Get Comfortable: A Guide to Different Types of Office Chairs

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A chair is like a companion to your everyday life, which provides support, comfort, and ease, just like a good partner in real life. Since you spend almost 8 to 9 hours a day sitting in the office chair, it is essential to have the right chair that fits like a glove. So, it would help if you chose the criteria the desired chair should suit.

Choosing the right office chair can get confusing since the market is flooded with multiple options. In this blog, you will find the different types of office chairs and their varied uses, features, and benefits. With this, you can form an informed decision since a chair will remain with you for several years.

Executive Chair: Stylish and Functional

This chair is usually tall and provides extra cushioned comfort, characterized by its wider and deeper seating. Executives and high-level employees generally use it since they correspond more with clients and visitors. 

It also has a high backseat and padded armrest for more support and is made from materials like leather or faux leather. You would want good ergonomic support in an executive chair that is stable enough to accommodate your weight. 

This can be a stylish addition to your office as it is both functional and eye-catching, which serves a dual purpose. 

Stylish Executive ChairSource: Carpanese Home
Stylish Executive Chair

Royal swivel executive chair in tan color looks highly elegant and classy in the office. It is a modern-styled chair with artificial leather as upholstery material and includes features like casters, headrests, and high backs. 


  • Casters
  • Extra cushioned comfort
  • High backseat

Cafe Chairs: Beautify The Common Area

Cafe chairs are primarily used in cafes, restaurants, and dining areas since they are lightweight and quickly moved. They come in many styles to suit the cafe’s interior. They can be made from any material, depending on other furniture.

These chairs are comfortable to sit in and are employed in many offices. Cafe chairs are primarily placed in the common area, outdoors, and in the kitchen. Since they are usually all-weather chairs, they are ideal to be placed in the open spaces of the office. They are characterized by their slatted or perforated seat, which allows good ventilation. 

Office Cafe ChairsSource: Ersa
Office Cafe Chairs

If you wish to bring sophistication to your space then nothing works better than the white shade. Include the sophistication in your room with the white-colored cafe chair called Pluma. It has plastic seating with wood and metal legs to give a modern appeal.


  • Medium back
  • Non Slip feet to prevent sliding
  • Seat unpadded

Conference Chairs: Make The Long Meets Interesting

conference chairs
Conference Chairs

These chairs are designed for the conference room, boardrooms, and other common rooms where group meetings are held. They are comfortable with good support since long meetings need more sitting time.  

They come in many different styles to match the office’s overall look. They have a padded seat and backrest for more comfort. You can adjust their height, tilt, and armrest for a custom feel. They even have a swivel feature to arrange the conference chairs according to the need of the day. They are usually taken in bulk since there are many chairs in the conference room. 

Waiting Room Chairs: No More Uncomfortable Waiting

Waiting room chairsSource: Talin
Waiting Room Chairs

Waiting room chairs have a cushiony feel and good arm, neck, and back support. These office chairs are especially suitable for waiting areas in places like reception, doctor’s offices, airports, hospitals, etc. They are very comfortable and durable since they are used in abundance. They have a generic size to easily accommodate people of all ages and sizes. 

This is because people disdain waiting and often get irritable and anxious. If the seating is uncomfortable, that feeling can be multifold, which can not hold prospective clients and guests well. That’s why offices should employ good quality chairs for their waiting area.

Visitor Chair: Appeal The Visitors

This chair is made to be used in the office or any business setting which is used for guests and clients. This can be used for waiting or for attending a meeting. These types of office chairs are comfortable as well as supportive. Many of them are foldable or easily stackable, which allows for making extra space when not in use. 

A visitor chair can be chosen according to the type of business associates and clients you want to cater to. Whether it is more formal or informal, you can decide whether it needs to be cushiony or chicer. Also, ensure these office chairs are more durable and easy to maintain. 

types of office chairsSource: Guoshen
Visitor Chairs

To leave a lasting impression on your visitors, add S606 3 to your office. This chair has a sled base with a medium back to provide support to visitors. 


  • Medium back
  • Cushioned side supports
  • It can be stackable or foldable

Ergonomic Office Chair: Your Comfortable Office Partner

An ergonomic chair is specially designed, keeping in mind to provide maximum comfort, support, and adjustability. It is made to foster better posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders; used for long working hours, which can cause strain on the body. 

