Why do Hindus Place Swastika in their Homes?

The Swastika is one of the most important symbols for Hindus. Many place them all around the house and even give them as gifts. What is the significance of the Swastika and how should you use it while designing your clients’ homes?

According to ancient Hindu texts, the Swastika is the seat of Lord Ganesha, the Harbinger of Success. He is believed to be seated right in the middle of the symbol. The swastika is also associated with the Sun. Its arms are symbolic of the revolution of the sun from the East to the West. In case your clients are believers, it is most advisable for you to place it on the northeast side of the pooja (prayer) room. According to Vastu Shastra, hanging this symbol above the entrance of each room helps ward off negativity and evil spirits.

Recently, the Swastika has gone far beyond being a religious symbol – one can actually find several Swastika-shaped buildings all over the world! The building of Hanfstaenglstraße in Munich is a fine example. Constructed in 1934, it has four linked houses, thus forming the shape of a Swastika. According to architectural design, this shape is supposed to aid in reducing overall construction costs and also, strangely enough, decreasing heating inside the homes!

No matter what the true significance of the symbol is, the Swastika definitely adds a touch of class in the area it is used in. That, with the proper application of Vastu principles, could well help bring peace and prosperity to your clients’ homes.

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