Arcedior’s Sourcing Assistance for Hotel Verde, Zanzibar

See how Arcedior assisted Interior Designer JJ Poonawala to deliver the Island’s most eco-friendly luxury property in just eleven months.

Client: Hotel Verde Zanzibar- Azam Luxury Resort And Spa Limited
Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania
Project Type: Luxury Resort & Spa
Industry Vertical: Hospitality
Architect / Designer: Jehan-Ara Poonawala
Year: 2017
Area Covered: Penthouse Rooms, Standard Guest Rooms, Outdoor Poolside, Resort Public Areas, Banquet, Conference Room, Reception.
Product Sourced: The custom design and specially created furnishing products for the interior included bespoke hand-tufted rugs, hand-knotted rugs with 3D effects, wall to wall carpets, decorative lightings, chandeliers, loose furniture, fixed furniture, curtains and blinds, decorative mirrors, pots and planters, mosaic, fountains, mosquito nets, rubber flooring, wallpapers, rooms amenities, and accessories – all curated from the best sources.

Set just outside historic Stone Town and only a mere 15-minute drive from the airport, it is the ideal location for all travel purposes, family holidays, special events, adventure, or business travel. Architect and Interior Designer Jehan-Ara Poonawala, an innovative conceptualist, worked with Arcedior to deliver the island’s sustainable and eco-friendly Luxury Resort & Spa in just eleven months.

Arcedior had the opportunity to help create the interiors for Zanzibar’s Hotel Verde the island’s first green luxury resort & spa. With 105 rooms plus meeting spaces, suites and an outdoor pool, the Luxury Resort and Spa presented a great challenge for the Arcedior’s team. The project team needed to curate interior schemes for every room in the property, working with a short lead-time to specify and source furniture and lights from a marketplace of global sustainable brands. Each room offers luxury accommodation with a private balcony and ocean-facing views of the coast or the mangrove forest. The timelines were extremely tight – just eleven months from the first BoQ received to product dispatching. This didn’t leave enough time for the usual work approach. Arcedior, from its experience, knew that creating a contract project with innovative material within the defined budget with a strict timeline is never straightforward. Being a green resort & spa, all items had to be SGS certified, and COC inspected. 

Swift furniture sourcing, an expert, helping hand to source the right products efficiently

Arcedior received the brief from their client in March 2017 and needed to get everything signed off within twelve months. Arcedior assisted JJ Poonawala in sourcing global sustainable décor products while keeping in mind the property’s sustainable ethos of using eco-friendly products wherever possible. And with a unique design approach, the expert ensured that the project is not just sustainable but also equal parts luxurious.

JJ Poonawala contacted Arcedior and was put in touch with a dedicated project coordinator, who worked alongside her team on the project from start to finish. “As soon as I spoke to Arcedior about the project, all the sourcing requirements were taken care of, and the entire process became smooth.”

Felt like an extension of my office!

“A great sourcing platform has done so much of my homework. Arcedior felt like an extension of my office mitigating so much of our stress, doing all the legwork and allowing us as designers to do what we do best, creating!”

– Jehan-Ara Poonawala, Principal Architect at JJ Poonawala

Sourcing Ideation

Based on the analysis of requirements, Arcedior proposed feasible sourcing and procurement options and customized solutions that helped Jehan-Ara Poonawala acquire what she needed for the project. 

Sourcing Support

Using the Arcedior platform, Jehan-Ara Poonawala accessed transparent product information and pricing from hundreds of premium brands. Jehan-Ara Poonawalaand with the help of her project manager at Arcedior, added products to their Project Bill of Quantities to request quotes and information from multiple brands. They could then quickly select furniture from Indian and Chinese suppliers. “Having Shruti (project manager) do all the communication was hugely time-saving throughout every phase.” Their Arcedior product manager then liaised with additional brands on the specifications on Jehan-Ara Poonawala’s behalf, giving them unlimited access to all the products they needed through just one point of contact.

Product and Vendor Selection

With an extensive sourcing library, Arcedior guided Jehan-Ara Poonawala in the selection of products and vendors from across the globe. In April 2017, Arcedior, along with Jehan-Ara Poonawala, visited China as well. Arcedior handled all the coordination and correspondence with the brands on the client’s behalf, so they freed up their time to focus their attention on other aspects of the project. 

Ordering Process

Once the product selection was done, estimations and budgeting were worked on. Upon the final selection of products, Arcedior helped the client with the best negotiations at the right prices. Arcedior received the first order confirmation in July 2017. The shop drawings were approved in August, and further ahead, the production of goods started.

Procurement Coordination

JJ Poonawala saved her time and focused on the other aspects of the projects by relying on Arcedior, which bridged the communication gap between the client and the vendors while managing the project until the end to ensure that the entire sourcing process is a breeze. And, at the end of it, our client got the expected results as usual. Arcedior team made sure everything ran smoothly with getting the furniture to the site on schedule. 

Experienced Supervision, from Manufacturing to On-site Delivery

As part of our coordination services, Arcedior also provided miscellaneous services, including assistance in planning their procurement trip.  When issues developed on-site, Arcedior took care of the communication with the brand. A thorough inspection and quality check of exclusive material were done in September 2017 under the guidance of experienced Arcedior team members during and after the production, along with on-site delivery. 

Managed Logistics

For all the products sourced, the Arcedior team booked and oversaw the logistics. Arcedior did not leave any room for worry in the delivery stage, especially after all the effort everyone had put into the procurement process to achieve the timeline. The logistic team made sure the SGS Certification and COC Inspections were in place and approved, and the first consignment was dispatched in September 2017. The Installation of interior and furnishing products were completed in February 2018. 

A luxurious experience with a sustainable ethos

The sustainably sourced interior provides a real talking point where every element, every material, every piece of furniture is consciously purchased. Not only is the building sustainable, but green principles, processes, and measures ensure all operations are eco-friendly and continually assessed for improvement. 

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