8 Unique Ways to Use Serving Tray Around the House

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Are you also one of those who believe that the sole purpose of a tray is to serve food items? If you feel so, we will change your whole perception of a tray. Definitely, a tray serves the best purpose of presenting the guests with a cup of beverages, but it’s a lot more than that. 

Did you know that a serving tray is not only restricted to the kitchen but is instead found in different areas of the home with distinctive uses? It’s just that we don’t care much about it, and it remains unnoticed. Of course, we are well aware that it is a shallow and flat container with raised edges provided for a firm grip and support, but it is more than that. Want to know more? Keep scrolling down.

Here, at Arcedior, we will unravel some unique ways to use the serving tray around the house. Let’s begin.

Coffee Table Tray

Do you know that apart from serving appetizers and beverages, a coffee table tray is known to spruce up the area’s decor? These trays come in different shapes, like circular and square. You can opt for any tray-shape that goes well with your home-style decor and enhance the aesthetics by placing books, plants, sculptures, flowers, candles, dried bushes, and many more on the table. This is a unique way to adorn your boring tables and add charm to them.

Naples Brown Coffee Table TraySource: Mason Home
Naples Brown Coffee Table Tray

To decorate your tables with the aesthetic tray, get this Naples Brown Tray Set Of 2 now. These trays are rectangular shaped and modern styled. This is a set of 2 trays, one medium and one bigger. These trays are made of faux leather and are perfect for serving any item to your guests.


  • Its heightened edges give support to the things placed on this tray
  • It has handles on both sides for a firm grip

Bathroom Tray: Organize Toiletries

Have you been struggling long enough to search for the miniature items in your messed-up bathroom? Then use the bathroom tray. It is a super beneficial container that will accommodate all the toiletries and bathroom accessories, including soap, shampoo, shaving brushes, toothpaste, and many more items. Not only will it organize your bathroom, but it will also lend you easy access to the accessories that used to take a lot of your time to get found.

round bathroom traySource: Mianzi
Round Bamboo Tray

Add Podium Tray Round S: Handmade Bamboo Trays to your bathroom space to keep it from getting messed up. These trays are available in three colors, including snowflake obsidian, sweet tangerine, and indigo blue. It is a round-shaped tray made of bamboo stripes and cork by local artisans. 


  • Eco-friendly tray
  • Cylindrical base to provide potential support

Bar Tray: Make A Mini Bar

Suppose you find it difficult to go to the bar to enjoy your favorite drinks, then why not create one for yourself? Make a mini bar for yourself. You are ready to raise the bar with a bottle of champagne, your favorite glasses, a bottle opener, and some ice cubes. Put these items on a tray at your place and enjoy the evening easily. This will serve your purpose of having a drink and looking effortlessly chic at your side table. 

Rectangular bar traySource: The Decor Remedy
Rectangular Serving Tray

Show your love for the bar with a Victorian Rectangular Tray. Adorned in gorgeous gold and silver color with meshed cuts, this tray will surely raise the bar inside your room. It is made with brass, which exudes magic in the air together.


  • Ornate legs for support
  • Flat base to keep the glasses intact

Tray For Kitchen: Organize the Space

If arranged appropriately, the kitchen becomes more manageable to maintain. However, the small kitchen leads to a messed up area, and it becomes challenging to keep it organized. For this problem, you can use the tray for the kitchen where you can place the items that don’t get placed in the drawers but still need to be in sight so that those items can be caught easily whenever required. You can either put the crockery like glasses and serveware on it or fill it with ketchup, jams, pickles, etc., as per your convenience.

Pichwai Yellow Serving Tray for KitchenSource: Kaunteya
Pichwai Yellow Serving Tray for Kitchen

Organize your kitchen with the beautiful Large Tray – Pichwai Yellow Serving Tray and easily manage your work. It features paintings inspired by the Pichwai art. This tray has metal as the base material, which ensures its durability and strength. The designed raised edges enhance its visual appeal while providing a firm grip.


  • Octagonal shape
  • Strong and durable 

Trinket Tray: The Treasure Palette

A jewelry box inside a dressing table is the perfect item that girls mostly look for. But how easy will it become to place the jewelry items on a tray? You read it right! It would be best to choose a trinket tray for a leisurely catch-up of all your small and precious jewelry and other ornaments. This tray is quite handy and comes in various patterns, shapes, and sizes, giving you variety. 

Wooden Trinket TraySource: Ace The Space
Wooden Trinket Tray

Add this tray called Moku Muti-use Tray to your dressing table to keep your jewelry intact and get your items at hand. It is a brown-colored, round-shaped tray with a beautiful finish of Sheesham wood that speaks the volume of sophistication.


  • Eco-friendly and durable
  • Upraised edges for a firm grip

Silver Tray For Pooja 

For several pious occasions throughout the year, pooja, the act of worship, is done to offer prayers to God. So, for this purpose, we need items like flowers, rice, earthen lamps, etc. Carrying these items barely in hand will definitely lead to a mess, and the best idea to hold them in a single place is a silver tray because it looks pretty elegant for these festive occasions. 

