3 Main Types of Dining Tables

Decorating or redecorating a home is an extremely personal experience. So, when it comes to choosing a dining table, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration since it’s utilized more than most of the furniture of the home. It’s where families have meals together. While making a dining table purchase, you must consider its size, material, type, and most importantly, the décor of the home.

Begin with identifying the type that would seamlessly blend with and complement the décor. It’s important to understand that narrowing down your choices according to different styles makes the decision easier.

1. Contemporary Dining Tables

Contemporary dining tables are trending in the 21st century for their futuristic design and reimagined shapes. While contemporary tables are available in different materials, the glass tops have been especially popular. Marble tops were extremely trending last year but are still popular for their luxurious feel.

Dining table idea

Luz De Luna High table, with a glass top that creates a tri-dimensional effect on the glass surface, also available in extra clear glass. By Tonelli Design.

contemporary dining tables golden color

Wanderlust – Table top in extra clear glass. Base in gold plated brass with accents finished in walnut root. By Malabar.

2. Modern Dining Tables

The popularity of modern dining tables caught pace almost instantly. These Scandinavian style tables have a stylish yet elegant look. Modern Scandinavian designs are usually made of wood and even plastic and are characterized by minimalism and functionality. These dynamic tables complement almost any décor but go extremely well with wooden floors and all types of carpets.

Modern dining table idea

Simplex – Extensible table with wooden structure and top finished oak veneer. By Giellesse.

Modern Dining Tables Pool dining table

Wood-Line Dining/Pool Table– A sleek and minimalistic design which blends seamlessly into natural and zen spaces while also complimenting the user’s way of life. By Fusion tables.

3. Traditional Dining Tables

A dining table with the traditional design is perfect for a home with a comfortable and cosy décor. The traditional tables add an organized, subtle, and yet luxurious flair to a space. They are known for the use of rich material and are characterized by velvet upholstery and carved designs. Traditional tables with glass tops are also a popular choice.

Sala Ivan Dining table design

Sala Ivan – Wooden top, intricately carved legs. Chairs upholstered with velvet. By Ballabio Italia.

Ami Ming Venezia Dinig table idea

Ami Ming Venezia by Ballabio Italia.

Every project comes with a challenge and tables are critical to all of them. Be it a dining table or a worktable, there are a lot of attractive choices to play with.

Check out a few of the many beautiful pieces that are tearing the trend charts apart.

Dining tables, if chosen carefully, can become the star of any project. They can immediately accentuate a space or create a comfortable and cosy mood, but most importantly they can help you a great deal in accomplishingwhat you imagined a space as.

If you’re working on a project or have one lined up, some quick inspiration browsing these charming pieces would be a great idea. After all, you may find a perfect piece that belongs just to your project!

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