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The bedroom in the home is an individual’s intimate space that is entirely your own. That is why it should reflect your style, taste, and preference. Adding a wall mirror bedroom can be the right choice to make your room aesthetically pleasing and functional. There are several benefits of using the beauty mirror in the room, like it provides a good view of the whole room and helps you get dressed up and check your appearance.

 When placed strategically, bedroom wall mirrors can reflect the right amount of light to make the bedroom feel lighter, brighter, and happier. Wall mirrors have significant quality of making the room appear bigger than it is.

If you want to upgrade any wall, but don’t have the time to put together a decorative wall, then put in a classy mirror, and your job is done. You can place mirrors outside the wardrobe, making the room appear bigger while you have additional storage.

Besides this, there are tons of ways you can use a bedroom wall mirror to your advantage. Arcedior has the best and most premium range of wall mirrors that are suitable for all types of home decor. With a hassle-free global procurement solution, upgrading your home has always been challenging. 

Decorative Wall Mirrors

Two Decorative wall mirrorsSource: Marioni
Decorative Wall Mirrors

This decorative wall mirror for bedroom is so unique that it transcends into becoming a showstopper for the room. The abstract design with distinctively shaped two mirrors perched in a wooden frame is a delight for the eyes. 

The area where the two mirrors merge has a brownish tinge, giving it a modern look. You can place this in your bedroom’s bathroom or use it on the gallery wall with other decorations. 


  • Asymmetrical design
  • 2 in 1 mirror
  • Good makeup mirror
  • Functional

Full Length Wall Mirror For Bedroom

Full length wall mirrorSource: Luxxu
Full Length Wall Mirror

A full length wall mirror for bedroom is indispensable if you want to make the room functional. Since a full length wall mirror gives a full view of the person from head to toe, it is great for a last-minute glace. 

This wall mirror looks elegant in any setting, stealing all the attention. It is beautifully crafted with a leather and brass frame that suits all types of home decor well, and you can place it in your bedroom without even thinking.


  • Luxurious style
  • Good quality frame
  • Finish options available

Arch Wall Mirror

Arch wall mirrorSource: Objectry
Arch Wall Mirrors

Arch-shaped wall mirrors are a different and fun element for the bedroom if you want to divert from traditional shapes. This black frame arch wall mirror adds a tasteful character to a space without demanding a lot of attention.


  • Full-length Mirror
  • Floor or Wall mounted

Wood Wall Mirror Bedroom

wood wall mirror
Wood Wall Mirror Bedroom

It is difficult to go wrong with using wood in any room since it is so versatile. Wood can be made into different shapes and designs to create an awe-inspiring design. A simple, practical, and elegant wooden frame works best with modern, minimalistic, and rustic home decor styles. 

This wood wall mirror, enriched with rattan along its curve, combines traditional skills with a modern design approach. This particular piece can be used all around the home or singularly in different parts of the house. 


  • Unique design
  • Use of high-grade wood

Rattan Wall Mirror

Decorative rattan wall mirror BedroomSource: Kennethcobonpue
Decorative Rattan Wall Mirror

Rattan is the material for this day and age due to its many beneficial properties. Firstly, it has been used for centuries, primarily in parts of Southeast Asia, making it a reliable material. Secondly, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. 

They are immense and are the perfect alternative to plastic. Since they are stain-free and weather-resistant, rattan furniture is gaining significant popularity. This rattan wall mirror is a beautiful piece of decor that merges utility with beauty. The sun-like shape with speckles of rays beaming out of the middle is a reminder of nature. 


  • Use of eco-friendly material
  • Very rustic 
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install

Led Wall Mirror

Lighted led wall mirrorsSource: Half Dot
Triangle-shaped Led Wall Mirror

Led wall mirrors provide ample lighting to view any reflection using a bright and supple light. The light is not harsh on the face but provides a soft glow, which creates a good ambiance. 

This is why led wall mirrors have gained popularity in modern home decor. This triangle-shaped mirror is unique. This wall mirror bedroom has three triangles of different colors that can be used as it is or as a lighting option in the bedroom. 


  • Equipped with LED light
  • Brightly lighted
  • Innovative triangle design
  • Lightweight

Brass Wall Mirror

Decorative brass wall mirrorSource: Mid-Century Club
Decorative Brass Wall Mirror Bedroom

Brass has been used since the olden days to decorate the home. Since brass has a gold-like finish, it can give an illusion of precious gold material. That is why it has been used to upgrade the home to look more luxurious and posh. 

Brass gives off a gleaming shine that is reflective in itself. Using it as a frame for a mirror is like a match made in heaven. With its unique forms and lines, this particular brass wall mirror becomes the talking point in a room. 


  • Great detailing
  • Luxurious
  • Work of art

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you not put a mirror in a bedroom?

In the bedroom, it is advisable not to put the mirror in front of the bed, according to Vastu. It can also disrupt your sleep since the image and reflection can cause you hindrance. 
You should also not put the mirror directly opposite the window, which can cause the sharp sunlight to glare in the room. It is best to place the mirror on the dressing table, above the mantle, and on any empty wall. 

How many mirrors should be in a bedroom?

There is no thumb rule as to how many mirrors should be in a bedroom, but generally, one or two mirrors are ideal. A small room can use a large mirror that can create the illusion of more space in the bedroom. 
For a larger room, you can opt for two mirrors which can be one small and one large. The smaller one can go with the decorative element, and the larger one can be to view yourself for getting ready. Another way is to have matching mirrors on either side of the bed. 

Do light mirrors provide enough light?

Yes, lighted mirrors provide enough light to view yourself. They come equipped with adequate lighting that gives off a subtle yet powerful light enough to view the reflection in a dark room. Different areas of the room can use a differently powered mirror like for the vanity. 
A strong light is required for doing makeup. In the bathroom, an excellent backlit mirror is also needed for shaving and brushing. Some lighted mirrors even come with manual settings that can change the intensity of the light and even the color!

How do you style a mirror in a bedroom?

There are tons of ways to style a mirror in the bedroom, including:
1. For a dramatic effect: A statement mirror can be placed in the bedroom to make the room’s decor look more cohesive. It can be placed on the dresser, beside the bed, on a focal wall, or in a dull corner. 
2. As a matching set: Two matching mirrors of the same design and shape looks excellent when placed above the nightstand.
3. For getting ready: A full-length mirror either behind a door, inside the wardrobe, or strategically positioned can be great for getting dressed up and creating an added character to the room. 
4. Dressing Area: To create more functionality and a decorative element, you can place a mid-size mirror above your dressing table for skincare and makeup. 

Which shape mirror is best for the bedroom?

The most common shape for a bedroom wall mirror is rectangular since it can easily blend into the room’s aesthetic. It can be either a full-length mirror or a smaller one on the wall, which can be used for dressing up or as part of the gallery wall. 
The other mirror shape for the bedroom includes round, square, oval, arched, and different distinct shapes. Round wall mirrors are also loved since it creates a soft touch to all the straight lines that are commonly present in the bedroom.

Is it good to have a big mirror in the bedroom?

Yes, having a big mirror in the bedroom is good since it creates an illusion of space. This can make the room feel more open and diverse. Since mirrors reflect light, they can make the bedroom more illuminated and airy. They can also be used as a statement piece, besides having loads of functional value. 


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  • Twiggy: Kennethcobonpue
  • Colour-Mirror: Half Dot
  • Diamind-Mirror: Mid-Century Club
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