6 Trendy End of Bed Bench Design that Blend Style and Usability

End of Bed Bench

A bedroom’s accentuation is a very responsible chore. Which pieces of furniture come to mind when you envision a bedroom’s interior design? The end of bed bench serves as the ideal focal point for the bedroom. 

A bed is the piece of furniture everyone can identify as the most common. In addition to enhancing your comfy bed, the bed bench is one of the practical and attractive items that will improve the appearance of your home. 

Before making an online purchase, there are a few things to think about. You need to select a material that contrasts with the bed’s fabric, such as choosing an upholstered bed bench for a bed made of wood and metal and a bed bench made of wood and metal for an upholstered bed. 

In the following content, we’ll go over some of these fascinating insights and provide some of our platform’s top selections to help you find the ideal end of bed bench.

Wooden Bed Bench With Storage

How come it will be if you are provided with an additional storage box in the form of a bed bench? Yes! There is an end of bed bench with storage that you can place at the end of your foot and safely store your bedding and pillows there. 

Wooden End of Bed Bench with StorageSource: Ider
Wooden End of Bed Bench with Storage

Place Siena at the end of your bed and get the storage to put your essential items. It is a modern-styled and rectangular-shaped wooden bench with the front side hollow to provide you with extra space for keeping books, baskets, etc.


  • The storage area has different compartments
  • It has a strong metal frame

Leather End Of Bed Bench

Leather is the material of luxury adored by everyone. Place the leather bed bench at the end of your bed and experience the style, design, and luxury all into your room. It comes with water resistance quality to protect itself from water spills and is versatile as well.

Leather Bedroom BenchSource: Medea Srl
Leather Bedroom Bench

An optimal choice for your bedroom is the designer Greg bed bench, upholstered with plush leather fabric. It has a base as wood material for solid support and will complement the contemporary-styled home decor.


  • Small and narrow legs
  • Sturdy and durable

White Upholstered Bench

If you want to experience practicality and comfort together, choose the upholstered bench for your bedroom. There are a significant number of upholstery materials available, like wool, acrylic, silk, polyester, cotton, etc., but choose the one that is quite durable and fits your particular needs.

White Upholstered BenchSource: Barel
White Upholstered Bench

Armide is an elegant bench to be placed on the foot of the bench adorned in beautiful white color. If you love a sophisticated look in your room, this product needs your kind attention. This has a base material of iron and leather upholstered designer cover.


  • Two seater
  • The narrow rod beneath provides the platform for feet

Bedroom Bench With Metal Legs

We know that metal has proved itself as a strong, sturdy, and durable material with the passage of time. The bed bench with legs looks elegant, with a narrower and more designer base at all four ends. 

Bedroom Bench With Metal LegsSource: Boiserie Italia
Elegant Bedroom Bench With Metal Legs

If you are searching for a unique bench in terms of design and style, then take away BG 220 231 at your home. This bedroom bench is fully embellished with adorable white colored roses with metal legs that give you a feel of being in the flower world.


  • Silver metal casting
  • Less in height than bed

Upholstered Storage Bench

Let us now talk about the features of one product that we have talked about above separately. Upholstery + Storage. How come you have an upholstered storage bench in your bedroom? The upholstered bench is a comfy platform to sit upon and provides extra space for storage to put your belongings there safely.

Upholstered storage bench for bedroomSource: Medea Srl
Upholstered Storage Bench for Bedroom

Colonna is the ideal combination of an upholstered bench with storage. It is a brown and beige-colored end of bed bench with storage that has a structure made of oak wood with fabric upholstery. The storage boxes are provided on either side of the bench in the form of drawers which do not reveal to others what you have placed inside them.


  • Short wood legs
  • Environmentally friendly

Velvet Bench For End Of Bed 

Any piece of furniture looks enhanced in appearance when adorned with velvet due to its soft texture and excellent absorbent quality. In addition, placing the velvet bench at the end of the bed will enhance the visual interest of your bedroom.

Velvet Bedroom BenchSource: MURANTI
Velvet Bench for Bedroom

Add the magic of curves with the gem-inspired Obsidian bench for the end of your bed. This end of bed bench is a uniquely designed piece made of velvet material that will grace the setup of your bedroom with its shape and colorful cushions piled up in an alternative manner.


  • Durable
  • Small height


We have now given you all the information you require to incorporate a bed bench into your current decor. Create a stylish focal point in your bedroom with an upholstered bed bench, or provide a welcoming area for your pet to enter the space with an exquisitely crafted foot-end bench. Visit this page to view more options for bed benches and give your bedroom a stylish, opulent makeover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a bedroom bench?

The primary purpose of a bedroom bench is to provide additional sitting space in your bedroom. You can sit and unwind after coming from the office or on a travel trip. You can remove your socks or pull up the socks and stockings while sitting on them. 
You can get a bedroom bench with storage and keep the pillows and cushions intact in it while you no longer need them in the daytime.

What to put on a bench in the bedroom?

You can put the linen bedding and pillows on the bench in the bedroom. If your bench has a storage box beneath, then you can definitely add decorative pillows and unwanted blankets or quilts inside it. It is a great additional place to be seated comfortably. 
If your pet finds it hard to get to your bed, these bed benches can help them get on the less-height furniture and sit easily.

Where to place bedroom benches?

You should place the bedroom benches at the end of the beds. Ensure that the benches are not wider than the bed’s width. Instead, it must always be narrower than the width of the beds. If you have an upholstered bed, then it is suggested to have a metal or wood bed bench, and if you have a metal or wood bench, then it is best to have an upholstered bed as a thumb rule for better contrast.

What is the average bedroom bench size?

The average bedroom bench size for a queen-size bed is 45-50 inches, and for a king-size bed is 60-65 inches. The bench should always be narrower than the width of the bed; otherwise, you will find yourself hitting the bench every time you pass through it. 
The height of the bench must be at most the height of the bed; otherwise, it will make your space appear awful and messy. 

How do you match a bed bench?

To match a bed bench, it is suggested to contrast them with the material of your bed. If you have an upholstered bed, then choose a bed bench made of wood or metal material, and on the other hand, if you have a wooden or metal bench, then it is ideal to choose an upholstered bench to add glory to your room.

image sources

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  • Colonna: Medea Srl
  • Obsidian: MURANTI
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