Arcedior’s vital role in creating a luxurious villa in Ahmedabad

See how Arcedior assisted Interior Designer Shravan Khati to source, procure and create a luxurious villa space featuring a variety of high-end furniture and lighting design solutions.

Location: Ahmedabad, India
Project Type: Luxury Apartment in Ahmedabad
Industry Vertical: Private Residence
Architect/Designer: Shravan Khati
Year: 2018
Project Completion Deadline: 6 Months
Actual Completion Deadline: 5 Months
Months Saved: One month
Areas Covered: Family Living, Bedrooms (Kids, Guest & Owners) Kitchen, Lounge Area, Balcony, Passage Area, Front Porch.
Products Sourced: The custom-designed and specially sourced furnishing and décor products for the interiors included loose furniture, lighting and fixtures– all curated from the best sources.
Planning: The design theme for the house was inspired by the modern and luxury fusions. The key, hence, was to source items that conformed to this core design philosophy.

Arcedior- a place where imaginations get transformed into realism! Inspired by Italy’s rich and iconic culture, the studio devised a concept defined by subtle colors and opulent furniture pieces. The blueprint of this HNI luxurious property was to source items that effectuated the elementary design notions- avant-garde extravagance and a comfortable environment. Shravan Khati- an exceptionally breathtaking architect with remarkable skills, partnered with Arcedior for procurement solutions to build this magnificent villa.

Arcedior had the fantastic opportunity to create the iconic structure of this palatial villa that portrays the a la mode essence unified with the code of exotic luxury. The project was given a kick-off in February 2018 that involved client meetings and requirement analysis. The high-end project began with a vision of the designer to build an unparalleled foundation that blended modern luxury with the Italian style. He wanted the villa to be one of a kind and Arcedior, with its years of experience, was optimistic about delivering an incomparable choice of materials and quality. Followed by this, the client, along with the Arcedior team, visited many factories in China and finalized the costing and order there itself. In its entirety, the client’s satisfaction was the core motive. 

Working With Arcedior Made Sourcing A Breeze

Arcedior lent a helping hand to Shravan Khati in sourcing global sustainable decor products. With our vast networking chain of suppliers and vendors, sourcing the righteous products for the project became efficacious and trouble-free. The team adopted Moodboard – like-presentation technique for the procurement of furniture pieces before visiting the country. This scheme bore out fruitful results as the team was able to source from preeminent suppliers and more niche independent brands. Furthermore, the selected furniture was finely sourced and procured from China. Thus, sourcing with Arcedior saved designers’ handsome time that further helped him focus effectively on creative work. This collectively led to choosing the righteous furniture and delivering the result before the expected deadline.

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Project Support

Interior Designer Shravan Khati was in continuous contact with the Arcedior team. He introduced the project owner to our sourcing and procurement services ranging from inspiration to installation. As acknowledged by the designer, the monumental task was to complete the project before Diwali. Thanks to the designer who provided immense support to the team to promptly execute and deliver the masterpiece. A dedicated project coordinator was introduced to Mr. Shravan Khati, who accompanied him to the factories and made the selection and required negotiations for the project. 

The coordinator functioned as a point of contact and worked alongside the designer and business development team during the entire course of the project. In addition, he took care of all the requirements like product research, product suggestions, product quality check, and on-site installation.

It has been an amazing experience with Arcedior and the team from Initiation to execution. They had given me timely responses, and I was very happy to complete and deliver my project on time with the help of Arcedior. Kudos to the team!

Getting the Boat Sailing Under Strict Deadline

The team was required to deliver the project before Diwali, which meant that we had a completion time of barely six months. The chore was the two revolving goals- time urgency and the client’s outlook of a voguish grandeur and posh villa. Light and furniture sourcing from Arcedior saved heaps of time. Our strapping and sturdy network of manufacturing sourcing globally established unwrinkled furniture sourcing from top brands. This resulted in an immaculate sail from briefing, sourcing, shipping, and installation of furniture products and lights needed for the project. Thus, we were able to successfully deliver the project within five months, a month before the deadline. 

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Obtaining the Specifications On Point

Chiefly, interior design sourcing is a solution for all the problems. It grants global procurement solutions to interior designers, architects, and other project owners, thus showcasing sui-generis designs and features that aid various project necessities. Arcedior worked with the designer to maintain the budget and develop the specifications in detail. Transmuting the integral vision into life required actual find, customization followed by review and finalization of the design by the client, purchase and delivery of furniture and lights. Arcedior’s strong relationships with different manufacturers helped the client make wise decisions and procure the products at the best negotiated prices. Followed by the finalization of orders and costing in China, the deposit was submitted to seal the price and start with the production process. The products purchased by the client were built with in-depth research, to-notch designs, and specialized knowledge was a plus! A systematic approach to cost analysis, negotiations, and supplier sourcing were put into action from the beginning till the end of the project. Though the journey involved numerous painstaking and detailed experiences, the gratifying grin on the client’s face made it all worthwhile. 

Exemplary Coordination That Emerged Triumphant Upshot

Boundless assignments carried out by the Arcedior team saved ample time for Shravan Khati. This additionally helped him to focus on numerous other aspects of the project. The upright coordination between the sourcing company, architect, and client is the key to victorious out-turns. Persistent coordination from the beginning till the end helped bridge the communication gap, which further established a comprehensive project management system. The management team handled all communications with the suppliers and monitored all the product delays and product shipment and installation. In addition to this, the project manager traveled at regular intervals to oversee the unpacking and installation. Arcedior communicated with the brand whenever an issue developed on-site and handled the situation with ease and intelligence. Both during and after the production, the team carried a thorough quality check of exclusive materials.

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Arcedior- One Window Solution

Arcedior is indubitably a single-window solution for all interior sourcing requirements. We enacted the role of suppliers as well as a provider. Our client did have to oscillate between numerous places for interior sourcing services. Multifarious services from assistance in planning, choosing the right product to getting the furniture installed. The top suppliers were approached for procuring furniture and lights for every nook and corner of the villa. Whether it was the entry foyer, bedrooms, or dining area, furniture for each space for sourced sticking to the estimated budget, timeline, and quality notions. Our team of experienced members worked closely with the designer and gave him access to all the product information- timelines, pricing, tracking, and installation. Arcedior also kept an eye on all the on-site deliveries. Each team member was appointed individually for their unique skill sets. Our Experience of 14+ years came to light during the operations. Within a mere ring of requirement from the on-site team, we were successful in offloading their burden immediately. Thus, the critical stages of the project sailed smoothly, and they could focus on other core competencies. The fusion of round-the-clock action-oriented involvement and the ethical work approach spoke volumes about the success story of the project. 

Gorgeous Aesthetics

The regular check of the logistics by the management team brought about an untroubled and peaceful delivery of the luxurious villa property. Every material, every element, and every piece of furniture was warily purchased. Arcedior takes pride in this opulent villa that granted the joy of satisfaction to the client. The client was bestowed with the opportunity to select the products from our vast databases of vendors and library of catalogs. Providing the uniqueness of the products that the client desired was the cherry on the top. The magnificent villa speaks the mesmerizing and breathtaking tale of a modern house that keeps the viewers wanting to stare at the beauty and allure for long. The villa features modern aesthetics combined with rich Italian art and style. The likes and dislikes of the client were of the greatest importance, and hence, the products were sourced accordingly. 

The luxuriant villa property has an arresting entry-foyer, jaw-dropping bedrooms, splendid bathrooms, and an inviting kitchen. 

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