10 Dreamy Boho Bedroom Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity

Boho bedroom ideas

Boho decor has been a popular trend for over a decade now. This style combines parts of cultures worldwide for a carefree aesthetic. Boho decor merges earthy colors with vivacious patterns and designs. The result is a breathtaking fusion that will represent every aspect of who you are. 

If you’re intrigued by Boho decor but need help with how to proceed, we’re here to help you out. We at Arcedior have made a step-by-step guide on immersing yourself in the Boho aesthetic and lifestyle. So read on below to find amazing boho bedroom ideas. 

A Boho Style Bedroom – Understanding The Origins   

Before we jump headfirst into different aspects of the Boho decor, let’s take a minute to dissect the style further. The style is inspired by the nomads of the Bohemian region and their unique way of life. The word Boho itself is an abbreviation of “Bohemian Homeless.” The Boho trend initially gained popularity in Paris as early as 1851. It’s been on a roll ever since, capturing the hearts of millions with its vibrant colors and designs. 

However, the Boho style goes much further than just an aesthetic. It is a way of life. Embracing this lifestyle is embracing creativity, freedom, and chaos. Regarding decor, your bedroom is the perfect space for the Boho style. Since the space is exclusive to you and a few loved ones, you can express yourself without inhibitions. 

Whimsical Boho Bedroom Decor

Boho bedroom ideasSource: Happy Beds
Whimsical Boho Bedroom Decor

For your Boho bedroom decor, you are free to choose nearly anything. Natural textures and colors are usually the go-to for this style. Since Boho leans into a more grounded way of living, it is best to avoid steel and plastic. The perfect Boho bedroom will include many cushions, rugs, wooden furniture, and the like. 

Boho Bedroom Curtains

Boho Bedroom CurtainsSource: Chicca Orlando

The  Holiday Composition is an excellent design for your Boho bedroom.

The luxurious materials of this curtain will add a sense of sophistication to your room.

This set’s delicate color and graceful fall also add a creative outlook to the space. 

Cushions and Cushion Covers

An exquisite choice for a cushion in your bedroom is the Glimpse block printed cushion cover by Houmn. This piece features a beautiful blue and cream color.

Moreover, the cushion is made from recycled cotton material, staying true to the values of Boho. These pillows on your chair or bed will make for a stunning look.

Cotton cushion coversSource: Houmn

Boho Bedroom Rug

boho bedroom rugSource: Houmn

An exceptional rug for your Boho bedroom is the Tranquil jute rug. The piece has an ivory jute color with cotton and wool for a sleek, mod look.

In addition to this, the rug is handwoven, keeping it true to the core values of Boho decor.

Boho Bedroom Furniture 

Boho bedroom furniture typically leans towards wooden materials. Wooden furniture helps keep a space tied to the Earth in a literal manner. The dark and light brown wooden color scheme fits exceptionally well into the Boho style. Handmade furniture is also a chic choice for Boho decor. You can also work with detailed pieces with intricate designs and patterns. 

Boho Chic Bed

boho bedroom furniture wood bedSource: Midsummer-Milano

Adding a bed is not among boho bedroom ideas but a necessity to add in bedroom settings. It is an important piece of furniture that completes your personal space. Giotto bed is a wooden bed in a round shape that materializes the boho bedroom ideas.

The Vienna headboard complements the structure and design of the bed and radiates a bohemian vibe all around the space. 

Boho Bedroom Cabinet

A perfect boho bedroom idea is the addition of a sustainable Hive cabinet. The piece is a true ode to the Boho spirit.

Made of wood and bamboo with a brown color, this cabinet will add a lot of character to your bedroom.

This cabinet is also an exquisite way to introduce more storage space to your room.

Modern Wardrobe Design for BedroomSource: Mianzi

Boho Bedroom Wall Decor 

Wall decor is a fun way to incorporate Boho decor into your settings. Even if you have a more modern or traditional theme overall, a piece of wall decor is always a good idea. Items like dreamcatchers, paintings, and hanging plants are also welcome additions. 

Any paintings you own will also blend well with the Boho theme. If you have a space that is already decorated in Boho themes, pretty wall decor is always a welcome addition. 

