12 Bold & Colorful Area Rugs: Find Your Perfect Zodiac Sign Rug

colorful area rugs

A rug should complement your home decor style and parallel your style statement. The world of colorful area rugs is a beautiful medley of vibrant patterns, textures, and prints. Since there is a wide range to choose from, it can become an arduous task actually to select one.

Zodiac signs offer a fitting guide to guide your search process. Each person is assigned one according to their date of birth, and it is believed that the traits encompassing each sun sign are generally dominant. These traits work well with the colorful area rugs that can be incorporated into your home or office. So let’s journey to find the perfect area rug that will reveal your style and give a glimpse of your personality. 

Bold Aries: Red Area Rugs

Aries, whose ruling planet is Mars, has sublime energy and passionate drive traits. They are bold, unapologetic, and headstrong, which makes red their predominant color. Red area rugs are also a great choice since they break the monotony of the room and even serve as an accent piece. 

Red area rugsSource: Savi Decor
Bold Red Area Rugs

This bold red rug has the perfect hints of color, which is not jarring to the eyes but encapsulate the beauty of the vibrant tulip flowers. This one at Arcedior Shop is a crowd-pleaser.


  • Beautiful speckles of red
  • It breaks the monotony of the room
  • Perfect size for any space

Warm-hearted Taurus: Earthy Brown Area Rugs

Taurians are down-to-earth, warm-hearted people who value loyalty and friendship above all else. They like to indulge in the finer things of life and cherish good company around them. 

Brown area rugSource: Anantaya
Brown Area Rugs

Due to the above factors, they will be drawn to this earthy brown area rug with all the colors of brown. This muted color combination is perfect for a modern home where a neutral color palette is king. 


  • Adaptable to all decor
  • Statement piece
  • It has a soft and earthy tone

Dynamic Gemini: Bright Yellow Area Rug

Gemini is a sun sign ruled by the element of air, which makes them very adaptable and versatile. Their curious personality and lively enthusiasm towards life make them the heart of any party. 

yellow area rugSource: Savi Decor
Bright Yellow Area Rug

This bright yellow area rug, inspired by a marigold flower’s lively and happy demeanor, is an authentic Geminanian piece. The yellow’s subtlety makes it likable and will not be boring in the long run.


  • Bright and happy 
  • Captures the colors of a marigold flower
  • It has summer vibes to it 

Calm Cancer: Grey Area Rug

Cancerians are known to be the most emotional and sensitive sun sign. They have a protective nature and are fiercely loyal to their loved ones. Their moodiness is their other biggest trait, but their heart is pure gold. 

Grey area rugSource: Houmn
Calm Grey Area Rug

A grey area rug suits their personality well, depicting their calm nature. This rug is the perfect shade of grey, which gives a zen vibe. 


  • Perfect grey tone
  • Woven
  • Sleek and delicate finish

Luxurious Leo: Gold Area Rug

Leo, whose backbone and dominating planet is the Sun, is categorically swayed by its charisma, radiance, and fierceness. They are creative and confident, making them passionate about whatever they do.

Gold Area rugSource: Rug Society
Luxurious Gold Area Rug

Their taste in luxurious affairs can attract them to this beautiful gold area rug. This rug has intricate patterns with speckles of yellow threadwork, giving an almost golden shimmer-like feeling. This rug is one of the most luxurious rugs that highlight any room with grace and sophistication.


  • Intricate design
  • Hand-tufted
  • Contemporary style rug

Sophisticated Virgo: Navy Blue Area Rug

Virgos are known for their treasure trove of wisdom, which makes them very analytical and practical. They are brilliant and reflect their style by adopting a very sophisticated demeanor. 

Geometric area rug patternsSource: Gan Rugs
Navy Blue Area Rug

Being organized and clean, a Virgo would be drawn toward this navy blue area Persian rug. The bold blue color that makes the timeless print pop out makes this colorful area rug admirable. 


  • Geometric print
  • Floral motifs
  • Rich tapestry

Balance Libra: Pink Area Rug

Libras are known for a balanced approach to life, so a traditional weighing scale denotes their sun sign. They are harmonious and diplomatic since they will not hurt anyone’s sentiments. They believe in peace and serenity, making them true pacifists. 

pink area rugSource: Savi Decor
Pink Area Rug

This pink area rug truly symbolizes a libra. The pink pops out to provide a sense of freshness and tranquility that will spruce up any space. 


  • Hand-knotted
  • Very trendy and modern
  • Pop of pink color 

Intense Scorpio: Black Area Rug

This sun sign is known for its deep thinking and intense personality. Like a Scorpio, their workings are very mysterious, with great determination in whatever they do. Scorpios are also very passionate and loyal.

Black area rugSource: Rug Society
Intense Black Area Rug

They resonate with deep colors like black, so this black area rug is their true embodiment. A mixture of black and grey can be seen in this colorful area rug, a confluence of drama and mystery.


