Comfort is Key: 7 Best Office Chair Features

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Comfort and productivity go hand in hand, firstly induced by an office chair. That is why choosing the best office chair is as important as buying a smartphone. This is because we use an office chair all day; if it is not up to the mark, the day can be ruined. 

There are many factors to consider while buying the best office chair design, keeping comfort in mind. It can have features like ergonomic design, back and neck support, and good quality material. In this blog, you will become equipped with the best office chair for your use so that you can make the best investment for the sake of your health and work. 

Ergonomic Office Chair

ergonomic office chairSource: Ofita
Ergonomic Office Chair

A study at the Delft University of Technology found that after four weeks of sitting on an ergonomic office chair, the employees’ posture improved compared to the basic chair. That is why ergonomic office chair reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. 

It is, for that reason, designed to support the natural curvature of the spine. It has various adjustable features, such as seat height, armrest height, lumbar support, and tilt angle, which can be adjusted to suit your needs and preferences.


  • Increased comfort and circulation
  • Better productivity
  • Reduced Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders

Reclining Office Chair

Reclining Office ChairSource: Sitzone
Reclining Office Chair

A reclining office chair is designed to enable the user to experience comfort and adjustability. Many times throughout the day, it becomes essential to recline the chair or adjust the position to give it better comfort. 

This becomes especially useful for sitting for long hours and even reducing pressure on the spine. A reclining office chair can also improve blood circulation by reducing the pressure on the thighs and legs. All of these factors can lead to more productivity which comes with comfort and adjustable seating. 


  • Added comfort
  • Suitable for a position change
  • Reduced stress on the muscles

High Back Office Chair

High Back Office ChairSource: ChairWay
High Back Office Chair

A high-back office chair is designed in a manner that is meant to give support to the upper back, shoulders, and neck. It can provide a good posture throughout the day, which can help reduce back pain and musculoskeletal disorders. 

The neck can get tired constantly looking at the computer screen, and with a high back office chair, it can get a respite for that. Besides this, it looks great as an executive chair which can demonstrate authority and professionalism. Also, many such chairs come with adjustable features that provide maximum comfort. 


  • Added comfort to the neck
  • Support to the upper body
  • Reduced risk of musculoskeletal disorders

Office Chair Without Wheels

Office chair without wheelsSource: Tunaofis
Office Chair Without Wheels

Also known as a fixed or stationary office chair, an office chair without wheels can be used for sitting in one place. Since it cannot be moved around in the office, it is generally used for seating guests or visitors. 

It provides stability which can be helpful for older people who might not be comfortable in a movable chair. This is because it is safer to use even in areas where the floor is uneven. It is also trendy because it has low maintenance, is quieter, and more affordable. Its drawback is that it cannot easily move around in the room. 


  • Safe to use
  • Usually quieter
  • It has a lower maintenance

Office Chair with Footrest

Office Chair with FootrestSource: Sitzone
Office Chair with Footrest

Office chairs with footrests can be very beneficial for comfortable and ergonomic seating. This is to make your feet feel relaxed while working. Since the sitting period can become very prolonged, the added comfort to the legs and feet can be seen as essential. 

The moveable swivel chair’s base works as a footrest mostly. Otherwise, some chairs have an inbuilt footrest too. It can also improve blood circulation by reducing pressure on the thighs and legs, due to which you can feel fatigued. 


  • Adjustable features
  • High on versatility
  • More comfort to the feet

Office Chair Wheels

best office chair with wheelsSource: Rainbow
Best Office Chair with Wheels

Also known as casters, these chairs have high mobility and flexibility. They are useful for moving around on the workstation, especially if you have to move frequently. It can help maintain an ergonomic posture throughout working hours since it can maneuver well. 

Office chair wheels then, in turn, reduce strain caused by having to move the chair around due to lifting and carrying it. Since less effort is required to move around, that can improve productivity. 


  • Easy to move around
  • Higher productivity
  • Easy wheel upgradation

Swivel Office Chair

swivel office chairSource: Luxxu
Swivel Office Chairs

A swivel office chair uses a mechanism to rotate the seat 360 degrees without much effort. This enables the user to face any direction without moving the chair in seconds. This increases accessibility to even the back of the desk, which can, in turn, increase productivity. Team collaboration can be beneficial as it makes communication easy and enables face-to-face talks. 


  • Improved communication with the team
  • Better accessibility
  • Can turn 360 degrees


In conclusion, comfort is the key to improving the office environment, which can induce a sense of ease. An office chair has many features that can provide an easy breezy time, including adjustability, swivel movement, wheels, neck support, and more. So considering these factors can lead you to choose the best office chair that will make you productive, and your body will also thank you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an office chair?

An office chair has many benefits, like comfort, support, and durability. It can create a comfortable seating experience with a padded seat and backrest. Which in turn reduces fatigue and discomfort. Providing ample support and having an ergonomic design can mean a better posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems.
It can be effortless to clean by wiping a damp cloth or simply vacuuming. Besides this, office chairs come in many designs and style that allows for better personal preferences. They are also very durable, which can make them save money and reduce frequent chair replacements. 

Why Are Office Chairs On Wheels?

Nowadays, office chairs are on wheels to enhance mobility and flexibility in the workspace. This helps in easy movement, which allows the user to move around the workspace without getting up or moving the chair. 
This helps to reduce the strain as the user can quickly move the chair closer to the desk, which does not make them lean forward. Mobility can improve productivity by reducing the time and effort required around the office. 

What are the qualities of a good chair?

The qualities of a good chair include comfort, durability, adjustability, and stability. The best office chair should provide adequate support for the lower back and the spine’s natural curvature. The lumbar support molded to the shape of the back should be the most crucial element. 
The next feature is adjustability, which entails adjustments for height, backrest angle, armrest angle, and movability. Also, the seat is crucial since it must be deep enough to support the thighs and hip area. The chair must be stable enough to hold the user’s weight without tipping over or wobbling. The fabric must allow for excellent air circulation to prevent sweat and discomfort.

What are the six general features of an office chair?

The six general features of an office chair are:
1. Seat height adjustment: This will allow users to easily adjust the chair according to their needs and preferences while working.
2. Backrest height adjustment: For proper support of the back, which is lower and mid back, the chair should allow good backrest height adjustment.
3. Lumbar support: Lumbar support helps to reduce back pain and discomfort. These issues can arise due to prolonged sitting hours. 
4. Armrest: Armrest is important to provide comfort and support to arms and shoulders. This can reduce strain and fatigue associated with constant work. 
5. Wheel: For easy mobility and flexibility, the wheels can easily provide access to different parts of the workstation. With this, the user does not have to get up. 
6. Swivel base: This feature allows the user to quickly turn the chair to reach different areas of their desk and not have to move the chair repeatedly. 

Why is comfort important for office chairs?

Comfort is critical to spending long hours in the office, so having a good office chair is important. An office chair can provide comfort and support, which is essential for daily tasks. It can also enhance job satisfaction and overall well-being. 
A good chair that can be made with the ergonomic perspective in mind can help improve posture and reduce the chances of musculoskeletal problems. These office chairs have several features, like adjustable height and armrests. The best office chair also features a footrest, neck support, and adjustable tilt and recline mechanisms.

What is most important in a chair?

Comfort is the most important aspect of the best office chair, which should provide proper support throughout the day. Seat height adjustment: This will allow users to modify the chair according to their needs and preferences while working. 
The chair should permit enough backrest height adjustment for optimum support of the lower and mid-back. Lumbar support aids in easing back pain and stiffness. Long periods of sitting can cause these problems to develop. Armrests are crucial in ensuring the comfort and support of the shoulders and arms. 

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