Silver TraySource: Casa Decor
Multiuse Silver Tray

Silver Maple Leaf Tray is a perfect tray that you should opt for the pooja in your home. Crafted in an eclectic maple leaf design, this tray exudes elegance with its beautifully crafted shape and silver color.


  • Uniquely crafted maple leaf shape
  • Broad surface to accommodate items

Serving tray as Desk Organizer

Do you often find your desk all cluttered? Then your go-to option must be a desk organizer where you can keep all your stationery items in one place, put the calendar, stack the files, and attach your to-do list. 

Circle desk organizerSource: Studio Indigene
Desk Organizer Tray

For all this, you must have a Circle Organizer wooden tray. This tray serves as a desk organizer. It is made of birch wood with a cork sheet lining. This tray features notches for pens and pencils, a larger pocket for all your other office supplies, and a smaller pocket for all your tiny items.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Long-lasting and low-maintenance

Breakfast in Bed Tray

Does it feel difficult to leave the warmth of the bed and go to the dining table for breakfast? Then we have a solution! Opt for a bed tray. Yes, this tray is a lightweight shallow container with two low foot stands on both sides to give it firm support, place it easily on the bed or couch, and have breakfast at ease. In addition, this tray can also be used to put the laptop upon and work in the coziness of the bed. However, you can also choose a tray without any foot stands if you do not prefer upraised trays.

Wooden Bed TraySource: Mason Home
Wooden Bed Tray

Take the Vienna Acacia Rectangular Tray to your home. It is a rectangular-shaped tray made of Acacia wood which offers durability and high strength. It has beautiful wood finishes that will elevate every dining experience. 


  • It has an upraised platform beneath
  • It has handles to hold the tray firmly


After thoroughly reading this blog, the perception of the tray in your mind has definitely broadened. Yes, a tray serves the best purpose of presenting hot cups of tea and coffee to the guests. Still, now we know that it is not just found in the house’s cooking area, but in your areas, including the bedroom, coffee table, pooja room, bar, and even bathrooms, need this stylish serveware that we call tray. So, what are you waiting for now? Get your spaces organized with the best and uniquely designed trays available at Arcedior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a serving tray be used for?

A serving tray can be used for presenting the guests with cups of tea and coffee. These are primarily rectangle-shaped shallow and flat surfaces with edges raised enough to provide a firm grip and support to the person serving the items. Apart from this use, a serving tray with vibrant patterns and colors can also be used for a decorative purpose, and of course, these trays can be used for presenting the cutlery and tableware on the dining table.

What is the use of a bed tray?

The bed tray serves food to a person while he is sitting on the bed. This tray is considered ideal for serving breakfast while adding a style dash to the room. This tray has two feet on both edges to give it firm support. Another type of bed tray is one with no foot stands and a flat platform. Apart from serving and presenting the food, this tray can also act as a decor item to match the style of the home. It can also put the laptop on and work at ease.

What is the bathroom tray used for?

A bathroom tray is used to organize toiletries and other accessories, including soap, shampoo, scrub, brushes, toothpaste, and much more. Adding a tray to your bathroom is a versatile option to help you manage the messed-up bathroom. The bathroom trays come in various materials, including marble, wooden, leather, woven, and glass. Putting the bathroom accessories in a tray is quite helpful as it helps quickly access the things needed suddenly. In addition to this, you can also put them inside the drawers to use as a storage box.

What is a breakfast tray?

A breakfast tray is a lightweight tray with a lower rail on both sides to provide firm support to the tray. This tray is served on the beds and couches so the person does not have to leave the bed to enjoy the food and juice. This tray is also known as a bed tray because it is served on beds, armchairs, or couches. The foot on both sides maintains its balance which provides it strong support. There is one more category of bed tray that does not have foot stands and lays perfectly on the bed.

What do you put on a bathroom vanity tray?

On a bathroom vanity tray, you can put the toiletries and accessories, including soaps, scrubs, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, liquid hand wash, shaving brushes, and shaving creams. Unfortunately, the items in a bathroom often get messed up quickly and eventually get lost. Therefore, organizing the items on a bathroom vanity tray and getting your things at hand effortlessly is a wise idea.

What do you call a type of tray used for serving drinks?

The type of tray that is used for serving drinks is known as a serving tray. This is the tray on which we give the guests the coffee, tea, and cookies. This is generally a sizeable rectangular-shaped tray with raised edges provided for a firm grip to handle with both hands. The tray can also come in other shapes, including square, oval, and round shapes. This kind of tray has a wide surface area to accommodate several cups and glasses for serving.

What should I display on my serving tray?

You can display the cutlery, glassware, serveware, and napkins on a serving tray to transport them from the kitchen to the dining table. The serving tray is mainly used to serve the cups of beverages to the guests. In addition, the serving tray is also a great idea to display the bonsai trees, other small indoor plants, various accolades, and other decorative items in the room.

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