Stunning, Stylish Singlets Chairs

If there’s something that you can always experiment within your design project, it’s the furniture, especially the seating furniture. We have shortlisted some brilliant designer chairs for you that can be used as singlets as well as in combinations; they adapt to different styles.

Paisley’s material, ergonomics, and shape are inspired from the comfort of home. The back is made of a rope created from Philippine Abaca fiber which is hand sewn into the chair. The narrow legs made of stainless steel give an illusion of floating. The design of the chair is upscale yet minimal.

chair 1 768x599 1

Gaudi by Pont Des Arts

Gaudi evokes the sense of luxury and is characterized by its style, quality, and artisanal value. The metal back of the chair consists of an asymmetric pattern and is arched to form a canopy-like structure. The combination of black and gold colors makes it perfect for any space that needs a dash of luxury.

GAUDI Chair BRONZE copy 2 768x1088 1

Quetzal by Missana

Quetzal is an interactive armchair that integrates easily into any space, thanks to its striking appearance. The dual color pattern and fabric are carefully selected to give it a unique look. It consists of 14 pillow slats superimposed to create a sense of harmony.


quetzal 00 b scaled

Anish by Campeggi

This mysterious seat looks like a plain circle enclosed in a circular metal frame but becomes a chair when you look closer. The golden framework consists of subtle lines and a stretching material that adjusts as you sit on it. Not only does it look elegant but it also displays a perfect combination of function and design.

modern seating anish emanuele magini 070518 103 04
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