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Arcedior is an intuitive and user-friendly procurement platform that offers a seamless sourcing experience and inspiring designs from brands across the globe that produce interior design and architectural products. Our procurement platform is designed to empower architects, interior designers, and project consultants to save time, effort, and cost while sourcing products from more than 300 categories. Arcedior has leveraged the first-hand experience, vast vendor network, and its massive database to offer its clients the right products from the right place and at the right pricing!

Why We Created Arcedior

Formerly known as Excella Global, Arcedior was established with the aim of assisting clients to source different decor solutions for varied projects. Managing the sourcing needs of leading architects, interior designers, real-estate project managers, and HNIs first-hand for more than 12 years, we had garnered the reputation of a trusted procurement specialist for obtaining customized and quality products in every category. Later, because of the constant fluctuations in the global economy, changing custom norms, evolving interior design trends globally, and various other factors compelled our clients to think beyond and elevate their tastes. And their expanding demand encouraged us to explore new and different products from across the globe. Moreover, as the number of our clients increased and projects got bigger, our vendor network and product portfolio also expanded.

Our journey was no different from other growing businesses. Arcedior faced challenges on every front, but despite the difficulties, we continued to find solutions and deliver world-class products on-demand. With this challenge came valuable insights into the changing preferences of our consumers and the evolving needs of the market. Over time, high-end projects created the need for bespoke decor solutions. To fulfil the design intent of architects and interior designers, Arcedior ventured into American, Indonesian, Spanish, African, and European markets in search of exclusive and premium-quality products.

Today, having served 1000+ clients and successfully planned over 1200 sourcing trips, Arcedior has the ability to transform any design concept into a reality, with the assurance of end-to-end availability and consistent quality.

We are also thrilled that our experience and efforts will further enhance the consumer experience with an easily accessible and mobile-friendly platform. In this digital era where sharing products catalogs and working offline is getting inconvenient for busy architects and interior designers, Arcedior is an attempt to make the entire process quick, easy, and stress-free!

Moving forward, clients can expect Arcedior to add new tools and technologies to the platform, enabling architects and interior designers to deliver brilliant outcomes that delight their clients.

Whether you wish to source global design products for your next project or your own home, this global sourcing and design inspiration platform has all your sourcing needs covered. You can discover exclusively curated products, pick your favorites, add them to your BoQ wishlist on-the-go, and bring your design concept to life without any hassles or delay. So, visit to sign up so you can check out the trending design products and make your design dream come true.

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