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stylish office chairs

The decor style of any office is crucial in determining the look and feel of the workspace. If you meticulously decide on every aspect of the office, an office chair should be close behind. It is one thing you will use the most the whole day and also what will be highlighted the most in the room. So to create a good impression and also have a feel-good factor all day long, a stylish office chair is the way forward. 

Through this blog, you will get to know the various styles of office chairs and their distinctive features. The trending decor styles distinguish each chair so you can have a clearer picture. So all you need to do now is to envision the office of your dreams and manifest the feeling you will have sitting there. The chair and the style that suits that vision is the one that you should select. Let the selection game begin!

Sleek And Modern: Leather Office Chair 

Black is a versatile color that goes well with any office decor. It exudes an evergreen vibe which in some decor can stand out or, in some, can gel into other types of furniture. On the other hand, leather is known for its luxury and luxurious feel, which makes it highly coveted. Combining the brilliance of both these, a black leather chair is a style statement. 

You can opt for a high-back chair design that provides comfort and gives it a more modern flair. The metal and chrome accents help it to pop out even more and break the monotony of the black. These chairs also come equipped with adjustable features for added comfort. 

Black Leather Office ChairSource: Kehong
Black Leather Office Chair

KH 071A is a black-colored chair with chrome handles and a swivel that exudes modernity and sleekness. Its headrest supports the neck and head so that they do not get stiffened while working long hours.


  • High Back
  • Casters

Pop Of Color: Brightly Colored Office Chairs

Office space can sometimes become dull or lifeless when it adheres to just one color theme. To add a dash of color and make a bold statement, a brightly colored office chair can do a good job. It can imbue a lively and energetic environment that creates a creative flow in the office. 

Bold colors like blue, green, red, orange, and even pink can create a fun touch to your workspace. Suppose you don’t want to strive too far away from the color theme of the office. You can opt for the same colored soft furnishings like curtains, pillows, hand towels, etc., for a more cohesive look. 

Colorful Office ChairsSource: Talin
Colorful Office Chairs

Axi Folding will bring color to your office’s dull decor. The colorful office chairs have a unique shape and are perfect for multi-purpose seating. In addition, it has a folding side and integrated armrests and is perfect for waiting areas, meeting rooms, and conference rooms.


  • Casters
  • Medium Back

Retro Chic: Mid-Century Modern Chairs 

Retro chic is a decor style characterized by simplicity and tapered-leg furniture that appears almost floating. You can add this to your modern office decor like a piece of furniture that looks distinct and unique. What better way to do this is to get a mid-century modern chair in a bold color that will become the centerpiece of your office? 

These chairs are mostly made of wood, metal, and leather, which allows them to complement the other elements. If you don’t want a distinct color, you can have a unique pattern on its upholstery. This will add a chic vibe to your office and make it a fun and creative space.

Classic And Timeless: Brown Leather Chair

If your style inclines toward timeless and classic decor, a brown leather chair is the right option. The button-tufted detail chairs are known for their elegance and old-world charm. If you want to incorporate the same in your office, then you can opt for a stylish office chair with a rich, warm brown color and a soft, supple texture. 

These chairs often have a high back for a luxurious feel that also provides a truckload of comfort due to them being padded. Wooden accents such as arms or legs can create warmth and texture to this chair.  

Brown Leather ChairSource: Rainbow
Brown Leather Chair

Cm-B177bs-3 is a brown colored leather chair that has a back padded leather cushion that will give your back support and relief while you work. 


  • Adjustable height
  • Armrests

Contemporary Cool In White Chair

If you like to keep your space decluttered and very minimalistic, then a cool contemporary design is your haven. White or gray is the predominant color of minimalist decor, emphasizing lighter shades to create a sense of calmness and brightness. 

With this thought in mind, you can look for a chair with clean lines, angular frames, and straight edges. The chair can act as a blank canvas to highlight other colorful items in the office, like accessories and artwork. You can choose a natural fabric for the upholstery, like linen, to extend a complete minimalistic feel. 

Stylish Office Chair in WhiteSource: Estel
White Office Chairs

Embrasse is a white-colored office chair with an enveloping design and a multilayer frame. Also, the armrests extend behind the backrest to provide a great design and ultimate comfort.


  • Chesterfield
  • Casters

Luxe And Plush: Velvet Chair

Suppose your office is dominated by a glamorous feel channeling a luxurious and plush persona. In that case, its perfect companion is a velvet chair. Taking a cue from the Hollywood glam era, which emphasized adding a grandeur factor like gold accents, rich jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red, and blue sapphire, and a slight retro touch. 

You can opt for a high-quality green velvet chair that will last a very long time and is soft for daily use. The gold metallic accents on the stylish office chair will do full justice to this decor style. 

Nature-Inspired: Wooden Office Chairs

It is widely accepted that being surrounded by nature brings a sense of calmness and tranquility to the mind. Natural wood finishes with an earthy tone bring a sense of unity with nature to any modern office. 

