How To Light Your Home The Right Way

A well-lighted, well-ventilated home adds good cheer to the area. Using the right type of lighting can actually help improve the general “personality” and feel of your clients’ rooms, lending them a comfortable ambience. Each room has a separate function to perform and, hence, needs to be lit differently.

Here are tips on how to light your home the right way:

Entrance lighting ideas

The entrance of a residence gives visitors the very first impression of the place they are visiting and the people living in it. Hence, the entrance has to not only look inviting, but also has to define the personality of the individuals owning that place.
Here is what you can do to light entrances:

  • Placing a light or lamp at the entrance will clearly show the way in the dark
  • Lighting gardens or the walkway/driveway with in-ground lamps will help visitors find the entrance more easily
  • Fixing a little lamp above the house number enhances readability for visitors
  • A brightly illuminated foyer makes the entire building seem more inviting

Check out the Grande Costanza line of open air lights from Luceplan, which illuminates the entire walkway.

Stairs and Hallway


It is recommended to provide medium basic illumination to stairways and hallways. Long, wide hallways can be made to look brighter by using clever lighting over furniture or under pictures. On the other hand, narrow hallways can be made to look larger by illuminating the walls and ceilings. Fixing wall or ceiling lamps whose beam faces outward and upward or sideward will help create the idea of more space in such cases.

The interesting Light Disk from Luceplan helps create the illusion of a spacious corridor, as the image below illustrates.

Living Room Lighting Idea

81 Living Room Lighting idea

The living room is a vital area of any household. Residents use the space to relax, play, celebrate and what have you. The best way to illuminate this space is by using variable lighting. You would do well to use multiple light sources in this room; especially if the room is large.

Define different light zones for working, reading and just relaxing. Individual room units can be combined with ambient lighting, which can be dimmed and brightened as per your client’s preferences. Use radiant ceiling wall and ceiling lights to give the place energy and brightness.

To create a more relaxed space, you can place discreet, soft and ambient lighting. Individual spot-lighting can be used to show off objects of interest around the room. Fix bright floor lamps for the reading area.

Note how different dedicated areas have been created with different types of lights from Foscarini.

Dining Room

85 dining room lighting
Source :

The dining room is an area for family and friends to get together and take their meals. This room can also be used for work, play or random discussions. Hence, the lighting here has to be just right. There should be a clear, glare-free light source directly over the table, while the surrounding areas can be illuminated with a pleasantly light. In case the dining area is part of the living room, you can separate that unit by turning the other lights down. Make sure to use lamps which have an RA value of at least 90. Halogen lamps or good-quality LEDs are your best choice for such areas.

Note how this hanging lamp from Luceplan brightens up the little coffee table area.

Kitchen Lighting Idea

Kitchen lighting ideas
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Kitchens require a powerful lighting system, which brings brightness to space. Ceiling lights are the best choice for these spaces. Counter-tops need bright and glare-free lighting. You could additionally fix dimmable lights in certain corners, especially if the dining area is inside the kitchen.

Note how Officina Luce works with its chandelier light to add a touch of class to the counter area.

Bedroom Lighting Idea


A bedroom is another important area in any home. This is the place where people come to at the end of a long day, seeking complete relaxation and sleep. The best for such spaces is ambient lighting, which can be dimmed and brightened as per the residents’ preferences. You can use bright spot lighting inside walk-in closets and also fix some adjustable reading lights near the bedside table, which your clients can easily control from their bed.

Foscarini offers a vast range of lighting options for the bedroom.


Bathroom lighting idea
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Bathrooms need bright lighting. Hence, using at least 300 lux is ideal. You should think of using adjustable, dimmable lights, which your clients can use when they want to relax in their tub. Also, you could fix a couple of soft lights for visibility the night. Using recessed or surface mounted lights are highly recommended in these spaces, as they are less likely to be affected by the spray of water.

While there has to be bright, glare-free light directly above the mirror and the sink, you can use underwater lighting in the bathtub and a lighted showerhead to create a quirky effect.

Check out the Foscarini Caboche line of lamps.

Garden and Pool

garden pool light idea

Illuminating gardens and pools add an ethereal and mystical touch to these outdoor spaces. Gardens allow you the scope to play around with a variety of lighting options, which will divide the area into little pockets. You can use spotlights to light up wall surfaces and small lights to illuminate small trees and bushes. Fixing underwater lights in pools defines the area and lets visitors know there is water around that space. Note how the discreetly placed Havana lamps from Foscarini add a touch of mystery to the garden area.

Make sure to bury the light cables deep into the ground, so that your clients or their visitors do not stumble on them.

In Conclusion

While natural light provides enough illumination to homes during the day, the vast variety of artificial lighting available today opens up immense possibilities for you, as an interior designer, to add your own personal touch to beautiful living quarters. Talk to your clients, find out what kind of lighting they are looking for and then choose the best option for their homes.

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