6 Best Types of Office Table To Design A Workspace

Office table

What do you think is the unsung hero of a productive office? The technology? Not really! Instead, the office table sits silently and supports you throughout the day by keeping your essential stuff within your reach and helping you make your day productive. 

Seating comfortably and having an easy-to-reach table by your side in the office makes a seamless flow while working and makes your day productive. Have you ever wondered which kind of office table will suit your needs? If not, go through the blog below and find your suitable choice.

Reception Desk

Reception Desk at an office is the focal point and welcoming spot where the client gets the impression of the professional atmosphere. These must have the company’s branding to have a good impression on clients. These must have ample space to put the electronic equipment, including desktops and laptops.

Reception DeskSource: Bralco
Reception Desk

Add this rectangular reception desk called Lux, which embodies the essence of lightness and minimalism, making it the epitome of elegance in any reception area. The warm and inviting lighting gracefully surrounds and suspends the shelf element, adding a touch of stylish detail that enhances the reception area’s refinement.


  • Integrated cable passage
  • Adjustable light intensity

Executive Desk

The executive desk is designed specifically for high-profile designations with ample storage space, making storing and accessing files and folders easy. It should be tall enough not to halt your work and posture.

Executive DeskSource: Onlead
Executive Desk

Place Ivan in your cabin and elevate its level. It is an L-shaped executive table made of a walnut panel as the base material in brown color. Its comprehensive platform offers ample space to put laptops, desktops, files, and folders.


  • Both side legs
  • It has a panel with bevel-edge banding


A workstation is designed for a particular task, like a call center that makes a pattern of cubicles in the room to give the person privacy. With the sideboards, they do not get distracted by the ones sitting around them. They have specially configured computers to work with ease.

Office WorkstationSource: Bralco
Office Workstation

Winglet Office Workstation is a blue and white colored workstation that is simple to assemble and reconfigure. On this workstation, you can work by standing or sitting as per your choice because of its height-adjustable, telescopic structure.


  • Electric motorized systems 
  • Extendable beam structure

Conference Table

As the name suggests, this conference table is intended for conference rooms. It is a long table surrounded by several chairs where the daily agendas, important meetings, and future plans are discussed. These are heavy in weight and may come in rectangular and oval shapes.

Conference TableSource: Onlead
Conference Table

A stylish yet practical example of the conference table is Hamis. This is a massive table in white and beige color made with steel as the base material. Its U shape makes it look even more attractive. The mobility requirement is satisfied by the circular space in the center.


  • Hard and sturdy
  • Stands to support the tabletop

Cafe Table

A cafe table is a unique and attractive piece of office furniture that has a tabletop made of wood, iron, glass, and stones which are stylish and practical at the same time. This table has long and sleek stands supporting the tabletop, increasing its aesthetic appeal. You can put a lamp or planter on the table.

office cafe tableSource: Bralco
Office Cafe Table

This round cafe table creates a welcoming and communicative environment for the team. This is a contemporary-styled table that elevates the space’s charm.


  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly

Office Coffee Table 

An office coffee table is designed to be kept in lounge spaces in the office area. It’s a perfect place for the employees to come together, chit-chat, discuss ideas, enjoy, and feel relaxed with a cup of tea or coffee. These can be in distinctive shapes like square, round, or oval, which may be flexible to operate.

Office coffee tableSource: Claymint
Office Coffee Table

If you are looking for a uniquely designed coffee table, choose Barstow. This round coffee table, adorned in a versatile golden hue, showcases a pristine white marble surface adorned with smooth beveled edges. This table effortlessly infuses a touch of luxury into any space. 


  • Beloved by designers
  • Exquisite centerpiece


Long talks short, office tables are not only a piece of furniture but also the core elements of a productive and efficient workspace. The diverse range of office tables caters to the unique need of everyone present in the workspace. In addition to being practical, it provides you comfort along with aesthetics. So, embark on your journey to find your suitable choice of office table here at Arcedior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the office table?

The purpose of an office table is to provide you an easy reach to your important stuff. It includes storage in the form of drawers that you can pull out quickly when needed. This table provides you with a flat platform to put your laptop and books along with the sculptures, planters, desk organizers, and other valuable items.

What are the different types of work tables?

The different types of work tables are as follows: 
1. Executive Desk: These are large desks without overhead hutch. It has drawers and cabinets to put the files and folders. 
2. Cafe Table: This particularly portable table is relatively light in weight. The top table has a narrow and long stand to place on the floor.
3. Reception Desk: This desk is the focal point in the office where clients first meet with the office employees.

What are office tables called?

The office tables are also known as desk tables. The office desks help you provide easy access to your daily office items. These include workstations, which are a combination of cubicles and desks designed for individuals to work together in a large environment. In addition to this, there are also executive desks which are large in size and designed for people designated on high profiles. 

How do I choose an office table?

You must choose the right office table for your workspace because an appropriate office table leads to better and more productive work life. A few of the factors apart from aesthetics have been listed below to help you in finding out the best table for your workplace.
1. Functionality: Firstly, look for the needs you want to compete with the table you are looking for, like what kind of work you want to perform with that office table.
2. Space: You must know how much space you can devote to the office table.
3. Size: According to the space available, choose the appropriate size of the table you want at your place.
4. Durability: Look for the durability of the table that you have finalized. If it’s long-lasting, choose it; otherwise, look for the other one.

What is an ergonomic office table?

The ergonomic office table is ideal for improving your posture and keeping your back in a perfect position. The office tables and chairs that are not adequately aligned lead to a stiffened neck and unbearable back pain, causing the shoulders to slouch. The ergonomic office table comes with adjustable height, which helps you keep the desktop or laptop at your eye level, making you concentrate on work without strain.

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