These types of office chairs have many inbuilt features like adjustable seat height, lumbar support, armrests, and tilt options which can be suited to any body shape. These ergonomic chairs also come with head support and footrest for added comfort. 

Ergonomic office chairSource: Ofita
Ergonomic Office Chair

Bossa is the ideal ergonomic chair that deserves to be in your cabin so that you can relax and stay calm. This chair is easy to adjust and will provide your body the support so that you can work in comfort.


  • Padded cushion
  • Headrest, armrest, and backrest
  • Casters

Desk Chair: Perfect Pair For Desks

desk chairSource: Tecno
Vela Desk Chair

These types of office chairs are especially suitable for working at the desk or table. They mostly have swivel bases, adjustable height, and can be easily moved. It can be used in office spaces, home offices, study areas, and other workspaces. 

These are very durable and are widely used due to their comfortable design. They also have the added benefits of arm and lumbar support for long sittings. Since they are heavily in demand, desk chairs come in various designs and materials. 


Since office chairs are made for long-term use, they should be perfect for the user. Not just one, many types of office chairs can be placed in all office spaces. You can use a task, ergonomic, or desk chair for long working hours. For high-level employees, an executive chair would make a good expression. Besides this, even the waiting area or reception can also do with comfy and cushioned chairs for a more pleasant experience. Now you have the information to make the best choice for your office!

Frequently Asked Questions

What chair is best for posture?

A saddle and ergonomic chair are considered the best for improving posture. A good chair should support the spine’s natural curve, especially the lower back. The most important feature should be lumbar support contoured to the shape of the back.
Then comes adjustability, which can adjust the height, backrest angle, armrest angle, and movability. This is done according to the body type of each person. The seat also matters a lot since it should be deep enough to support the thighs and hip area. The material should be as such, providing good air circulation to prevent sweating and discomfort.
The chair should also be stable enough to handle the body weight and doesn’t wobble or tip over. 

What are the different types of office chairs?

There are tons of different types of office chairs that suit the varied needs of all people and areas. These are some common types of office chairs: 
1. Executive chairs: These are very luxurious chairs made from faux leather upholstery. They can be distinguished by their high backs and larger appearance. 
2. Task chairs: These types of office chairs are for people who spend long hours at the desk and have continuous sitting. They are lightweight, adjustable, and have a smaller profile.
3. Ergonomic chairs: These chairs help in promoting a better sitting posture. They also help reduce the risk of back, neck, and lower back pain.
4. Drafting chairs: These types of office chairs are for people who work at higher desks, like drafting tables or standing desks. They are taller and have a footrest for the feet. 
5. Guest chairs are placed in the waiting areas and are very comfy to relax the guests. These can also be used in conference rooms or the office for extra seating.

How long can you sit in an office chair?

Though you can sit as long as your want in an office chair, it is usually recommended not to have prolonged sitting. This can cause discomfort, fatigue, back pain, and neck pain, culminating in a bad posture. It is recommended that for every 30 mins of sitting, spend 3 minutes moving around or standing. 
At most, 8 to 9 hours of sitting is recommended at all costs. A height-adjustable or standing desk is a good option for prolonged working hours. Besides this, you can opt for a good chair, like a task or ergonomic chair, which fosters better posture.

Which type of chair is best for the office?

The best chair for office use is a task, ergonomic and executive chair. It also depends on your work environment, personal preferences, and physical needs. Here are a few factors to consider:
1. A good chair should provide adequate support for the lower back and the spine’s natural curvature. 
2. The lumbar support molded to the shape of the back should be the most crucial element. 
3. The next feature is adjustability, which entails adjustments for height, backrest angle, armrest angle, and movability. 
4. Also, the seat is crucial since it must be deep enough to support the thighs and hip area. 
5. The chair must be stable enough to hold the user’s weight without tipping over or wobbling. The fabric must allow for great air circulation to prevent sweat and discomfort.

What type of chair is best for back pain?

The ideal chair for reducing back pain is the ergonomic chair. A good chair should support the lower back and the spine’s natural curve. The most crucial component should be lumbar support that is molded to the contours of the back. Following that is adjustability, which includes height, backrest angle, armrest angle, and movability adjustments. 
Depending on each person’s body type, this is done. The seat is also vital since it needs to be deep enough to support the thighs and hip region. To avoid sweat and discomfort, the material should be such that it allows for excellent air circulation. The chair should not wobble or topple over and should be solid enough to support the user’s weight.

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