10 Best Bunk Bed for Kids to Maximize Space and Fun

Bunk Beds for kids

The whole day of fun and frolic with zero exhaustion- Yes! Kids are like that. Innocence, joyfulness, and curiosity are the traits found in every child, and their desire to learn more drives their little world. Their bedrooms are where they spend most of their time. So, why not make their cramped space far more fun and exciting?

We have an idea to ignite the magic in the rooms of your little champs. Just incorporate a refreshing piece of furniture in their little galaxy called a bunk bed. This perfect furniture item will make the kids love their bedrooms more. In addition to being an exciting furniture piece, it is also very practical. 

We are well aware that choosing the ideal bunk bed for kids might be challenging due to the vast array of options accessible nowadays. Therefore we at Arcedior guarantee that you will thoroughly understand the bunk bed that best meets your demands by the end of this blog. Go on reading.

Stylish Twin Over Full Bunk Bed 

This twin over full bunk bed is a perfect bunk bed for kids and their teen siblings. The lower bunk has a large bed base to accommodate teens and parents. Yes, this bunk bed is perfect if your child wants you to be with him or her in the room. The upper bunk is twin sized, with the lower bunk spacious enough for adults to snuggle.

Twin over full bunk bed for kidsSource: Hamuoo
Stylish Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Upper And Lower is a beautiful twin over full bunk bed to accommodate the teens on the lower bunk with a full length and another sibling on the upper twin bed. It is a modern style made of durable wood and MDF. It has a ladder on one side of the bed, which adds a fun element.


  • Ladder
  • Full-length lower bunk

Trendy Triple Bunk Bed

Three kids in a room? Worry not! We have got enough space for everyone to sleep at ease. The triple bunk bed has three bunks stacked over one another at a considerable distance with a ladder. This bed has more height than the standard bunk bed sizes. It can also have the style of a single twin bed over two twin beds for easy accommodation.

Perfect Triple Bunk BedSource: Mathy by Bols
Perfect Triple Bunk Bed

Dominique 196 Triple Bunk Bed Inseparable is a perfect triple bunk bed in a subtle shade and contemporary style for your kid’s room. It has two straight ladders on both sides, with one to reach the middle bed and another longer one to reach the top bed from the ground.


  • One ladder on either side
  • Extra edge on every bunk to put essentials

Functional Bunk Bed With Desk

Do you have a single child in the house? If so, you should also opt for one of the variety of bunk beds for kids called a bunk bed with desk. This is a multifunctional bunk bed that serves two purposes together. First, the lower portion of this bunk bed has a desk where the kid can study and then go to the upper bunk with a twin bed for a sound sleep.

Bunk Bed With DeskSource: Sampo
Bunk Bed With Desk

Place this HY 004B Bunk Bed in your kids’ room with an embedded desk where your child can learn and study playfully. This bunk bed has a desk, cabinets, drawers, and a little almirah where the children can put their essential belongings like books, copies, stationery, awards, and toys.


  • Wide staircase 
  • Extra drawers, cabinets, and almirah

Cool Twin Bunk Beds

The twin bunk beds suit the perfect definition of the standard bunk beds for kids. This bunk bed has two equally sized bunks stacked over one another, which are supported by four pillars and can be climbed through the staircase or ladders.

Twin Bunk BedsSource: Modenese Gastone
Twin Bunk Beds

Art. 92205 is a white-colored twin bunk bed with an elegant design that provides equal space on both bunks. This is a standard rectangular-shaped bunk bed for kids where they will delve into creativity while playing on it.


  • Compact design
  • Dual-colored

Futon Bunk Bed

Futon Bunk Bed for KidsSource: CARBRO
Futon Bunk Bed for Kids

Having space issues in your room? Then, choose the modern-styled futon bunk bed. This bunk bed for kids has a futon on the lower portion and a twin bed on the upper portion. These are connected with ladders for ease of climbing. This futon can be converted into a sofa when required and then again into a bed at nighttime.

Adventurous Bunk Bed With Slide

A slide is a favorite adventure for a kid, which can now be found in their bedroom apart from the garden. The bunk bed with a slide has a smooth and elongated trail on which the kids slide from the upper portion to the ground. This bunk bed for kids has one side with stairs and another with a slide for fun and adventure for the kids.

Adventurous Bunk Bed With SlideSource: Sampo
Adventurous Bunk Bed With Slide

Get your child’s room adorned with this exciting ZX C004 Bunk Bed with a long slide. If you have a spacious room, then this bunk bed is perfect for your kid where he can play, enjoy and relax. This bunk bed is made of durable wood, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.


  • Curved ladder
  • Single bunk

Add Fun With Bunk Bed Ladder

Kids love to climb a ladder, and this fun can now be incorporated into their bedroom with the bunk bed ladder. Most of the time, these are the straight ladders, either placed slanting or vertically straight, to connect the upper and lower portions of the bed.

