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Mirrors absorb the light of an area and create an illusion, thus providing both depth and brightness to a room. They also add interest and character to any interior space. Placed strategically, mirrors can enhance a room, both decoratively and spatially. Mirrors are versatile and a perfect mixture of function and fashion. They are neutral alternatives that designers usually source from interior products sourcing platforms to fill a wall space. 

Ways to decorate with mirrors:
Decorating your room with mirrors directly reflects the light, space and beauty of the room. Mirrors fit into any style, are functional and can be elaborate or simple. Here are some ways to decorate your interiors using mirrors:

  • Adjust the reflection: Take into account what is across the mirror before you hang it. Based on the available space, it is essential to analyze what will be reflected in the mirror. Hanging opposite mirror elements like art, embellished furniture, or a painting will emphasize the features. Hanging a mirror across the window will throw more light into the room.
  • Build texture: You can create texture by using a mirror, either by installing a textured mirror frame or adding textured objects like a rustic coffee table or vase in a room that can be reflected in the mirror. This will add a three-dimensional level to the room.
  • Positioning matters: Apart from placing mirrors across visually appealing articles, consider placing them at an appropriate height and space. Mirror placement depends on what you want it to be reflected on.
  • Place a large mirror in small spaces: Interior designers and decorators often advice to place large-sized mirrors in remote places to create an illusion of a bigger space. One of the most ordinary tiny living room or area can be transformed with a colossal mirror.
  • Create a focal point: If your living area does not have a focal point, create a mirror to attract attention when you walk into the room. A sizeable ornamental mirror over the sofa or the mantel is an excellent idea for a focal point. 
  • Don’t forget about style: Pay attention to the mirror’s shape and how it blends or varies with other elements in the room, and decide what suits your taste. Finding the right shape and style for your mirror frame is often bestowed on your interior’s overall style.

Let’s look at some examples of decorating with mirrors tastefully!

Beautifying a hallway
A statement mirror in the hallway of a house instantly uplifts the aura as soon as you enter. Mirrors in hallways are a great anchor piece for any entry. You can choose place luxurious mirrors or mount mirrors with elegant frames covering almost a large portion of the hallway.

Pretty mirrors behind tableside lamps
You can add a mirror to make your room beautiful by placing a small vanity mirror on both sides of the lamps. You can place a vase with flowers in front of mirrors or pin them to the wall. The reflection of these objects will add style and beauty to your room.

Decorative element to amplify a tiny room
If you have a tiny room you want to add depth to, a full-body mirror is your best alternative. A full-length mirror placed against the wall is a significant decorative element to use in a tiny room. Such mirrors are functional in narrow aisles of the house.

Create a gallery wall with mirrors
Artwork and photos aren’t the only elements worthy of being placed on a gallery wall. Mirrors also look elegant and super sleek in such arrangements. Choose a mirror with an eccentric and unique frame to serve as the focal point.

Mounting a large mirror on the wall across the window
Mounting a large mirror on the wall across the window is a foolproof way of beautifying your living space. It not only reflects light but also gives an illusion of the area. A large ornate framed mirror will add elegance and provide a warmer, welcoming appeal to the room.


Add a mirror inclined in the corner of the room
A very chic way of adding a mirror to your living room is to lean it on a wall in the corner of the room. This works well in compact living rooms as the mirror takes very little space and, at the same time, refines the look and feel of the room. Choose a full-length mirror or at least a large one that is appropriately proportioned.

Mirrors that make great focal points
A statement mirror with a distinctive style and shape serves as the focal point to your living room. When using an embellished mirror as a focal point of the room, the mirror’s shape can have a robust design effect. There are times when mirrors are often placed above mantels and dining room buffets as well.

Framed mirrors
Framed mirrors are becoming increasingly popular over traditional vanity mirrors. Although functional, they also add sophistication. This type of mirror has a contemporary design, which complements various design and styles.

Mirror decorating has been highly popular in interior decor owing to the plethora of design options and the number of features it can have. A wall full of mirrors can become the best feature of any room with the right choices. Make sure that the mirror enhances the general aesthetics of your space and brightens up the décor tastefully

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