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Decoding Alhad Gore

A New Episode of Design Leaders Decoded
In this episode of Design Leaders Decoded, we have another visionary leader of the architecture industry – Ar. Alhad Gore, the founder and Managing Director of the architecture firm, Beyond Design. The established architect has 27 years of experience and is known for his extraordinary interior fit-out works in IT/ITes companies, call centers, BPOs, corporate offices, hospitality centers, and pharma and retail companies.

Mr. Gore set up Beyond Design in 2009 to turn his passion for architecture into a full-time job. And today, he is one of the most influential and innovative players in his niche with over 250 projects across the country. His work is known to go beyond aesthetics to functionality that aligns with the fundamental needs of the end-user. It’s because of Mr. Gore’s eccentric architecture and design projects that his firm has won 9 international design awards, 5 national awards, and is getting stronger every day.

We asked the successful architect some questions that you too may like answers to. Read on and find out more about the design philosophy and career journey of architect Alhad Gore. 

The Beginning of the Journey

Over the years, we have seen that architect Alhad Gore has been very particular about his projects and their details. His work is not just aesthetically pleasing, but functional too, which shows that he was cut out for the design and architecture industry. So, how did he become what he is today? How did the journey of this expert begin? We tried to understand from him. 

“You will be amazed to hear that I never dreamt of becoming an architect. I wanted to become a doctor, and I was absolutely working towards it. I studied biology but somehow fell short of some marks. After that, the only option for me was to get admitted to a private college, which, unfortunately, my family couldn’t afford. I was on the way to a college when I ran into a friend who was going to fill the admission form for the architecture course at JJ College and Rachna College. I decided to go with this sudden instinct and applied in both the colleges. I failed in the JJ College entrance test but cleared the one for Rachna College. That’s how I ended up becoming an architect. A funny story but a true one…!” explained Mr. Gore on being asked about what influenced him to become an architect. 

Well, some things are destined to happen in a particular way. This is the perfect example of that. 

Continuing, Mr. Gore said, “Back in school, I was good at drawing and painting, but honestly, I wasn’t creative at that point of time. Once I entered the architecture field, I discovered the real meaning of creativity and started diving in more and more. I always asked myself – what is creativity? How to get better at it? I learned the answers to these questions in college and during the initial years of my career. And now, 27 years later, I would say that I am still learning.”

Architecture is, indeed, a continuous learning process. 

All About the Challenges

Behind every successful architect is the passion to persist and a unique approach to overcome the challenges. What were the kind of challenges architect Mr. Gore came across during his journey to architectural expertise? We tried to find out from him. 

“Initial days were really tough. I completed my course in architecture in 1993 and continued working with a college professor until 1994. In 1995 I decided to start my own practice and take up residential projects and projects of small shops. I continued till 1999, after which, I had to shut down my practice because although I was working a lot, I was not gaining anything from my practice on both monetary and experience fronts. I was raw; I didn’t know what a tender was, what a purchase order was, how terms and conditions were created – my knowledge of ‘business’ was zero. After all, we were only taught how to make a project look beautiful, but we were never taught how to run a business. I then joined a consulting firm as a junior designer and went on to work for 11 years for different firms in different capacities. All of this prepared me for the business world.

“By 2009, I decided to take a plunge and start my own studio again because, by that time, I had enough contacts and knowledge. And by the grace of God, we have become a team of 45 from a team of 3 over the last 11 years of Beyond Design,” said Mr. Gore highlighting the challenges he faced and how he overcame them. 

Milestones and Lessons Learnt

Milestones are very important in understanding how far you’ve come in your profession. They reflect how you have grown and evolved into what you have become. 

We wanted to understand from the acclaimed architect Alhad Gore himself what were those milestones or events full of learning for him, and this is what he had to say:

“Failure at 1999 was a huge learning for me because it made me realize that I was nowhere in my career and that I needed to learn. I needed to go at a higher level, learn, come back if I had to be on my own. An important milestone was working on a project with the Aditya Birla Group in 2003. It was a landmark in many ways because it taught me a lot of things.” 

Expertise in Corporate Projects – Advice from the Expert

Architect Alhad Gore is known for his expertise in corporate architecture and design projects; corporate projects that are usually high-budget and have stringent timelines. Not to mention the tough competition that each architect faces. So, how does the expert do it? How does he manage to continue attracting success? Let’s find out. 

“It’s always teamwork. We are not painters who can draw on a piece of paper the way they want. In architecture, it’s always about what the clients want. There are certain formulas for a successful project: one is ‘understand the client’ and the second is ‘you have got to have a good team’. You have to invest in people, believe in them, give them the power to make a decision, and stand with them when they make a mistake. 

 “You also need to be very meticulous with the decision-making because there are lots of costs involved. You must be on your toes all the time. I am available for all my clients 24*7 including weekends. That’s the way we work and like to work. And that’s exactly why all my clients are my reference clients. I think the mantra is to be completely focused on the delivery of the project. If you are focused, honest with the client, and working hard, it automatically happens”. This is what said Mr. Gore said talking about how to maintain a balance and attract success. 

Some of Gore’s Successful Projects


DSC 5448DSC 5467DSC 5487


DSC 6830DSC 6834DSC 6861

Here Solutions

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Mr. Gore’s Personal Favorite

We feel guilty of asking every expert we interview this question, but we had to know from Mr. Gore – what is his one project that he can call his favorite. This is what he had to say:

“This is exactly like asking a mother – who is her favorite child. Frankly, there are no favorites. But there are always some that stay close to your heart.

“Globant, Pune, is one of those projects where we went crazy and creative. This corporate interior design project won us 5 international awards, 3 national awards, and 1 nomination. I would also like to give due credit to the client because not every client allows you to do whatever you want. Architects need that space for creativity. They need to be given a free-hand. The client was open to our ideas and suggestions. They liked some, we went ahead, and today that project has helped us bag 8 awards. This is why it will always be close to my heart.”

Globant, Pune, is actually a brilliant design project that has become a landmark. Its bright colors and imaginative spaces are exactly what an employee needs to get geared up for the day to do something amazing. That’s how lively, and subtle at the same time, the project looks! Check it out yourself..


All About Sourcing 

Sourcing of design products is a huge responsibility for every designer, architect, and even the client. How does architect Alhad Gore go about it? We tried to understand from him.

“In the corporate world, office segment, and commercial sit-out segment, there are two sets of clients. One already has global mandates as well as rate contracts. The second set of clients is not aware of where to get the products from. That’s where our role comes in; we guide them to choose.”, says Gore. 

He further talks about how clients value a platform where they can browse through content to understand product variance, to know the specifications, or get the quotes. He also talks with Arcedior about how global sourcing platforms for interior designers and architects have become the need of the hour. He says, “Arcedior is a full-fledged library of content for not just clients, but architects, designers, and consultants too. Platforms like Arcedior will go a long way.”

Thank you, Mr. Gore!

This episode of Design Leaders Decoded with architect Alhad Gore was completely refreshing and very insightful. Wouldn’t you agree?

It was amazing talking to him. We wish him a good look for his future projects and certainly hope that we get to work with him very soon. 

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