5 Eye-Catchy Bedroom Dresser Designs to Beautify Space

Bedroom dresser

Are you tired of rummaging through the chaotic piles of clothes every morning? Yearning for your specific outfit can make you go crazy and exhaust you. But the great news is! You can make the change and really do something about this futile situation. 

Let us see! Picture yourself getting up to the tastefully crafted bedroom dresser that stands as the center point of your wonderland. The sleek lines, impeccable craftsmanship, and interesting designs together make this a perfect furniture piece that is aesthetically pleasing and organized.

If you are worried about the ideal bedroom dresser choice, leave your tension immediately because we have the best ideas for you in this blog. The varieties available with us are as vivid as your imagination. From industrial to modern style, we have something for every taste. 

Scroll down, immerse yourself in the captivating world of bedroom dressers, and enjoy the distinctive styles, patterns, and designs.

Irresistible Charm Of Mid Century Modern Dresser

Mid century modern style is one of those classic designs that stand the test of time and continue to captivate attention with its effortless blend of form and function by aesthetically elevating the room’s ambiance. 

The heart of this style is a mid century modern bedroom dresser that is practical and alluring at the same time. It is known for its clean lines and sleek angles that add a touch of sophistication to the room. 

In addition, it boasts natural warmth with several materials like teak and walnut wood. This adds an understated elegance and charm to the bedroom.

Mid Century Modern DresserSource: Centro
Mid Century Modern Dresser

Place the Dali dresser in your bedroom to enhance the space’s beauty. This furniture piece is made of wood and steel and has two elongated stands coming from top to bottom that give it firm support.


  • Four partitions for convenience
  • Narrow stands for support

Dresser With Mirror: Taste Of Glamour

Are you looking for a dresser that enhances your bedroom space? Gosh!. We have one such variety for you called the dresser with mirror. Yes, it is a masterpiece that becomes the room’s focal point. 

What can you expect more from a dresser that offers you ample storage for your accessories and a mirror standing in front of which you can adore and care for yourself? 

In addition to visual appeal, it offers organization and functionality wrapped up into one unit. 

dresser with mirrorSource: Mois
Dresser with Mirror

Pablo is a modern-styled dresser made from veneer and engineered wood with a glossy finish to add a touch of sophistication with grace. This dresser exudes charm with its modern style and makes a statement piece to be added to the rooms.


  • Handles for push and pull of drawers
  • Sleek legs to provide firm support

White Bedroom Dresser: Modern Minimalism

Have you always had a love of the purity of white? If yes, then we have an option for you as well. The combination of the seven colors of the rainbow is white, which exudes grace and sophistication simultaneously. 

The white bedroom dresser will bring a breath of fresh air into your room and make it appear more spacious than it actually is. White is a versatile option, so you can go wild with your creativity.

Whether it is an eclectic style or a minimalist aesthetic, this furniture piece will surely accentuate the room’s allure while serving as an eye candy.

White bedroom dresserSource: Centro
White Bedroom Dresser

Have this classic addition of white-colored furniture called Harvard into your room. This is a strong dresser made of wood that has a glossy finish. It is divided into four parts with a space embedded in them for pulling the drawers.


  • Metal base for firm support
  • Flat surface on top

Modern Dresser For Bedroom

Clean lines, simplicity, and geometric patterns determine the modern dresser for bedrooms. It creates an uncluttered look in the bedroom while enhancing the appearance of the entire space.

It meets the demand of contemporary living. This dresser is mainly crafted in various materials like wood, glass, metal, and acrylic and comes in various finishes like lacquered, matte, and bold colors.

modern dresser for bedroomSource: Gual
Modern Dresser For Bedroom

Put the Amazon Dresser in your bedroom made of veneer and MDF with a varnished finish. This dresser is small in height and is stylish in appearance. The fronts here are covered with foam and fabric.


  • Three drawers
  • Invisible slides and hinges

Industrial Chic Small Dresser For Bedroom

If you want to enhance the bedroom’s compact space, then the ideal solution is to add a small dresser that is aesthetically pleasing and provides the solution for storing your clothes and other small stuff. 

You can use these compact-sized dressers as nightstands, adding a chic touch to your bedroom. These are easy to place and can quickly be ported from one area to another.

small dresser for bedroomSource: Ugurlu
Industrial Chic Small Dresser For Bedroom

If you love the mixture of bold colors, then choose Mix. This dresser has a single door and three drawers to add you are important stuff inside them. They are easy to maintain and clean.


  • Sleek handles
  • Small and narrow legs 


After immersing yourself in the world of bedroom dressers, we are sure you must have your perfect style. To turn your bedroom into a haven of beauty and order, take home this alluring piece of furniture that combines several ingredients like functionality, organization, convenience, elegance, and style to make a perfect recipe for the bedroom’s focal point in the form of a dresser. We wish you the best in choosing the ideal one for your space. If you wish to look out for more options, then visit our shop here.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a dresser in the bedroom?

The primary purpose of a dresser in the bedroom is to provide space for putting your clothes inside the chest of drawers so that you can keep your space clutter-free and organized. In addition, this piece of furniture can serve as a focal point in the bedroom and also stands as a nightstand to put small or decorative stuff on it.

Do you need a dresser in your bedroom?

Not necessarily. A dresser in the bedroom is not mandatory to have, but it provides you the extra storage space where you can put the clothes and your other essential belongings that you can reach out to easily. The chest of drawers in the dresser gives additional space and ultimately makes your bedroom space clutter-free. Although for storage in your bedroom, you can use closets and almirah.

What is a bedroom dresser called?

A bedroom dresser is also known as a chest of drawers. This is an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that serves a functional and practical purpose in the bedroom. Here you can store the clothes and other essentials so that your bedroom becomes clutter-free and organized. You can choose a particular style for your bedroom, like the one with a mirror, or a modern or industrial dresser, which can easily blend with your home-style decor.

Is a dresser better than a wardrobe?

No, a wardrobe is better than a dresser because it offers more storage than a dresser. If you are searching for a storage option that can hold large outfits like gowns, jackets, and suits, then go for the wardrobe, as it is specifically designed to hold the huge size of the clothes. 
On the other hand, choose the dresser if you want to store small clothes and other small accessories like jewelry, personal belongings, makeup items, and other random stuff. 
If you have a large space in the bedroom, then a wardrobe is suitable, but find an ideal dresser to blend with our style for a small space.

Do you put clothes in a dresser?

Yes, you can put small clothes in a bedroom dresser. A dresser is a chest of drawers that is quite wide enough to accommodate heavy and long clothes like gowns, jackets, or suits. So, this furniture piece is suitable to accommodate small stuff which you can later catch easily, like socks, sweaters, t-shirts, jewelry, jeans, and tops.

image sources

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