7 Creative Ways To Use Peel And Stick Wallpaper In Your Home

peel and stick wallpaper

Bored of painted walls and tiled floors? The peel and stick wallpaper comes into the picture when you want a temporary solution for permanent beauty. 

Peel and stick wallpaper is easy to apply and easy to remove. It feels raw to the touch and has a gorgeous appearance. It also adds texture and patterns to the monotonous rooms. In addition, the wallpaper is usually washable and waterproof. 

You might have heard of or seen wallpapers on walls or ceilings. But do you know that peel and stick wallpaper can also be used for other purposes? For example, if you want temporary flooring or want to makeover furniture, you can use peel and stick wallpaper. It is a hassle-free way to decorate your home and doesn’t require much expertise.

If you’re curious about creative and modern ways to use peel and stick wallpaper, read the blog, and the ideas will disclose themselves. 

Create an Accent Wall

Peel and Stick Wallpaper on Accent WallSource: CostaCover
Peel and Stick Wallpaper on Accent Wall

An accent wall or featured wall is the show-stopper wall in a room. The accent wall is crucial in directing attention in space or drawing attention to furniture or décor. Use peel-and-stick wallpaper to create an accent wall in your living room or bedroom.

Peel and stick wallpaper are ideal to use if you want to add patterns, designs, and texture to your interiors. You can apply geometric patterns, abstract wallpapers, textured wallpapers, or all-time favorite floral wallpapers to accentuate your wall. 


  1. The accent wall transforms the decor from dull to bright.
  2. It stands out from the rest of the walls.

Peel and Stick Backsplash

The dampness and stains on the wall are the main issues in the kitchen or the bathroom. Usually, water splashed onto the walls, making them less appealing with time. Therefore, you need backsplash wallpapers to protect your walls. So, update your kitchen or bathroom by adding peel and stick wallpaper as a temporary backsplash. In addition, you may use wallpaper of vinyl material which is durable and washable. 

In many properties, landlords don’t allow for nailing the walls or any permanent decoration. Therefore, peel and stick backsplash is the favorite choice among tenants or short-term stayers. You can change the wallpaper when bored, or it goes out of trend. 


  1. It has longevity and is washable.
  2. Easily removable and beneficial for renters or temporary stayers.

Furniture Makeover

Peel and Stick Wallpaper on FurnitureSource: Cole & Son Wallpapers
Peel and Stick Wallpaper on Sideboard

Use peel-and-stick wallpaper to give an old piece of furniture a fresh look.

Wooden or plastic furniture can be revamped with wallpapers. First, make the surface uneven so the paper attaches firmly to the furniture. Second, peel the wallpaper, and stick it on the furniture. If you’re applying it on glass, then use double-sided adhesive tapes.

While doing a furniture makeover, remember that the selected wallpaper should complement your other furniture items. Go for bold colors if your wall is neutral-colored. If your furniture is open, apply wallpaper at the front, inside, and outside.


  1. You can easily change the look of furniture whenever you want.
  2. You can apply it inside and outside the furniture. 

On The Ceiling: Ceiling Wallpaper

Starry nights, constellations, shooting stars, sunny days, chirping of birds, and cloudy days are some of the most preferred wallpaper on ceilings. Starry nights, with constellations, moon, planets, and fairy are the favorite ceiling wallpaper for a kid’s room. 

Choosing suitable ceiling wallpaper makes the room look bigger, taller, and well-lit. If your walls are neutral-colored, you should opt for bright patterns for your fifth wall (ceiling). The peel and stick ceiling wallpaper are easily removable and repositionable.


  1. It highlights the chandelier or pendant lights in the room.
  2. You can beautify the ceiling as per interior decor. 

Decorate Your Cabinets

Cabinet wallpaper is the best idea to refurnish your kitchen and make it more attractive. To decorate your cabinets, you only need peel and stick wallpapers and wallpaper smoothening tools. In addition, vinyl wallpapers and washable wallpapers are beneficial for cabinets.

