Top 6 Ideas of Decorating with Vases for Your Home

Decorating with vases

The charm of flower vases has been cherished by people for ages. Whether it is a wedding venue, festival, any particular ritual, birthday, anniversary, or party, decorating with vases has remained special for a long time.

Sometimes decorating with vases alone in the house needs other complementaries. That’s why we are presenting this blog to you. Read it carefully, and you will get the ideas to decorate your home with vases along with some other decorative stuff in an enticing way.

Be ready to get your creative juices flowing.

Vases For Centerpieces To Catch Attention

Valencia vase for centerpieceSource: Rustic Horse
Valencia Vase

Your dining tables, center tables, and the piano feel boring without any decorative accent. Why not spruce your monotonous surfaces with the best option?– flower vases. We suggest you have Valencia Vase on your table. This piece is made from colored glass. The random patterns from top to bottom on the surface of this hand-blown glass in the magical white shade took all our attention.

Our Decorating With Vases Tip: Make a floral statement by placing roses, lilies, orchids, and poppies in this small-mouthed, long-necked, and rounded bottom vase. Placing this vase adjacent to a table lamp would lead to a tremendous creative zone.

Spruce The Metal Vase With Scented Candles

Jia Metal Vase Source: Anantaya
Jia Vase

The glory of antiques is remembered in the name of vintage. If you are also willing to have a vintage vibe in your home, consider decorating with vases and candles. That’s a deadly evergreen combo! Jia Vase Br is a set of three metal vases made of brass. These are covered in the beauty of gold. Inspired by the shape of cymbals, these fit best to be placed in the garden, patio, on the tables, and on the nightstands. 

Our Decorating With Vases Tip: Place them on any surface with four to five scented candles around the vase, be it tapered candles or candelabras. Putting the long green grass with a few two to three-flower sticks in mid in these tiny mouths of vases is a good idea.

Use A Marble Vase To Display Artistry

Decorating with marble vase Source: Anantaya
Gulbagh Marble Vase

Do you believe in having a sophisticated environment? Worry not. Our list has covered this, too, in the form of a Gulbagh Vase. Frames around, containing the containers. The former line describes this accentuating vase. This is a set of three pre-assembled vases with a fruit basket. Frames are made of metal/mild steel, and the containers are of sturdy marble. The curvy shape of colorful frames complements the solid slanting shape of the white-colored marble containers. 

Our Decorating With Vases Tip: For a blossoming environment, put the tree ferns, Snapdragons, and poms in these lovely vases with cherries, oranges, blueberries, and some apples for a colorful addition to the fruit basket. Your table setting is ready to uncover.

Put The Ceramic Vases On The Stacked Books 

Geometric Ceramic Vase Source: Morcee
Geometric Ceramic Vase

No material can beat the magic of ceramic vases. Whether you look for variety in style, shape, designs, colors, or patterns, ceramic-based vases undoubtedly have an extra edge over the others. On the top, they just need a swipe from cotton cloth for maintenance. Wait no more and adorn your space with the Geometric Vase. This comes in a set of two pieces in the evergreen shades of white and black. Their geometric design adds a decorative element and a surface that can easily be gripped with the hands.

Our Decorating With Vases Tip: 1. Enhance the grace of these vases by putting in some lilies and a handful of filler flowers called feverfew. 2. Put these vases on the stack of books in your study room for a great environment. 3. Tie a bow or ribbon around this vase to add color.

Add Blooms To Brighten Up The Bedside Table

Horizon Vase - SmallSource: Morcee
Horizon Vase

Another contender in the category of ceramic vases is calling for your attention. Presenting to you the Horizon Vase – Small. In the soft shades of white and teal, this beauty of ceramic will spruce up the arena wherever placed. The opening of this vase has a wavy shape on the edges, which complements the linear texture of the entire vase. A little upraise in the bottom adds height to this excellent decor piece, which surely uplifts its overall aesthetic grandeur. 

Our Decorating With Vases Tip: We recommend adding bright flowers, like a bunch of sunflowers, to this vase. Resting a photo frame of your favorite memory will best complement this subtly shaded vase. Add some feathers like those of a peacock in this vase, along with flowers, and see the magic of beauty.

Add A Pop Of Color With Floor Vases To Any Corner

Delilah Cross pattern ceramic VaseSource: Morcee
Delilah Cross Pattern Vase

Look at your floor, plain and unattractive. Don’t they demand ornateness? They do! We recommend decorating with vases. Choose no other than the Delilah Cross Vase. The dented diamonds made from the cross design define the artistic grace of these floor vases. These are made of ceramic and are available in various colors: Khaki and bluish-green. 

Our Decorating With Vases Tip: Its wide open mouth is best to keep the lavender which will add a soothing vibe to the environment, or fill it up with water and put the little candles and grace up the whole area. Put the playful butterfly clips around for a more natural view.


We are concluding this blog on the note that now you have got plenty of ideas for decorating with vases. You are free to go wild with your creativity of adorning and sprucing the corners and centers with small, big, tall, short, and colorful geometric, curved, or wavy vases. Put the scented votive candles around, add some grass, and fill the vases with colorful orbeez. Choose blooming flowers or just the ferns. Your overall presentation of these vases with flowers should speak of your great taste in decoration. To explore more such vases, visit Arcedior’s shop here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find the best vases for centerpieces?

You can find the best vases online at Arcedior Shop. You should go through the details of the vases and their design to match your decor style.

How to decorate vases without flowers?

You can keep the vases on the table as they will act as decor items. Another thing you can do is add some orbeez or colorful pebbles in the vase, then fill it up with water and finally light up and put a floating candle in it, and the decoration is ready.

Where to put vases in the house?

You can put the vases in various places in the house. Place it on the dining table, center table, on the piano, over the kitchen island, and above the nightstands. Also, you can put them above the stacks of books, on the floors, in corners, and in many other places on the list.

What can you put in a vase that looks like water?

You can add resin and craft water inside a vase to look like water. Also, you can put the transparent orbeez that gives a glance of water.

What do you fill a vase with for decorations?

For decorations, you can fill a vase with flowers, water, orbeez, pebbles, grass, ferns, and dried flower stalks. When you load the vase with water, you can add the candles to float in them.

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