Wow Your Clients with Works of Wood

Wood, works very well as a primary decorative source, both for home and office spaces. A versatile natural resource, this material adds an earthy element and can be used to decorate not only the inside of homes but also the walls or flooring of residential and working quarters. The variety of types, colours and grains this material offers, gives you, as a designer, several options to suit almost any style of home or office.

In this post, we offer you professional decorating ideas to achieve optimal results with woodwork.

Using Reclaimed Wood


With reclaimed wood, you can create open shelves or a highlighted part of a wall. This will add a unique, quirky touch to the room. Salvaged wood is yet another good option you can use. You can find a variety of such wood in the market. Make sure that this type of wood is well-cleaned, stripped completely of hidden nails, planed and kiln-dried. Otherwise, it could be prone to some types of bug and termite attacks.

The Galileo collection from Porro adds a touch of class to the area it is used in.

Decorating With Wood Molding


Crown molding with wood adds a touch of class to any room it is used in. This comes in assorted lengths, widths, colors and styles; thus giving you and your customers plenty of options to choose from. What is more, this wood molding can be stained, painted or polished in any color to suit your customer’s preferences.

Note how Codutti has enlivened the office area with its impressive Omega line of wooden paneling and furniture.

Adorning Walls With Wood Art


Wood and wood art, crafted from natural woods, can be used to adorn walls. They help add a visual impact to the room, also creating an earthy, soft and comforting feel around the space. You could also use heavy mirrors, framed with seasoned wood to provide an added touch of class. Quaint-looking wood art help bring a kind of energy to the space it is placed in, while articles such as wooden cuckoo clocks or clocks with wooden frames are of practical use as well.

Check out Porada’s heavy wall mirror, embedded into oak doors.

What Else You Can Do With Wood


You can add wood just about anywhere around the home or office environment. Here is what more you can do with this amazing natural material:

  • Using bits and pieces of paneling presents a surprise effect – that of being both beautiful and unexpected.
  • Combining reclaimed timber with other natural materials such as bricks and stones can give the space an ethereal, old-world charm – something which few other materials can achieve.
  • Designing monochromatic furniture, consisting of light neutral colors, helps highlight the natural organic texture of the wooden furniture that goes alongside it.

Note how the concept of monochrome has been cleverly incorporated in order to showcase an eye-catching side table and chest of drawers from Smania.

  • Adding a huge four-poster bed and using wood molding and paneling, along with other seasoned wood furniture in the room will give it an impressive, colonial look
  • You could use wood to create a separate, exclusive space around the home, in order to give the illusion of a cozy, womb-like ambience to that particular space. This could be a comfort area your customers could visit as and when necessary
  • Using wood in the kitchen area could help it give it a rustic, country sort of look

This Armonia classic wooden kitchen from Colombini Casa transforms the entire area into a chef’s dream place to work!

In Conclusion

No matter which type of wood you choose to use; whether it is traditional seasoned wood, reclaimed wood or simply salvaged wood; the fact remains that this wonderful material lends the space a certain kind of comfort, warmth and softness.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and use wood in different forms, textures and colors to home and office environments. Give wings to your creative instincts and wow your clients with your works of wood!

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