  • Round shape
  • Very contemporary
  • It has a great personality

Adventurous Sagittarius: Purple Area Rugs

Sagittarius is a wanderer and free-spirited at heart, which makes them have an infectious energy. They are always on a quest for knowledge which makes them somewhat bohemian. They are very adventurous and seek the greater perhaps. 

Purple area rugSource: Sergey Makhno
Purple Area Rugs

They are personified by shades of orange, white, pink, and purple, which is why this purple area rug is perfect. This colorful area rug is abstract and perfectly blends these bold colors. 


  • Abstract form
  • A confluence of different colors
  • Hand tufted with wool

Classic Capricorn: Dark Green Area Rug

Capricorn is an earth element sun sign known for its grounded nature and ambitious traits. They are extremely hard-working and are keen to achieve the heights of success. This makes them drawn toward classic styles with hints of nature. 

Dark green area rugSource: Silk Avenue
Classic Dark Green Area Rug

Culminating well with these traits is this dark green area rug which suits all types of decor amazingly. This dual-tone green area rug in a free-form shape is available in different materials.


  • Hand Tufted
  • Dense green color
  • Contemporary style

Eclectic Aquarius: Blue area rugs

Unconventional to the core, Aquarians are unique and do everything avant-garde. Due to their eclectic persona, their predominant colors are blue, aqua, and turquoise. Their soft-hearted nature and introverted personality make them very unexpected. 

Blue Area RugSource: Savi Decor
Electric Blue Area Rug

This cool and soothing blue area rug is engrained with the same sentiment. It combines blue, white, and grey to create a colorful area rug. You can place this in your home or office, as it perfectly graces both spaces. 


  • Handtufted using wool material
  • Eye-catching design
  • Great craftsmanship

Romantic Pisces: Orange area rugs

Pisces, see the world in beautiful and dreamy pastel shades, the ones of which our dreams are made. They are drawn toward romance, art, and music, which makes them creative souls. They also love to experiment, which can be seen in their distinct choices. 

Orange colorful area rugsSource: Gan Rugs
Orange Area Rugs

This is the reason orange area rugs suit their sun-sign traits. The cross-stitch technique used to create this colorful area rug, which is adorned with orange hues, brilliantly captures their dreamy side.


  • A very artistic piece
  • Compliments all home decor styles
  • Designer piece


To summarise, different traits of zodiac signs can resonate with their dominant colors. Though there is no hard and fast rule, these colorful area rugs option is for those navigating their style. Many people believe that zodiac signs have a major influence on their lives and want to establish some interior decor to symbolize their traits as well. This guide is amazing for people who can benefit from this blog. You can even visit Arcedior Shop for the latest trends and designs in colorful area rugs for more color options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best colors for my zodiac sign’s area rug?

The best colors rugs for each Zodiac sign are shown below: 
Aries: Strong hues like red or orange work best for Aries. 
Taurus: Earthy hues like browns and greens. 
Gemini: Light and inquisitive Colors like yellow or blue, which are bold and vivid, may appeal to Gemini. 
Cancer: A delicate, pastel-like tint. 
Leo: The royalty of a Leo is embodied in purple and gold. 
Virgo: Their primary hues are beige and grey. 
Libra: Yellow and pink are in tune with Libra. 
Scorpio: Red and black are their preferred colors since they are intense and passionate. 
Sagittarius: Orange and turquoise are vibrant colors for Sagittarius. 
Capricorn: A timeless combination of white, beige, and brown. 
Aquarius: Unusual and eccentric The blue water sign of Aquarius is. 
Pisces: Dreamy hues like blue and purple are appropriate for Pisces.

How do I choose a rug that matches my zodiac sign’s personality traits?

You can choose a rug that matches your zodiac sign’s personality traits by following these steps: 
1. Besides choosing your zodiac sign, their respective elements can also be a deciding factor. The four elements are fire, earth, air, and water. Each sign is assigned to these elements, given their traits. 
2. The ruling planets of each zodiac sign are different, which can also contribute to the area rug’s pattern and texture. For Leo, the ruling planet is the Sun, which means bold and radiant color would be optimal. 
3. Characteristics of the zodiac can be taken into account as well. Taurus is an earth sign where floral and or leafy patterns would look excellent. 

Can I mix and match colors from different zodiac signs when selecting an area rug?

You can mix and match colors from different zodiac signs when selecting an area rug. Though it can be fun to incorporate the associated colors and patterns assigned from your zodiac sign, it should not limit your creativity. 
Different decor styles and people need help playing with the confined rules. 
That is why opting for what makes your heart happy and your space more lively is important. Zodiac signs and their respective colors can be a guiding force, but you can mix and match from any style you want. 
If you want to incorporate your zodiac sign colors but not in a rug, add them to other soft furnishings. You can choose that color in pillows, curtains, throws, and coasters. 


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