7 Bold and Stylish Wall Clock for Bedroom Decor

wall clock for bedroom

Hey reader! What’s the time when you are reading this blog? Did you just turn your face to the wall clock to see the time? Probably, it is a yes! This is why the wall clocks are still in demand coming from ages.

Although we are living in the digital world, having the time displayed on the screens, we are still conditioned to follow conventional methods. Why? Maybe we feel more connected to it, or it feels more reliable to look at a clock rather than looking at the screens of the phones gripped in our hands. 

The wall clock has been such a crucial part of the home’s aesthetic that we can’t think of eliminating it. So, today we have made a list of the seven best wall clock for bedroom in distinctive styles to elevate the beauty of your home. So, scroll down and find your tasteful timekeeping device.

Sleek and Simple Modern Wall Clock

For a chic look in your contemporary home decor, the modern wall clock will contrast the best with it. This bedroom wall clock is known for its sleek edges and comes in various shapes, but the main round shape is preferred. It has a minimalist design with ticking hands in thin and thick sizes. Also, it adds charm to a place with its silent ticking mechanism.

Modern Wall Clock for BedroomSource: The Decor Remedy
Modern Wall Clock for Bedroom

Celina Double Rim Gold Wall Clock is an exemplary combination of minimalism and elegance. It has a round-shaped double rim in iron metal with a gold finish. It will complement the contemporary and modern decor.

How to care?

Wipe it with a dry and soft cloth.

Nature’s Charm Wood Wall Clock

Whether it’s a modern era or we think of the vintage world, the charm of the wooden wall clock is classic. Being naturally sturdy and durable, the wall clock made of wood adds a style statement to the bedroom. So bring home a teak wood wall clock or a lovely American walnut wood to amp up your space.

Cane Wood Wall ClockSource: Half Dot
Cane Wood Wall Clock

Productive- Cane Clock is a unique and beautiful wall clock with a wooden border with a cane in the middle. This marvelous piece will blend with the rustic home decor and give your arena an oh so -chic look.

How to care?

Wipe with an unused duster and use wood finishing wax to polish it.

Vintage-inspired Antique Wall Clock

Times go by, but the memories remain. This is what we can say while talking about antique items. The love and charm of vintage designs hold immense importance these days. For example, the antique wall clock features a vintage design regarding edges and hands.

Antique Wall ClockSource: The Decor Remedy
Vintage-inspired Antique Wall Clock

If you have a special place for antique items, then Harper Round Clock is the perfect clock. This beautiful piece is crafted with iron and has an antique finish. The Roman numerals in iron with an antique finish are wrapped around the round border.

How to care?

Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe.

Industrial Chic Metal Wall Clock

Are you looking for an elegant or standard piece of wall clock for your bedroom? Then, the perfect choice for you is a metal wall clock. These analog wall clocks exude grace through their sophisticated shape and elegantly unique styles, which complement best with modern and contemporary decor. 

Metal Wall ClockSource: Logam
Metal Wall Clock

Choose to place Reid Wall Clock in the aluminum metal shaped round along with bold and striking Roman numerals in gold color. It is the perfect blend of modern and traditional aesthetics that will make your place look more attractive.

How to care?

Wipe with a soft and dry cloth and avoid the use of abrasive chemicals.

Timeless Charm Pendulum Wall Clock

The pendulum wall clocks are a perfect addition to your bedroom’s decor due to their distinctive design and style. This cock features a pendulum hanging under the analog wall clock oscillating back and forth and adding a unique visual appeal to your space.

Timeless Charm Pendulum Wall Clock for BedroomSource: Materium
Timeless Charm Pendulum Wall Clock for Bedroom

The Shape is a wood-based wall clock in a round shape with a pattern of sinuous lines obtained from the hollowed-out walnut block, giving a dynamic aesthetic appeal. The gold-finished brass string connects the pendulum to the wall clock, leaving a graceful charm.

How to care?

Wind the clock on a regular basis and oil it.

Bold and Colorful Unique Wall Clock

If you want to add personality to your bedroom, go with the unique wall clocks. As the name suggests, the wall clock for the bedroom must not follow any particular pattern, and they can mix and match the styles discussed above. For example, you can have just the hands revolving on the walls without the numbers or a mainly designed metal vintage pendulum wall clock.

Rectangular Unique Wall ClockSource: Gemtherapy
Rectangular Unique Wall Clock

Fire Quartz Rectangle Wall Clock is a unique bedroom wall clock with a unique pattern of crystals tied up into a rectangle shape and covered with resins. It has golden-colored hands, which adds beauty to its overall appearance.

How to care?

Clean with a soft damp cloth.

Statement Large Wall Clock

Large wall clocks are minimally used in bedrooms and particularly in living rooms. However, if you have a big enough bedroom, then you can surely use a sizable chunk of your bedroom’s wall to place it there. Otherwise, it can make your bedroom look cluttered and messy.

Statement Large Wall ClockSource: Materium
Statement Large Wall Clock

Make an elegant addition to your space with a Scultoreo wall clock that is large enough to place in your grand bedroom. It has edges made of metal and a marble slab arranged vertically in between the circular shape of the wall clock for bedroom, giving an alluring aesthetic.

How to care?

Wipe and clean with a soft and dry cloth.


Now, we have gone through the best wall clock for bedroom that you can take home and make it appear more adorable. Choose a wall clock for bedroom that complements the decor of your space and creates an enticing addition to your bedroom. Whether you are a fan of the antique style or love to see the large pendulum oscillating in your bedroom, we have every taste of a wall clock. Many more options are available here on our website, where you can have a more excellent choice. So, choose the best wall clock for bedroom and remain stuck to your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a large wall clock in the bedroom?

No, you should not put a large wall clock in the bedroom. However, if you have quite a spacious bedroom, then it is worth putting the large wall clock in the bedroom. You should always place the large wall clock there in the living rooms as they are pretty big in size, and then these wall clocks accentuate the decor of the place.

Is it ok to put a wall clock in the bedroom?

It is beautiful to put a wall clock in the bedroom. A bedroom is a personal haven for everyone to feel peace and become authentic. It is a place to relax and unwind. So if a wall clock is present in the bedroom, then the person would not have any need to look at the screens of their wristwatches for phones to check the timings, and they can be completely free from the mind hassle. 

Which wall clock is best for bedroom?

The circular wall clock in wooden is considered the best for the bedroom. You can also choose the pendulum wall clock. It is so because the oscillating pendulum spreads positive vibrations throughout the bedroom, due to which the atmosphere of the room feels cheerful and energetic. This wall clock for bedroom is perfect to put in the east direction. If, for some reason, you cannot go in the east direction, then choose the north direction of wall clock placement.

Can I use a small wall clock in a large bedroom?

Yes, you can use a small wall clock in a large bedroom. If your wall is cluttered or you have a small wall in the bedroom, a small wall clock will add charm to your bedroom. Yes, they not only make your decor appear more visually attractive but are also functional in nature. You can place it above the bookcase or in the available space on the wall. Choose the east direction to place the wall clock for bedroom.

What size wall clock should I choose for my bedroom?

A bedroom’s standard wall clock size is between six to eight inches. According to the thumb rule, placing the wall clock at the level of your eye is always best. Otherwise, it is also ok to hang the wall clock for bedroom above your eye level at an elevated area so that you can easily catch a glimpse of the time ticking clocks.

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