7 Unique Table Lamps for Living Room to Illuminate in Style

Mighty Glow of Small Table Lamps

Compact size! Jinx!!! 


The mesmerizing Graha, a small teak wood and brass table lamp. Handmade and timeless, it adds warmth and charm to any space. 

Soften your Corners with Globe Table Lamp


Enjoy watching the moon?

Luna Table Lamp: Moon-inspired design with marble, brass, and alabaster magic. Perfect for any style. Ideal gift choice! 💫

LED Table Lamp for Modern Lifestyle

Illuminate your space in style.


Energy efficient. Cost-effective. Durable. That’s LED lights for you. Sustainable teakwood, your perfect reading or Netflix buddy. 💡

Fairytale Mushroom Table Lamp 🍄

The covered top helps in projecting the light downwards.


Meet our Mushroom Table Lamp. Modern design in aluminum & brass. Easy to clean. Illuminate  your space with its mesmerizing charm.

Large Table Lamps: Bold and Beautiful

Creates focal point in a living room. ✨


Xandra Ginkgo Leaf, a perfect example. Functionality meets style, ideal for contemporary decor. White and gold natural flair adds irresistible charm.

Add Height with Tall Table Lamps 

Creates focal point in a living room. ✨


Elevate your space with tall table lamps, adding height and elegance to your living room.

Old is Gold: Lantern Table Lamp

Lanterns are never out of style.