Styles of Chandelier Lights To Illuminate Your Space

 by Neha


Chandeliers are the marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewelry of architecture. -Peter York  And without jewelry, the place would be nothing more than a set of walls. That’s how important chandelier lights are.

Modern Chandeliers: Energy Efficient 


Light creates ambiance and feel of a place, as well as the expression of a structure. - Le Corbusier (an Swiss-French architect)

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Metallic shine, bold statements, and LED brilliance. Eco-friendly and versatile. Illuminate your style with modern chandeliers!

Vintage Chandelier: Timeless Beauty


‘Light is a magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space.’ Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz (an interior designer)

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Timeless elegance, intricate charm, and a touch of class. History illuminated in vintage style chandelier!

Industrial Chandelier: Raw And Edgy


Exposed pipes, bricks, and concrete!

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Exposed iron, filament bulbs, metal shades. From factories to chic cafes & homes, it's all about the industrial style lighting!

Mid-Century Modern Chandelier: Nostalgic Retro Vibes


Clean designs. Fusion of traditional and modern materials. Geometric shape. Minimal Ornamentation. 

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Sleek, ornamentation-free, and timeless are mid-century modern chandelier lights. A 20th-century classic that's still in style – where form meets function!

Rustic Chandeliers: Natural Beauty 


Raw, Natural, Organic, Textured.

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Nature's beauty, wood & rattan elegance, vintage vibes. Rustic chandeliers are handcrafted, simple, and finish with copper, iron, bronze, or brass finishes.

Contemporary Chandeliers: Master of Versatility


Lighting is the lifeblood of a design. - Gregory Kay (a lighting designer)

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Illuminating architectural beauty with sleek, minimalist designs, blending metal and glass elements - Contemporary chandelier lighting.

Boho Chandelier: Whimsical


Rattan. Macrame. Free-spirited aesthetic. 

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Natural materials, wood, cotton, and metal. Cozy vibes all around with boho chandeliers lighting! 🌿