Styling a Bookshelf like Twinkle Khanna - Celebrity Home

Do it in just ten steps


Clear the Canvas Start with a clean slate by removing all items from your bookshelf. This sets the stage for a stunning display.

Place Bookends Add a pair of stylish bookends to each end of the shelf. Opt for designs that complement your theme or use candles and artifacts for a cohesive look.



Play with Colors Group books in blocks of color to create a visually pleasing arrangement. Experiment with rich blues, vibrant yellows, or calming pastels for a serene vibe.


Layering with Books Arrange books vertically and horizontally, interspersed with decorative objects like photo frames and small planters for depth and visual interest.


Add Dimension with Vases Incorporate eye-catching ceramic vases at different heights. They can hold flowers, dried branches, or stand-alone as exquisite sculptures.


Top It Off Place stylish items atop book stacks, like small plants, figurines, or chic clocks, for an extra layer of interest.


Soften with Greenery Introduce plants and flowers to soften the edges of your bookshelf. Choose a mix of tall and trailing plants for a touch of nature.


Tuck in Baskets Tuck in woven baskets for a cozy, organized look. Assign different baskets for specific purposes or themes.


Step Back and Admire Take a moment to step back and admire your beautifully styled bookshelf. Make minor adjustments if needed for harmonious balance.


Add Wall Art Complete your transformation with wall art that complements your styled bookshelf, tying the room together with sophistication.

The Result

Voilá !