The floral wallpapers in bright colors will suit the Scandinavian and Mediterranean interior decor. In contrast, subtle abstract wallpapers will blend with modern and contemporary decors. 


  1. Wallpaper gives character to the cabinet.
  2. Vinyl cabinet wallpaper is washable and easy to apply.

Evergreen Designs on Temporary Flooring 

‘I didn’t fall, the floor looked like it needed a hug.’ Of course, it will eventually happen when you choose some trendiest designs for temporary flooring. Floral, chevrons, herringbone, and Moroccan designs are some of the coolest and most popular patterns for temporary flooring. 

The main advantage of temporary flooring is that you can easily remove it when you don’t want it. It doesn’t stick to the floor permanently. 3D designs are breathtakingly amazing wallpapers for floors. It can be an illusion of scenery or an object. 


  1. It is a budget-friendly method to redefine the floors. 
  2. 3D wallpaper gives an illusive effect to the walkers. 

Jazz Up Your Stair Risers

wallpaper on stair risersSource: CrtvPrinting
Peel and Stick Wallpaper on Stair Risers

Make each step count by covering the stair risers with peel and stick wallpaper to transform your staircase. It is a clever method to draw attention to the stair risers, enhancing the staircase’s attractiveness and aesthetic appeal. In addition, you may rainbow your stair risers, giving each stair its distinct beauty and hue.

You need a peel and stick wallpaper, scissors, and a cloth towel to apply it. Always clean the dirt, dust, and debris from the stairs before sticking the wallpaper. Start from the top of the staircase and gradually move to the bottom. This is the easiest and clumsy-free way to jazz up your stair risers. 


  1. It elevates the space more. 
  2. It is aesthetically pleasing.


We know how important it is to decorate the house while bringing patterns, colors, and textures into the home. Therefore, we’ve described some creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaper, as they are easy to use and apply. You can choose floral, geometric, mural, or even 3D designs to add texture to your home. The peel and stick wallpaper can be used on any surface from ceiling to floor, walls to furniture. At Arcedior, you can choose wallpaper to cover and highlight the interior and exterior of your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use peel and stick wallpaper on?

Peel and stick wallpaper can be used on wood, plastic, or glass. Wallpaper has the potential to transform a house into a home. Applying wallpapers feels welcoming and gives a cozy vibe. It is the best solution to accentuate a wall, stand out the ceiling wall, cover the backsplash in the kitchen, or give a makeover to furniture.

How do you use wallpaper creatively?

Wallpaper can be used creatively to accent a wall, highlighting the kitchen cabinets, ceilings, and table tops or covering the legs of tables and stools. Wallpapers add color, pattern, and texture to the space. Therefore, you should be careful while selecting wallpaper, as this can break or make your interior decor. 

What is the disadvantage of peel and stick wallpaper?

The main disadvantage of peel and stick wallpaper is its low durability. It may last 3-5 years and starts pulling out of the walls. Therefore, it is a short-term solution for decorating a space. Uniform application of wallpaper  is also important because a poor job could result in bubbles or air pockets.

How do you apply peel and stick wallpaper to furniture?

Following are the steps for correctly applying peel and stick wallpaper to furniture:
1. Use sandpaper to create a rough surface on wooden material.
2. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth. If using a damp cloth, then wait until it’s completely dry. 
3. Peel the wallpaper and peel the sticky side of the wallpaper.
4. Then, stick it to the desired furniture.
5. Use a wallpaper smoothening tool to eliminate air bubbles or pockets. 

Is peel and stick wallpaper good for a backsplash?

Yes, peel and stick wallpaper is good for the backsplash. It is a temporary solution and is preferred by tenants or temporary stayers. The primary problem in the kitchen is moisture retention and wall discoloration. The walls were typically splattered with water, making them look less inviting over time. To protect your walls, you must use backsplash wallpaper.

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  • Wallpaper-on-stair-risers: CrtvPrinting
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