming purposes. You don’t have to rush into another room to check yourself out. Thus, it saves time.

Cupboard with dressing tableSource: Ugurlu
Three Door Cupboard with Dressing Table

Rodi Soho is a three-door cupboard with dressing table. It is made of an eco-friendly material with lacquered, waterproof finish. The cupboard with dressing table features open storage for grooming accessories and closed storage for clothes and other items. 


  1. Features closed as well as open space for storage.
  2. It has drawers and mirrors.


Now, we’ve arrived after our discussion. You’ve gone through the top cupboard design for bedroom to maximize storage space. You will get it here whether you want classic wood material or a chic lacquered design. Cupboard with mirrors, wall cupboards, embellished cupboards, unique patterns, sliding doors, cupboards with dressing tables and single-door cupboards, and many more at just one click here. You will surely get what you’re looking for. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cupboard is best for the bedroom?

A cupboard with mirror is best for the bedroom. It is practical when getting dressed. Additionally, it frees up extra floor space that could be used for the full-length mirror. A plain mirror or a stylish mirror are also options. Designer mirrors can be decorated with prints or other decorative elements.

What type of door is suitable for cupboard design for bedroom?

It is suitable to have a sliding door cupboard design for bedroom. The bedroom sliding cupboard design has two purposes. First, it saves the frontal opening space of the room by opening and closing inside a cupboard. You could put additional ornamental objects on available extra floor space. 
The disadvantage of a sliding door wardrobe is that you cannot see your complete closet at once. It will never be possible to see inside the closet because of the door next to it.

Which type of wood is ideal for most cupboard design for bedroom?

Teak wood is ideal for most cupboard design for bedroom. It has inherent water resistance quality that makes it suitable for manufacturing cupboards. It is a cost-effective and strong material; thus, you can explore it for cabinets, wardrobes, or almirahs. Teak wood is resistant to extreme weather. Thus, even if left untreated, it sustains longer than other kinds of wood.

What is the best material for a cupboard design for bedroom?

The metal cupboard is best for the bedroom. It has many advantages, such as high durability and resistance to water, weather, and fire. You may have a glossy or matt finish cupboard in this material. The main feature of the metal cupboard is economical and sustainable, making it preferable among buyers. 

What is the standard size of a bedroom cupboard?

The standard size of a bedroom cupboard is 7 feet high and 2 feet deep. The depth of a cupboard should be at least 2 feet as it will hamper the adjustments for drawers and hanging rails. Whereas the number of doors varies, you may add hinges or sliders. The width also varies as desired.

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