7 Top Interior Trends 2019

Interior design trends are constantly evolving. And this transition lays stress on making spaces more functional, yet stylish. The year 2019 has brought along plenty of themes and color schemes that can add drama and character to your home.

So, this year, we encourage you to get inspired! Go beyond monotonous and simple colors, and instead try something fun and bold!

1. Gold Accents

In the last few years, we’ve seen gold and copper accents make its way into many homes. They’ve played a big role in making bold statements in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. This interior design trend is going to stay this year too.

Artistic lovers who want both a royal and luxurious design should definitely give up neutrals and try gold accents for a chic interior.

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2. Organic Shapes

Organic shapes will dominate interiors in 2019. There’s a huge demand to incorporate astonishing shapes and curves in contemporary designs. From loveseats to couches and swivel chairs, organic shapes are one of the easiest ways to add a unique element to your home.

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3. Compact and Multi-Functional Furniture

With more people moving to urban cities and homes getting smaller, designers are required to build homes that are smarter and multi-functional.

A piece of furniture in an urban home that unravels into brand new furniture with a completely different function is going to be one of the best interior design trends of 2019.

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4. Linear Lights

Linear lights make it to the list of the latest interior trends. They’re the ultimate solution for modern minimalism.

Linear lights give a chic industrial look to anyplace in your home. They’re ideal for your dining room, kitchen, and living room and can even be incorporated into a conference room.

Linear Lights img

5. Clashing Prints

Looking for a bright, happy and fashion-forward design? Clashing prints are the answer!

Clashing prints and patterns continue to influence interiors and are amongst the most popular interior trends 2019.

So, what can you actually do to achieve this maximalist interior look? Velvet cushions, figurative décor, and wallpapers are the answer! Don’t miss out on lots of floral prints in the living room, bedroom and kitchen too!

Fun floral wallpaper is a cost-effective way to add plenty of bold color and pattern! Buka patchwork wallpaper works well too.

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6. Eco-Friendly Spaces

Almost every other day, we hear news about environmental threats because of reckless human activities. It’s no surprise that people now are gravitating towards décor that is eco-friendly, sustainable yet easy on the eyes.

Vertical gardens and plants are finding their way into the living rooms and bedrooms. Leftover materials like marble are recomposed into energy-saving live plant walls.

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7. Living Coral

Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral is such a cheerful color that can easily be incorporated in any space. Whether you’re adding them as throw pillows, curtains, a chaise lounge or splashing a fresh coat of paint on your bare wall, living coral is amongst the best interior trends 2019 that many have been experimenting with.

Living Coral Pantones color img

These luxurious, yet fun décor trends are a cost-effective way to make every space look chic, yet fun. Designers are being mindful of the changing needs of people to create interiors that truly speak and add detail to every space.

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