Wallpaper Trends that Rule the Design World

Wallpapers are a great way to add personality to any interior. And this is the reason designers are always on a hunt for new trends and ideas. And while trends come and go, a few are going to stay. So, let’s look at some interesting trends that can rarely get old:

Organic wallpapers have the ability to draw in positivity and bring in the freshness of outdoors inside. They are simply elegant and are a great addition to any space that is meant to exude fresh and vibrant energy. And in addition to the rest of the space, they can also lift the aesthetics of a bathroom. With organic and floral wallpapers, you can get wonderful results with the least amount of effort. So, pick some of your favorites and give a fresh pop of color to your next interior design project.

Luxury Metallic Wallpaper

Adding some shimmer is never a bad idea when designing a luxury project. And you’re heading in the right direction if classic metallic wallpapers are on your mind. Metallic wallpapers are intricately and elaborately designed, and hence, give your design projects a plush look. They are usually available in gold, silver, and copper accents that complement a variety of furniture pieces. Luxury metallic wallpapers are especially great for creating uniform spaces.

Ultimate Match-All Wallpaper

Vibrant and colorful wallpapers are here to stay! And you’ll be able to bring in just about any furniture piece if you go with a match-all wallpaper theme. When we say you can mix and match, we encourage eclectic spaces. Don’t worry about defining a style. Try employing a big red couch, a few throw pillows, and some copper accents to bring the whole space together.

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Retro-Inspired Wallpaper

Retro-inspired wallpapers are a brilliant way of creating a unique and spirited bedroom that gives a mid-century modern feel. Retro-inspired prints work really well with medium-toned wooden furniture as well as neutral-toned soft furnishings. They are a great choice for anyone who loves to experiment with vintage themes. The right way to go when designing a project that’s supposed to evoke a nostalgic feel!

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Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpapers can never go out of style. They were once viewed as a traditional feature in UK homes. But with a contemporary twist, they still give any space a distinct flair. The subtle raised patterns on a textured wallpaper change with the light and shade creating a unique look. And since textured wallpapers are usually single-colored or come in two shades, the scope of experimentation with other décor products increases multi-fold.

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3d Wall Art/Mural

Printed in large sizes, mural wallpapers are all about colors and patterns. Though difficult to apply, they can transform any space without a lot of experimentation with furniture and other décor pieces. Mural wallpapers define the style of a room and hence require the other elements of a space to be synchronized with the center point, i.e. the wallpaper. They are a perfect and obvious choice for designers when creating accent walls.

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Geometric Wall

Geometric wallpapers add a dramatic appeal to a place and are being popularly used for modern interiors. With patterns available in different shapes such as diamonds, bricks, hexagon, etc., these wallpaper designs can change the mood of a place. For example, for a rustic flair, you can use the brick wallpaper. And if you’re looking to create something more elegant and luxury, you can go for minimal and clean patterns such as a trellis pattern. With geometric wallpapers, there’s always a huge scope for experimentation.

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These wallpaper trends are perfect when you’re trying to tell a story through a space. They can easily steal the spotlight.

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