7 Unique Table Lamps for Living Room to Illuminate in Style

Table Lamps for Living Room

Who are the table lamps?

Table lamps are the unsung heroes of interior decor that create a cozy and warm atmosphere. 

Table lamps are decor items that serve the dual purpose of functionality and decoration. Also, table lamps are not limited to bedrooms anymore. People are placing them in the living room and accentuating their decor style. 

Scroll down, and you will find 7 unique and stylish table lamps for living room.

Mighty Glow of Small Table Lamps

small table lampSource: Studio Indigene

Compact size! Jinx!!! 

Graha, your small table lamp for living room a mesmerizing spherical lamp that radiates captivating indirect light from its core. It is made of reclaimed teak wood and brass, and each piece is lovingly handmade. It is an excellent addition to your farmhouse or rustic-inspired home decor. The timeless design and color of the table lamp add warmth and beauty to any space. 

Fairytale Mushroom Table Lamp

As the name implies, the Mushroom table lamp looks exactly like a mushroom. The covered top helps in projecting the light downwards. It is made of aluminum and brass in a modern style. The design is easy to clean and maintain. Illuminate your space with the mesmerizing charm of this lamp that elevates any contemporary home décor.

Mushroom table lampSource: Emotional Projects

Soften your Corners with Globe Table Lamp

Globe Table Lamp for living roomSource: Studio Saswata

Do you enjoy watching the moon? Then Luna Globe Table Lamp is for you, my dear! The design is inspired by the effervescence of the moon. The trio of marble base, brass pipes, and alabaster globes will leave you and your guests awestruck. Three different elements in a lamp ensure its suitability for many types of decor styles, such as minimalist, boho, traditional, or modern. It is also a perfect wedding gift or housewarming present. 

LED Table Lamp for Modern Lifestyle

Energy efficient. Cost-effective. Durable. That’s LED lights for you.

Pila Table Lamp is an LED table lamp that is sleek and minimal in design. It is made of reclaimed teakwood, thus an eco-friendly and durable lamp. Pila can be your reading companion or Netflix partner in the living room.

LED Table LampSource: Studio Indigene

Add Height with Tall Table Lamps 

Tall Table Lamps Source: Lakkadshala

Notice the hand-carved leaf design at the base of the Doora Table Lamp. The natural teak wood color of this 33-inch-tall table lamp can add an organic touch to any space. The sleek and captivating design of the lamp is a statement piece that brings sophistication to your living room.

Large Table Lamps: Bold and Beautiful

If you want to create a focal point in a living room, then install large table lamps. They are able to draw attention by themselves. Xandra Ginkgo Leaf is one of them. It exhibits a beautiful combination of functionality and decoration that suits contemporary home decor. The natural flair of white and gold adds an irresistible charm to a space. 

large table lamps for living roomSource: Home Artisan

Old is Gold: Lantern Table Lamp

Lantern Table LampSource: Marsden

Lanterns are never out of style.

From Cinderella to Game of Thrones, lanterns have been used for ages. The original purpose of lanterns is served by this Lantern – a source of light. It is made of metal and glass. You can beautify your side table, center table, or mantlepiece in the living room with the warm glow of a lantern table lamp. 


We know that choosing a table lamp for living room is never an easy job.

Thanks to this well-curated list of table lamps that help you in finding one. From small to large and mushroom to globe lamps, these table lamps will add extra illumination to your room and reflect your personality in the decor. It’s time to light up your space with table lamps, and for more such lamps, visit our site at Arcedior.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lamps do you need in a living room?

You need a minimum of two table lamps in a living room to create an ambient atmosphere. You can also layer different types of lamps for decorative purposes. 

Where should lamps be placed in a living room?

The placement areas for table lamps in the living room are:
1. Beside the sofa
2. At a corner
3. On a mantlepiece
4. Beside entry door
5. Adjacent to the accent chair

How bright should a living room lamp be?

The brightness of table lamps for living room should be 1000-2000 lumens. 

How tall is a living room lamp?

You can have 1.5 – 2 feet high table lamps for living room. It is an ideal height for creating a task and ambient lighting in the room.

Can I use a table lamp as a decorative accent piece?

Yes, the table lamps with detailing or art act as decor items. Choosing a table lamp that blends with home decor enhances the aesthetic and visual appeal of the room.

What type of table lamp gives the most light?

LED table lamps are brighter than incandescent bulbs. They are energy efficient and cost-effective too.

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