The Textile Guide – Spring Summer 2021

Living Room Inspiration Summer 2021

May 3rd is celebrated as the National Textiles Day every year to commemorate the importance of textile. This versatile element not only makes lives easier and comfortable but also makes living spaces more beautiful and inviting. From rugs to pillows to other soft furnishings, the variety of fabrics used in interiors is brilliant. And the way different textures and colors amp up the living spaces is unmatched. From a cozy and intimate sanctuary to a regal and chic villa, fabric is truly instrumental in setting the character of space just the way you want. 

On this National Textiles Day, let’s get updated with the latest textile trends. Read on for the top Spring Summer fabric colors and patterns of 2021.  


  • The Calming Ocean Blue
    The top Spring Summer fabric trend of the year 2021 is the calming ocean blue fabric in silk, linen, and denim. The bright shade resembles the evocative blue color of the Aegean Sea as per Pantone. The shade of blue with a mixed pattern created from dying using the traditional indigo captures the ocean’s aura. The theme also encourages recycling fabric through dyes and creating textiles that exude calmness. The enigmatic blue creates an environment of harmony and stability which would be at the core this spring.

ocean blues


  • Raw Weaves
    Stubby fabrics that resemble cloth cut roughly from an artisan’s loom would also take center stage. Fabric with rustic checks and asymmetric warps will be seen in living spaces designed to look raw and natural. Raw weaves in muted tones would be the fabric of choice in minimal homes.

raw weaves


  • Floral Prints in Dramatic Combinations
    Floral prints with heritage blooms will be seen on wallpapers, cushions, curtains, rugs, and other varieties of fabrics. Dramatic florals will be the top choice of design lovers looking to make a statement through their eccentric living spaces. Floral motifs accentuating darker palettes will be used in upholstery to lend the luxe interior spaces just the right amount of character and personality. Moreover, with outstanding florals, designers will be fixated less on supporting elements and more on this trending fabric that promises to transform minimal spaces into the most spellbinding. 



  • Vibrant Yellows With Grays
    After a chaos-filled 2020, Pantone announced the combination of vibrant yellow and ultimate gray as its Color of the Year 2021. Gray symbolizes endurance, while the color yellow carries a message of positivity and fortitude, which is just the right energy people need in 2021 after a rough year.
    These versatile colors will be used in a variety of fabrics for pillows, throws, and rugs – with the ratio of each as per the design sensibility and personality of the house owner. It will especially fascinate design lovers who like to create a good mid-century vibe through muted yellows and earthy grays.


yellow greys


No-Fail Fabrics

No matter the current design trend, there are a certain variety of soft furnishing fabrics that you can never go wrong with, such as:

  • Silk – The soft and flowy silk is a classy décor fabric used in upholstery, curtains, and bedding. This beautiful fabric is synonymous with luxury and lends living spaces a poised look & feel. Silk upholstered wallpapers are also in high demand since they are perfect for both traditional and contemporary finishes.



  • Linen – Linen is an extremely popular fabric used in home décor because of its robustness and durability. It is because of the slightly rough texture of linen that it reflects light in a way that no other fabric does. Though linen is available in many patterns and vibrant colors, most people prefer the natural appeal of it which gives living spaces a minimal yet classy finish. It is subtle year round and is eco-friendly too, which is like a cherry on the top. 



  • Jute – Jute is not only used in rugs and carpets but is also gaining popularity for its use in making table mats. This versatile fabric is also seen in many other décor elements such as lamps, wall hangings, headboards, etc. And needless to say, Bohemian décor is almost incomplete without jute. Jute is also perfect for a rustic-style décor and is an excellent choice for a space designed with a nautical theme.



It is amazing how fabric can single-handedly set the tone of a space.  Take your mind off the chaos this spring and begin some fabric play.

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