Play Furniture – A Décor Trend with a Fun Twist

Every now and then, interior design takes a leap towards making our life easier, more comfortable, and of course, more stylish. Sometimes, it also adds interest to our lives with a wow factor.

One such interior design trend adds an element of fun tour homes, spaces, and lives in the form of play furniture. Yes, that’s right! You can get playtime out of your furniture.

Play furniture pieces are extremely practical yet stylish and can transform any room into that space in the home that everyone loves. Incorporating play furniture in your design project can change a space instantly, making it more invigorating and refreshing.

But, these unique and multi-functional pieces don’t just serve as aesthetic components of your interior; they can be an important part of enhancing your lifestyle and well-being. Having them around encourages chances and opportunities of playtime, and games work wonders for us at every age.

When we play, our brains are exercised. Playing games stimulates our minds and enhances memory, cognitive skills, decision making, and other brain functions.

If you want to incorporate playtime with your furniture, here are some excellent play furniture designs that are fun and stylish at the same time:

Perfect for the new age couple, this wooden center table with the board game Risk on the top makes for an ideal furniture piece in a living room. The design of the table complements every space with classical décor elements and a color palette with warm undertones. Even if you don’t want to play the board game, the world map design element makes it stand out.

Pic 10 600x450 1

Retro Design Theme

The beautiful legs and blue palette of this monopoly table have a nostalgic but timeless appeal to it. Monopoly is a classic board game and a great way to shake-up the family ritual of TV time. While this table can be a great addition to a living room, it is also a perfect furniture piece for the kids’ room. Moreover, the storage space in the table makes it functional and more appealing.

8ee04 image4 600x450 1

Another way to incorporate the retro design element to your interior spaces is with this chess tabletop with these wooden chess pieces. This simple and elegant chess table is not only aesthetically attractive but also helps with your strategic skills.

black acme furniture end tables 82846 64 600
Credits: ACME Furniture

Playful Design Theme

This playful table is perfect for the fans of classic and vintage video games, which are still nostalgic about the 90s. Though this furniture piece doesn’t consist of a game, it is a great add-on for a games room because of its quirky design.

Pic 11 600x400 1

Modern Design Theme

The shape of this modern foosball table is in the form of a football stadium. With wooden elements and minimalistic charm, this timeless piece adds warmth to not just the indoors, but the outdoors too.

alain gilles the pure debuchy by touletthe pureoutdoor version02jpg 600x325 1

Here’s another take on the modern foosball design:


This wooden coffee table with a glass on top doubles as a carom table. The sophisticated design with the appeal of this classic game makes the table perfect for any indoor space.

3 carrom coffee table side top with coins 1024x1024@2x 300x300 2

Bohemian Design Theme

This giant wall scrabble will make for a great wall hanging if you’re designing a room for a house of word lovers, bibliomaniacs, or someone who has a flair for language and words. You can incorporate a color palette of warm earthy colors, as well as metallics and jewel tones.

prod4640153 E75551618 F 600x585 1

This fusion design incorporates a space-saving approach by mixing a pool table with a dining table. This has to be one of our personal favorites. What a way to keep the family tied up if dinner is going to be while.

images 600x451 1
Credits: Fusion Tables

This modern ping-pong table design can work well indoors as well as outdoors. It’s best suited for a sporty couple, who finds a round of ping pong to be a refreshing change of pace.

DE GHT PPTBLC 4 600x219 1

Play furniture is not only a great way to liven up a room, but it also makes sure you, and everyone in the room has fun. What more can you want?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why games and play are essential, and how play furniture can add a lot of value to your lives:

  • Playing games with friends and family is a fun way to socialize without getting technology involved. Games allow interaction between the players, which is a good break from looking at our phone screens and computer screens all day long.
  • Games are a great way to reduce stress and boredom. What better way of taking a break from your stressful life than taking a breather by playing games.
  • Monotonous work schedules directly affect your efficiency. And games boost productivity since they offer you a break from your monotonous routine.
  • Games improve brain function since players get to learn how to strategize and analyze. For example, thinking of strategies to defeat your opponent in a game of chess will help build analytical skills.
  • Games give you an adrenaline rush; the excitement of playing and trying to win a game is universal.
  • Games promote good sportsmanship – how to take losing the game in a positive manner – and hence promote positive learning.
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