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It’s a summer day, and guests have arrived at your house. What would you present them with? Indeed, a cold glass of water or a cold drink quenches their thirst and moistens their parched throats. But serving the sole glass of water by hand would definitely not be a great idea. We often look at a serving tray before presenting the guests with water or juice. Right? Because they make the perfect and stylish serveware. We underestimate the need to serve stylishly, but do you know that our presentation skills do count? 

To be precise, a tray is a shallow, flat container that can accommodate cups, glasses, and other food items. A serving tray is a practical piece of cutlery or a fashionable presenter and adds to the home decor. Yes, that is right. This beautiful serveware complements the attractiveness of the kitchen cupboards while still being functional. 

You will be surprised to find a wide selection of serving trays, and because of the materials, hues, and patterns available, it will be challenging for you to make a specific decision. However, we at Arcedior are here to light your load by providing a detailed list of each appropriate serving tray you can use at home.

Flawless Marble Tray

Marble is a natural stone that is quite durable and highly strong. The serving tray is naturally cool, so it can easily hold a cup of hot beverages. In addition, the serving tray made of marble is resistant to scratches and cracks from daily use.

White Marble Serving TraySource: Home Artisan
White Marble Serving Tray

Get Kennesha Marble Tray with Golden Orchid Flower Handles to add charm to your tableware. This marble tray has two ornate brass handles in orchid-shaped flowers embellished with lustrous golden colors. You can use it to serve cheese, fruits, or salad, make it a decor piece, and use it to display your possessions.

Highlight: Boasts a pair of handles intricately sculpted into regal golden-colored unfurled orchids.

Flawless Marble TraySource: Courtyard
Flawless Marble Tray

Take the simplistic charm of the Shweth marble tray Pooja thali and make a remarkable addition to your temple. This curved-edged marble tray in pure white color exudes elegance and naturalness. The upraised marble edges around the tray give you a firm grip to hold them.

Highlight: Exquisitely crafted brass stands in a regal round shape with a gleaming gold hue.

Firm Wooden Tray

The wood tray comes with exquisite finishes and patterns that are also environmentally friendly. This serving tray gets scratched slowly and is relatively easy to maintain for longer.

Black Wooden TraySource: Half Dot
Black Wooden Tray

Add the charm of black in your kitchen with Double Decker. It has two decks, with the bottom one being more comprehensive than the upper one. It is made with pine wood which is quite strong, and adorned in black duco paint. 

Highlight: Meticulously designed to cradle shallow bowls and plates in the most sophisticated manner.

oval wooden traySource: Mason Home
Oval Wooden Tray

Add a sustainable and eco-friendly Vienna Acacia Oval Vanity Tray to your collection. It is available in two sizes: large and small. The two trays’ natural grains of acacia wood are not the same. Thus each tray is unique on its own. The elongated oval shape of the tray makes it easy to hold. 

Highlight: The raised edges of the tray keep the items from falling.

Fancy and Embellishing: Decorative Trays

The decorative trays are the serving trays that are used for the purpose of decoration in the home. So whether you want to spruce up your living area or kitchen cabinets, the serving tray available in various hues, tints, patterns, and shapes will get your job done.

decorative traySource: Mason Home
Round Decorative Tray

Hibiscus Round Wooden Tray Set of 2 is a functional as well as decorative tray. The material and finish add elegance to festive decorations or cultural celebrations. It exudes a rustic and modern vibe, making it easy to go with any home decor style. 

Highlight: The round tray is ornated with red hibiscus and golden leaves.

Elegant Glass Tray

Elegant Glass TraySource: Logam
Elegant Glass Tray

The serving tray made of glass material is the most elegant and uniquely designed tableware. Along with adding aesthetic charm to a place, the glass tray is ideal for serving on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and high tea parties.

Sustainable Bamboo Tray

A bamboo tray has the most smooth and delicate surface, which adds a touch of nature to your home. This serving tray is highly durable and serves tea, snacks, and cookies. This serving tray also serves a decorative purpose to add a natural texture to your home.

Sustainable Bamboo Serving TraysSource: Mianzi
Sustainable Bamboo Serving Trays

Add the environmentally friendly Podium bamboo tray set to your tableware, making it exclusively beautiful. It is a set of three trays, including a tiny round, one small oval, and one large oval, which the artisans handcraft. Use them to keep your space decluttered, use them as a cheese platter, and uniquely display the cutlery.

