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Decoding Hitesh Shahanand

Skillful and experienced designer, HS Desiigns
In this episode of Design Leaders Decoded, we have a very skillful and experienced designer, Hitesh Shahanand. He brings 22 years of experience to the design industry through his design firm HS Desiigns founded in the year 2000. The firm has been known to strike a balance between functionality and conceptual innovation and is the name behind many successful residential, commercial, corporate, and hospitality projects. Shahanand’s work speaks volumes of his experience and creative brilliance.

But that’s not all; the designer has a fascinating expression when it comes to Design. And, we have asked him all the questions we have been waiting to ask. Read on. 

Shahanand’s dedication to design is almost spiritual. “Design for me is like a highly creative feverishness, a state where you have to think quickly and creatively. It is like a mixture of consciousness and unconsciousness with a dash of fear and a lot of joy. When you want to create something, you must get into the role and lose yourself. Plus, this creative process wipes the dust off your everyday life. One can feel so pure and satisfied after they design something,” says Shahanand. 

It takes a lot more than just a knack for Design to deliver something remotely close to several eccentric projects Shahanand has completed during his career. And it shows! 

Design approach – straight from shahanand

We are always interested in knowing how a designer approaches a project. So we had to ask Shahanand this question. And he explained, “A good home is not enough; you must also adopt a measure to ensure that the beauty lasts for a long time. And the first thought that comes to mind when trying to create a design with long-lasting beauty is space planning. How we make the most of available spaces is something that can make or break the Design. The right use of material combination as a palette comes next. I also think that every designer should be careful about the termination, details, and proportion. These may not have an impact on their own, but when placed together, they can do wonders.” 

Differences in approach

How a designer approaches a design says a lot about their work. Shahanand’s approach bears testimony to this. When asked about how he approaches different projects at his design firm, he explains that he customizes his approach for different projects, including residential, corporate, and commercial. “When we undertake a residential project, we take into consideration every minute detail, for example, the client’s lifestyle and their needs. We understand what the client expects so that we can go beyond the visuals and serve them not just the right kind of aesthetics but also the right kind of comfort and functionality. We are peculiar with every detail because a home is where we spend most of our time. 

“On the other hand, corporate, commercial, and hospitality projects require understanding the clients’ branding and the kind of work environment employees should have. This helps us achieve our results that are also immensely satisfying for clients,” says Shahanand.

Challenges – as It Is From Shahanand

When asked about the challenges he faces while designing, Shahanand says, “The major challenge is always the timeline since we are in a labor-oriented field where we are dependent on them. Hence meeting the timeline is somewhat difficult. The client’s willingness to make quick decisions on material procurement and Design also plays a major role in meeting the timelines. 

“Encouraging clients to take risks is also adequately challenging. And when I say risk, I mean acceptance of newer trends. While some clients insist on following new trends, some have a completely different mindset. And, this shift takes a lot of effort. But I would say that every field comes with some sort of challenges, it’s up to us how we approach them and come up with solutions.” 

Shahanand’s 3 Most Important Aspects of Design

  1. Determining the purpose of room and space
  2. Understanding clients’ lifestyles and their future needs
  3. Establishing a connection between all the spaces in a project

Shahanand also adds, “A good project is a perfectly coordinated project that has a constant, unified look. Moreover, lighting is of utmost importance in space planning. Whether it’s natural light or artificial light, it makes a lot of difference and justifies the project”. 

Knowing that Shahanand has designed almost every type of project in his career course, we were compelled to ask him if he has a dream project that he is yet to design, and he explained that he is fond of and enjoys designing residential projects. “I have got a chance to design every kind of residence from a studio apartment to a bungalow to a second home. Every project gave me the opportunity to play creatively with Design, which is the reason I enjoyed designing each one of them. Moreover, the size and type of the project do not matter; it is the chemistry with the client which helps us deliver a sense of satisfaction”.

Designers, take notes!

Shahanand’s Favorite Project

When asked about the favorite project he has designed so far, Shahanand says that the bungalow in Panchgani is the closest to his heart. “I love this project in particular because of its attention to detail. Each piece of furniture was customized on-site, and hence, tells a story. We ideated some art pieces which were done so beautifully that they dramatically lifted the aesthetics of the space. Some of the elevation part and landscape was also done by us. All these reasons are why it is my favorite project”. 

Some of Our Favorite Projects by Hitesh Shahanand

Hitesh Shahanand + Arcedior

At Arcedior, we have got the opportunity to work with Hitesh Shahanand on both residential and corporate projects. And we were mesmerized by his choice of material, furniture, and other décor items. Another thing to note here is that Shahanand is big on quality, which is also the reason he and Arcedior are so compatible. 

When asked about his experience with Arcedior, Shahanand says, “My experience with Arcedior has been simply wonderful. I would say that Arcedior is a very passionate and dynamic company. The team has higher values, great insights into Design, and the ability to source the right project from around the globe. They work with great coordination and understand well the needs of the clients as well as the designer, and that’s their USP. I have personally learned so many aspects of furniture, lighting, and artifacts, all from them; I must thank them”. 

And we have learned so much from Hitesh. Doesn’t that make a relationship successful? 

Working with Shahanand has always been a pleasure. And we can’t wait to assist him in his next project. 

Meanwhile, share this blog post with fellow designers and aspirants who you think would love to read it. We will come back soon with another design leader. So, stay tuned! 

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