Bunk Bed LadderSource: Ugurlu
Bunk Bed Ladder

Mediterranean is a bunk bed ladder made with wood that is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear. It has a ladder in the center, which adds a fun element for kids to play on.


  • Space saving
  • Durable

Convenient Bunk Bed With Stairs

As the name suggests, this bunk bed has got stairs to connect the upper and lower portion of the bed. The stairs can be on either side of this bunk bed for kids. With these stairs, the children can conveniently go to the upper portion of the bed and then come down. The addition of stairs makes the bunk bed larger than its actual size. So do consider the size of your home before opting for this bunk bed with stairs.

Bunk Bed With StairsSource: Ekin
Bunk Bed With Stairs

Bunk Bed Walnut is a beautifully crafted bunk bed with compact stairs that can easily accommodate two kids. It has small cabinets in the lower portion, where you can add different items like books, toys, and awards intact.


  • Extra storage space
  • Cabinets in the lower bunk

Clutter-Free Bunk Beds With Storage

Kids and clutter together are an easy-to-imagine scenario that is found in every house with kids. Kids love to create a mess and play around. So, for that, here the solution comes in the form of bunk beds with storage. This bed has an extra box beneath the bunk bed that comes as a hidden part in the form of a drawer to put the toys and beddings of your kid and make the room appear clutter-free.

Bunk beds with storageSource: Hamuoo
Clutter-Free Bunk Beds With Storage

Medium And High is a graceful and functional bunk bed for kids. It is made in a rectangular shape and will serve the modern style. It offers storage underneath the upper bed to provide extra space for your kids’ belongings.


  • Casters
  • Embedded cabinets

Space-Saving Bunk Bed With Trundle 

The bunk bed with trundle is ideal for a bedroom where there are many kids but less floor space. This bunk bed for kids has a detachable bed under the lower bed, which can be pulled out and pushed inside when needed. This is also a temporary solution to accommodate the guests in your house for ones who arrive suddenly.

Bunk Bed With TrundleSource: Sampo
Bunk Bed With Trundle

Bunk bed with Trundle by Sampo is a unique bunk bed made of hard, sturdy wood and MDF. The lower portion of the bed can easily be pulled out, and the kids will develop essential motor skills while exploring this unique bunk bed.


  • Made with the eco-friendly material
  • Stylish staircase drawers


After reading this blog in its entirety, we are sure that you have got a clear understanding of the numerous types of bunk beds for kids that are available and have selected one for your child’s room. The bunk bed for kids is a fascinating piece of furniture that converts an area of one bed into space for two people to sleep on top of it. So stop waiting and buy the best bunk beds for kids here at Arcedior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a bunk bed for kids?

The main benefits of a bunk bed for kids include:
1. These are the most cost-effective solutions to accent the room. 
2. They occupy less space. They provide the space for two persons to sleep on a single bed.
3. The bunk beds for kids with storage comes with boxes where you can put the items like bedding and toys.
4. The bunk bed for kids with trundles adds an extra sleepover to accommodate one more person without occupying more space.

What kinds of bunk bed layouts are there to choose from?

Different bunk bed layouts are available, including bunk beds with storage, triple bunk bed, bunk bed with trundle l, twin bunk beds, bunk beds with slides, and bunk bed ladders, with a lot more options on the list. The bunk bed for kids is an excellent piece of furniture that adds uniqueness to the room while also adding functionality.

Are bunk beds safe for kids?

Yes, bunk beds are safe for kids. They have the beds stacked over at a small distance, which is also connected to the wide stairs in most cases. So, it becomes easy for a kid to reach up or down whenever he wants. The bunk bed for kids comes in various options like storage, stairs, trundle, and a lot more to explore.

Are there bunk beds with storage options?

Yes, there is a bunk bed for kids with a storage option which is known as a bunk bed with storage. It has a storage box attached underneath the lower bed that can be pulled out to put the items inside. You can put your kid’s bedding, toys, and other small stuff in this storage box.

What is a bunk bed with a trundle?

A bunk bed with a trundle has an extra mattress attached to the lower bed that can be slid out when needed. This bed provides the option for three persons to sleep simultaneously in the space of one bed. It is one of the great choices if you have less space in your room but more kids. 

What are the different types of bunk beds?

The different types of bunk beds are as follows:
1. Triple bunk bed: This bunk beds for kids has three beds stacked over one another and connected with stairs for going up and coming down.
2. Bunk bed with slide: This bunk bed for kids has one side with a slide and another with stairs. Kids love sliding down, especially on this bed.
3. Bunk bed with stairs: This bed has beds placed over one another at a standard distance and are connected by stairs.
4. Bunk bed with storage: This bunk bed for kids comes with the option of a sliding storage box attached to the lower bed where they can keep their bedding and toys.

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