Highlight: Showcases the harmonious relationship between nature and design through its careful use of eco-friendly material.

Majestic Gold Tray

The charm of gold color is eternal and spruces up the space, wherever placed. These are great to serve as a home decor item and also make the food placed on it look more appealing. 

gold decorative traySource: The Decor Remedy
Majestic Gold Decorative Tray

Add a touch of classical vibe to your serving style with this Victorian Curve Tray. The multipurpose use of this brass serving tray is that you can use it as a vanity tray or decorate it with candles or flowers. 

Highlight: The classical tray stands in an upright position with four legs at the bottom. 

gold traySource: Casa Decor
Butterfly Gold Tray

You will surely love this Golden Butterfly Tray if you have an artistic eye. This butterfly-shaped serving tray is attractive in its glossy golden color, handcrafted in aluminum material. Place it on the dining table or in the kitchen cabinet, and its majestic flair will awestruck everyone.

Highlight: The majestic wings of the golden butterfly are carved into four different sections offering functionality along with grace.

Chic Round Tray

The round tray is the chicest serving tray to present in front of the guests. In addition to this, the round serving tray looks more appealing on the table and acts as a strong focal point on the dining table.

Beautiful Round TraySource: Ace The Space
Beautiful Round Tray

Azraq Muti-use Tray is a beautiful multifunctional trinket serving tray adored in the lovely tones of white and blue color. This round-shaped wooden tray is hand painted and has the beautiful design of white flowers on a blue background. 

Highlight: This multifunctional tray represents the beautiful patterns of white flowers on a contrasting blue background to showcase the deadly combination of artistry and functionality.  


Conclusively, a serving tray is the finest serveware to present the crockery and other food items elegantly to the guests. It is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you have a dull kitchen or find something unique to spruce up special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers, or other official parties, choose the best serving tray here at Arcedior. We have the most exclusive range of trays you can imagine. So choose the best and add a dash of statement to your parties and tableware. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the suitable serving tray for my occasion?

For a suitable serving tray for your occasion, look for the relevant materials as a priority. First, you must select a tray that has the most sustainable fabric. For this, you can choose the wooden tray, which is the most durable material and naturally strong enough to carry the items. After this, you can choose whether you want to have a machine-made serving tray or a handcrafted serving tray, as the handcrafted ones have beautiful raw finishes. 

What materials are serving trays commonly made of?

The serving trays are commonly made of several materials, including wood, bamboo, marble, and glass. Wood is considered the natural solid and durable material to be used to manufacture serving trays. In addition to this, wood is also environmentally friendly, so it will not be toxic in nature.
 After this, a serving tray made of marble is quite challenging and resistant to heat and fire. Glass serving tray will make a perfect elegant serveware. At the same time, bamboo is known for its durability and antibacterial properties. In addition to this, the bamboo serving tray is moisture-wicking and powerful insulating.

Can I use a decorative tray for purposes other than serving food?

Yes, you can use a decorative tray for purposes other than serving food. The serving tray comes in various hues, tints, patterns, and shapes, which can definitely spruce up the kitchen cabinets and dining tables. The serving tray will act as a crockery and a decorative item for any special occasion like a birthday party, anniversary, casual get-together, office party, high tea party, or casual evening tea. You can also place it in other displayable cabinets or racks in your home to add aesthetic charm and make it serve as a home decor item. You can also use it to hold and display several decor items.

Are bamboo serving trays environmentally friendly?

Yes, bamboo serving trays are environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a tall grass that grows from roots. It is now being used in the manufacturing of crockery and furniture due to its durability and versatility. It has excellent strength and more bearing capacity than other materials. In addition, it is waterproof and does not require any pesticides. In addition to this, bamboo trays are also recyclable, making them a perfect eco-friendly material to be used in the manufacturing of serving trays.

Can a marble serving tray be used for hot foods?

Yes, a marble serving tray can be used for hot foods. Marble has a superb surface, making it easy to carry hot foods without pressure. It is a natural stone that is also heavy to carry. These are non-porous in nature, so cleaning them with a detergent-soaked sponge is easy.

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