Which Bowl Material is Good for You – Glass, Wooden, or Ceramic?

Wooden Bowl

favored for serving and eating due to its hygienic and healthy qualities. 🌿

Why prefer:

– Wood is resistant to microorganisms.  – Hot food and soups can be served in it. – Wood is a renewable material.  – Wood is eco-friendly. 

Glass Bowl

versatile for holding keys, candies, or enhancing decor, add an attractive touch to any space.

Why prefer:

– Glass is microwaves and ovens friendly. – Glasswares are hygienic and clean. – They can take colors and designs readily.

Ceramic Bowl

Opt for the health-conscious and eco-friendly choice with ceramic bowls as dinnerware.

Why prefer:

Ceramic bowl is resistant to heat, pressure, and chemicals. Use ceramic ware in both the microwave and oven. Use them for serving, mixing, or eating.

Plastic Bowls

From disposable to durable, plastic wares are the go-to choice.

Why prefer:

– Inexpensive, thus you can buy as many as you want. – Lightweight, therefore easy to carry around.  – Durable and can also be used in refrigerators.  – Easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Bowls

Sturdy, durable, they're rust-resistant and practically indestructible.

Why prefer:

– They do not corrode readily. – You may use it in a refrigerator for storing purposes. – It does not react to chemicals readily.

Crystal Bowl

Harder and more durable than glass, refracting light and enhancing the crystal's radiant shine.

Why prefer:

– Clearer than glass bowls. – It disperses the light in a rainbow hue. – Due to its malleability, crystals can be decorated with elaborate patterns.