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10 Stunning Modern Side Table Design for Living Room

Lined Circle

The Side Table

A small yet significant piece that can make a big impact.

Pedestal Wooden Side Table

Crafted from high-quality wood and stone, our designer side tables are a delightful addition to any living room. Perfect for nature lovers!

Designer Small Side Table

Retro vibes with classic ogee patterns! Handmade with wood, resin, and metal, it's compact and perfect for cozy corners or intimate settings.

Mandala Folding Side Table

Space-saving brilliance! Our teak wood folding side table combines practicality with timeless beauty. Versatile placement & stunning bird motif. 

Stylish Round Side Table

A statement piece that demands attention, adding personality and style to your space. 

Luxurious Marble Top Side Table

Elevate your living room with marble top side table! Luxurious golden hue & chic iron base. Sophistication meets glamour. 

Modern Metal Side Table

Style meets functionality. Hand-hammered brass Kalash design by Thathera artisans. Perfect for any room!

Versatile Nesting Tables

Our Nano marble nesting tables with reflective black mirror tops offer flexibility and timeless style. Perfect for dynamic setups.

Glamorous Glass Side Table

Clean, minimalistic luxury. Seamless blend with any decor style. Practical storage included. 

Chic C Table

Slide over your sofa arm for snacks or laptop use. Polished wood and black iron for a modern twist. Perfect for comfy meals or chic displays!

Rattan and Wood Side Table with Storage

Easy assembly with a knockdown design. Move it effortlessly to any desired spot!