You can choose a chair that has a beige or brown tone coming from materials like oak and walnut for a calming and grounded vibe. This will create a nice texture for the office space. Having a stylish office chair that serves this purpose is an excellent choice. 

For the upholstery, linen and cotton will add a soft and cozy feel. Another option is the wicker chairs with a relaxed and beachy vibe. Also, their lightweight and easy-to-move-around feature makes them very popular. 

Wooden Office ChairsSource: Francesco Molon
Wooden Office Chairs

Place P72 in your office space and experience its unique beauty. The base is swivel with wood material. The seat is upholstered in leather, which gives a cushioned and comfy feel to the person sitting on it.


  • Sustainable
  • Medium back


To wrap it up, it can be seen that there are numerous different styles of chairs that can elevate any space. For a more natural look, you can opt for natural wood or contemporary chairs to bring in some calm. For a more plush and posh look, a black leather velvet chair will do an excellent job.

Besides this, to make any space pop with more color, a bold and colorful chair can unleash your creative side for more productivity. Ultimately, you should decide on a stylish office chair that suits your daily requirement that will make your mental juices flow and provide maximum comfort, which you can find here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I incorporate a stylish office chair into my existing workspace design?

You can easily incorporate a stylish office chair into your existing design by choosing a chair matching your decor style. You can look for a chair that complements your existing furniture color scheme, material, and style. If you want, you can make the chair a focal point in your office, which is possible if it is of a bold and striking color. 
A stylish office chair can become the statement piece of the room. Otherwise, you can coordinate it with the other furniture accents for a cohesive look to match it. It is also important to ensure the office chair is comfortable and functional, which can be possible with good lumbar support and padded seating. 

What are some benefits of using a stylish office chair in my workspace?

A stylish office chair can have loads of benefits in your workspace, including: 
1. Comfort and productivity: A comfortable and ergonomically chair can help maximize productivity by improving posture, reducing fatigue, and reducing discomfort. 
2. Better mood and motivation: If your workspace is well-designed and has stylish compliments and tones, it can make you feel better. The visual appeal of the space can induce a better mood and increase creativity. 
3. Enhanced professional image: With the help of a stylish office chair, your clients and visitors can be impressed by your attention to detail. This also creates a more welcoming and professional environment. 
4. Versatility: An office chair can be used in many settings like conference rooms, home offices, lounge areas, waiting areas, and more. 

Are there any ergonomic considerations I should consider when selecting a stylish office chair?

Yes, many ergonomic considerations should be considered while selecting a stylish office chair, like lumbar support, adjustable height, seat depth, and armrest, among others. Lumbar support helps to support the natural curve of the spine, which can help prevent lower back pain. This can help promote comfort, support, and good posture. 
Seat depth and width can be adjusted according to the need of the day so that your posture is straight. A swivel base can allow you to move from one place to the other with ease. A good armrest can provide better comfort while working at the desk, as the arms don’t tire. Besides all this, it is also important to consider the chair’s material to be breathable and promote air circulation. 

Can a stylish office chair be both comfortable and visually appealing?

Yes, a stylish office chair can be both comfortable and visually appealing. They provide good comfort without compromising on style. A chair designed in an ergonomic style can provide good posture with the help of adequate support to the back, neck, and arms. High-quality materials like leather, mesh, velvet, and fabric make for a relaxing feel. 
A chair with adjustable features like lumbar support and armrests can be ideal for each individual’s needs. An office chair can be used in any setting, like executive suites, conference rooms, lounge areas, and workstations, making them versatile. 

What are some budget-friendly options for stylish office chairs?

Some budget-friendly options for stylish office chairs include: 
1. Mesh chairs: These are affordable and offer good support for the back and neck. They are sleek, which makes them suitable for the modern office. 
2. Task chairs: They are made for long working hours and have many adjustable features. They have both comfort and functionality. 
3. Mid-back office chairs: Generally less expensive than high-back chairs but still provide good support. They are also available in multiple designs and looks. 
4. Gaming chairs: These are not expensive but very comfortable for long hours. They are also very cushiony. 

What are the different styles of office chairs?

Some of the different styles of office chairs are:
1. Executive chairs: This chair is usually tall and provides extra cushioned comfort, characterized by its broader and deeper seating. Executives and high-level employees generally use it since they correspond more with clients and visitors. 
2. Task chairs: These chairs are especially suitable for working at the desk or table. They mostly have swivel bases, adjustable height, and can be easily moved. 
3. Ergonomic chairs: An ergonomic chair is specially designed, keeping in mind to provide maximum comfort, support, and adjustability. 
4. Conference chairs: These chairs are designed for the conference room, boardrooms, and other common rooms where group meetings are held. They are comfortable with good support since long meetings need more sitting time.
5. Visitor Chair: This chair is made to be used in the office or any business setting which is used for guests and clients. This can be used for waiting or for attending a meeting.

image sources

  • KH-071A: Kehong
  • Axi-Folding: Talin
  • Cm-B177bs-3: Rainbow
  • Embrasse: Estel
  • P72: Francesco Molon
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