Wall Mirror Decor

bamboo wall mirror decorSource: Mianzi

The Mira oval wall mirror is a gorgeous example of Boho wall decor.

This piece will add incomparable beauty to your bedroom. 

Wall Painting

An important aspect of boho bedroom ideas is to add nature, landscapes, and beauty.

Such is an addition of painting, such as LTC animal painting, that adds aesthetic to the bedroom settings.

This is an artwork framed in wooden material.

wall paintingSource: Laitin Art

Hanging Planter

Hanging planterSource: Anantaya

Plants add life to the room, which is why Matsya planters would find their place in your bedroom setting.

The hanging planter has the potential to beautify the room and blends well with boho decor.

In addition, it is small, lightweight, and easy to hang. 

Illuminate with Boho Light Fixture

To further immerse yourself in the Boho aesthetic, a boho light fixture is an important charm among boho bedroom ideas. The lights are made favorably of eco-friendly and sustainable materials, such as bamboo, cane, wood, and thread. Macrame and bamboo lights are fashionable, and you should not miss this exquisite art in your collection. 

Pendant Lights

bedroom hanging lightsSource: Mianzi
Bamboo Hanging Lights

Hang Sea Shell, a pendant light made with locally grown bamboo, and add a gentle warmth to your bedroom. This lamp is collapsible and can be flat-packed. The bamboo stripes are arranged in a beautiful circular manner, radiates a bohemian style, and filters out the light for the whole room. 

Wall Sconce

Boho wall lampsSource: The Black Steel
Boho Wall Light

American wooden is a perfect choice for boho lights that are made of wood and rope. It is an eco-friendly light fixture that suits boho bedrooms’ neutral and natural colors. 


The Boho decor trend is here to stay. Decorating your home, especially your bedroom, with this theme is an exquisite idea. We have curated the boho bedroom ideas for your personal space so that you embrace the bohemian lifestyle and aesthetics in a sustainable way. The Boho concept of creating your own path instead of blindly conforming to the masses is revolutionary. And it is a concept that we should all embrace, not only in our decor but also in our life. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Bohemian-style bedroom?

A Bohemian-style bedroom is a space decorated with the values of the Bohemian nomadic lifestyle. This type of decor leans into natural textures and earthy colors. Boho bedroom ideas include decorative pieces like dreamcatchers, macrame wall hangings, and more. Bohemian decor encourages you to embrace your true self and indulge in your creative side. 

How to do a Boho style in a bedroom? 

To achieve the Boho aesthetic in your bedroom, you need to free your creative side. Wooden furniture is a good fit for Boho themes. Other natural materials like bamboo, jute, and wool also work well in this setting. You can keep your color scheme grounded. Shades of brown with light colors like green and yellow are a good choice. 

What are Boho bedroom ideas? 

For a Boho bedroom, you need comfortable seating, some greenery, and loads of textures. A proper light source is also a great option. Of course, handmade knick-knacks and memorabilia are a yes. Throw in some cushions, rugs, and abstract wall decor to add the finishing touches. Earthen pots and different types of plants are also classy incorporations to your collection. 

What are the key elements of Boho decor?

The key elements of Boho decor include a beige color scheme and textured materials. Pops of color in the form of paintings and plants are good options. Abstract patterns and detailed designs are also a good fit for this aesthetic. You can also include aesthetic things like dream catchers and macrame wall hangings. Bright natural light ties together the entire Boho theme. 

What are the characteristics of Boho interior design?

The Boho interior design style is characterized primarily by its free-flowing nature. Instead of opting for structure or rules, Boho decor believes in organized chaos. Opting for something in a lighter shade will help the space look more free and creative. Embracing natural materials, earthen colors, and vivid patterns gives you the liberty to decorate however you want without any guidelines.

What is Boho decor called?

Boho decor is also known as Bohemian decor or gypsy style. Boho itself is an abbreviation of the words “Bohemian Homeless.” The nomadic tribes of the Czech Republic inspired the names. The French author Henri Murger was the first to look at “bohemian” as a way of life. Accordingly, the style gained popularity in Paris initially and later spread to the rest of the world with variations of the same name.

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