How Pantone’s Living Coral Will Make a Great Addition to Your Home

Remember how Ultra Violet was Pantone’s pick last year? Well this year, we’ve seen a major transition. It’s a color that has been carefully selected by the color company to create awareness for the changing global climate.

This year, Pantone has selected Living Coral #16-1546 as the color of the year. It’s a beautiful coral hue with a golden undertone. The warm, peachy orange is so subtle that it can effortlessly find its way into many homes. Vibrant, yet warm, this trending color brings solace to the continually changing environment.

Coral colour of the year for your room

There has been an increase in concerns for environmental sustainability over the last few years. This has been a leading factor in Pantone’s color selection since Living Coral reflects the underwater corals that have been threatened due to the change in climate.

The Pantone color also reflects the long and excruciating slog over the last decade; through political crises and financial market scares to environmental turmoil, the color signifies the struggle in a beautiful way.

How Should You Inculcate This Color in Your Home?

A lot of people have fallen in love with this bright and bold color. From sofas to curtains, from rugs to an entire wall, we’re seeing it everywhere!

If you want to add a little extra character to your home, we’ve got some ideas to help you incorporate this gorgeous color in your home.

1. Play With Pattern

Spice up your living room by pairing polka dots with the cheerful living coral! This is an adorable pair that makes a perfect fabric color for bench cushions, window coverings, and even a floor pouf. Coupled with stark white, striped living coral is going to catch the attention of all your guests! It could be a great addition to your bedroom as well if you want to keep it absolutely neutral.

Curtain ideas for your room
Source: Better Homes

2. Anchor Coral on Furniture

Do you have a cupboard that needs a quick makeover? Why not splash a fresh coat of paint over it so that it’s good as new! Living Coral color can bring life to your home without changing things up too much. And the cupboard that has been lying at the corner of your room all this while, livens up your space to a great extent.

Chair idea for your home

3. Pile on the Pillows

Throw pillows are easily available, very affordable and make your seating space so much more comfortable. They are also a great way to add this inviting coral color to your home.

You can get a little creative and add some of your favorite coral flowers for a pretty centerpiece.

PileonthePillows idea for your home

4. Create a Bright Color Scheme

Living coral is such a happy color that it becomes a natural choice for rooms that receive a lot of light. Pair it with rattan furniture to keep your room playful and fun.

If you want to do up an entire room using living coral color, select a large focal point that can provide contrast and complement the bright color scheme. For instance, a rug, pull pillows or fabrics in white or neutral color can provide the required contrast to support the vibrant coral color.

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