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Decoding Nimit Kamdar

A Successful Architect and Entrepreneur
In this episode of Design Leaders Decoded, an interview series by Arcedior, we have the uber-talented and successful architect, Nimit Kamdar.

Mr. Kamdar, a connoisseur of the language of design, runs his firm, Zedo Group of Architects and Designers, Rajkot. Known for his eccentric work, Kamdar was born in a family of architects and designers. His father was the first qualified architect in the Rajkot region.

He has two sisters, one a landscape architect certified from SAP and the other certified from NID (National Institute of Design), both excellent at their work. And that’s not it; his daughter is carrying the legacy forward by studying architecture in London.

Knowing all of this, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that design and architecture is a way of life for this creative and talented family. 

Mr. Nimit has completed several architecture, design, and landscape projects across London, Mumbai, Bangalore, Guwahati, Hubli, Rajkot, Nasik, Jamnagar, etc. and each project is a class apart. So, what is it that keeps him going and delivering admirable projects one after the other? Let’s know from the expert himself.

A good design

There is a common notion that design and architecture are more about aesthetics. But Mr. Kamdar, as an expert, has a different perspective.

“Aesthetic is a very 2-dimensional word. Aesthetic has just to do with your eyes. According to me, good aesthetics are when your 5 senses are stimulated – that is what a good design is. Anything aesthetic or good looking can be taken for granted if you want, but what counts is the experiences you get through a project.

“Functionality of a project is the basic necessity; otherwise, the client will throw you out. What sets a project apart is the way it stimulates your senses,” says Mr. Kamdar defining a ‘good design’.

Favourite projects

Mr. Kamdar has delivered some of the most exemplary projects, including SCA Stadium, Savani Centre for Performing Arts, Rashtriya Shala, Rotary Dolls Museum, and many others. But we wanted to know from the architect himself about his projects that give him a sense of achievement, and this is what he had to say, “With every project we work on, we feel we’ve achieved something, but once the next project comes along, we feel a higher sense of achievement. Like right now we are doing a small design studio that’s hardly 800sq. ft. But it’s so stimulated that it gives us a great sense of achievement. We have also done projects like the biggest stadium in Rajkot (Saurashtra Cricket Association), a huge project which was equally amazing. What excites me is the research and exploration part of the design and the uncertainty of where it leads to.”

Saurashtra cricket stadium

Private residential project in rajkot

We assisted architect Nimit Kamdar with one of his residential projects in Rajkot and got to understand his design philosophy. For this project particularly, he has used space and scale as luxury and put great emphasis on minimalism. The unique thing about the project is that each pocket of space leads an individual to reflect their own body in comparison to its scale. Each area inside the architecture can be compared to a house.

All about team work

Talking to Mr. Kamdar, we discovered that teamwork is of great essence to him. Talking about his team, he explains, “I am not the only person in the firm; we have very enthusiastic, young architects and designers who bring a lot of energy into projects. And everyone has some positives and some negatives; everyone plays their role. I usually draw the first few lines of the project; then someone else takes over. Then again, I jump into it to explore the unexplored areas. That’s how our projects are approached.

Usually, your mind has a certain limitation. The interesting thing would be going outside the thinking capacity of your mind.”

Absolutely true!

Mr. Kamdar on future plans of his firm

Plans are made based on how you visualize your future. But is it true in all cases? We tried to understand from the expert himself. “I don’t know my current plans and I don’t know about the future. I think we are at a very interesting point where there’s so much of new energy with the technology pitching in.  So, you can actually explore so many unexplored aspects. The consciousness has been much higher than it used to be before. We have become more responsible for the environment now, thanks to technology. More so because it’s not just a matter of fulfilling a fantasy of doing something, but also knowing your responsibilities,” said Mr. Kamdar. 

This is what makes a professional stand out – knowing what to do as and when the scenarios present themselves. 

Architecture then and now

The shift in architecture has been tremendous, all thanks to the latest technology and consistently improvised solutions. Mr. Kamdar agrees with the same.

He said, “Earlier, we were much more sensitive towards things, much more grounded. When I started, we didn’t have computers, so we used to draw every line with hand. With technology now, you can do things which you never dreamed you’d be able to do. See when I was doing my first project, it had a very abstract form. I didn’t know how I would execute that project since I drew everything that was in my mind but was unsure of how to be accurate with the dimensions. It was the first time I used a computer for work in France. If that project were to be done right now, it would take 5 minutes for my people to get it executed. So, that’s the difference. However, a bit of more work needs to be done by the current generation to be more sensitive towards things”. 

All about sourcing – Mr. Nimit kamdar + Arcedior

Furnishing is an essential aspect of delivering an impactful and impressive project. The understanding of a product, the placement of each piece, and most importantly sourcing the right product from the right place – each plays a critical role. Let’s understand what the expert architect Nimit Kamdar thinks about the same. 

“Because of technology, everything has become so easy that you visualize products and you get them on your platter. And if this were possible 15 years back, it wouldn’t really have been so difficult. Right now, we can get customized products made compared to the readymade sourcing of things. It helps achieve products of great craftsmanship which is rare today. Because of technology advancements, sourcing has become really really simple.”

At Arcedior, we have worked with this super successful architect in the past, and we wanted to know from him what his experience was like. Answering our question, he said, “Right now your company has become so accessible to us. You need anything, even a photographer, you just have to ask for it. Whatever your need be, Arcedior is a one-stop solution for it. Moreover, the website is very user-friendly. Just looking forward to more Indian brands.”

It’s a fantastic feeling to know that Arcedior is a preferred sourcing solution for our clients. This is what keeps us going and improvising. 

We hope that you found this great episode of Design Leaders Decoded insightful. We will be back soon with another design professional. Till then, stay tuned. 

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