7 Latest Styles of Chandelier Lights To Illuminate Your Space

Chandelier lights

“Chandeliers are the marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewelry of architecture.”

  • Peter York (a British author)

And without jewelry, the place would be nothing more than a set of walls. That’s how important the chandelier lights are. 

But first, let us know what the chandeliers are!

Chandeliers are the lighting fixtures that are installed on the walls or ceilings. Typically, they provide ambient lighting in homes, restaurants, offices, and royal palaces. It can be made from wood, glass, metal, or fabric.  

Second, the style of the chandelier lights can range from timeless vintage chandeliers to chic modern chandeliers. 

To give your room a bit of glitz, we have compiled a list of the latest chandelier light styles. Let’s proceed.

Modern Chandeliers: Energy Efficient 

‘Light creates ambiance and feel of a place, as well as the expression of a structure.’

  • Le Corbusier (an Swiss-French architect)

Metallic finishes, statement pieces, and LED lights are the characteristics of modern chandeliers. Energy-efficient LEDs are used in these lighting fixtures. These modern lighting fixtures are preferred due to their versatility, adaptability, and functionality. 

Modern Chandelier Lights
Modern Chandelier Lights

Kira is an excellent addition to your living areas, usually made of glass and metal. The flexible filament of the lamp is in a straight line and upward bent shape. The integration of geometry with minimalism gives a sense of order and balance. The LED lights emit warm, soft, and bright light that is easily adjustable. 

Vintage Chandelier: Timeless Beauty

‘Light is a magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space.’

  • Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz (an interior designer)

Grand appearance. Intricate designs. Timeless piece. These powerful characteristics of vintage chandeliers make them incomparable to the rest of the styles. The ornate lamps and candles add a touch of class and elegance to a room. 

Vintage Chandelier
Vintage Chandelier

Louis XL chandelier lights use lampshades for a softer glow. From every angle, the details are visible.

Industrial Chandelier: Raw And Edgy

Exposed pipes, bricks, and concrete!

Yes, that’s what strikes first when someone mentions industrial style. In industrial style, you will see exposed iron rods, filament bulbs or LEDs, and metal shades. These are usually installed in industries, theme-based cafes, and industrial-style based homes. 

Industrial chandelierSource: Sergey Makhno
Raw and Edgy Industrial Chandelier

The tube is a lighting fixture that is in an industrial style. It is in a branch shape, and each end of the branch has a bulb for illumination. This layout delivers even lighting across the space. 

Rustic Chandeliers: Natural Beauty 

Raw, Natural, Organic, Textured. 

Yes, rustic style showcases the beauty of nature and natural things. As a result, chandeliers are typically constructed of wood or rattan with the minimum usage of glass. Rustic chandeliers are simple, handcrafted, and vintage aesthetic lighting fixtures. The popular finishes of rustic lighting are copper, wrought iron, bronze, and brass. 

Rustic Chandelier lightsSource: Othentique
Rustic Chandelier Light

Fencepole is an elongated chandelier that is perfect for dining areas because it ensures that the light falls evenly over each seat. It has seven light bulbs that hang from the wooden frame. 

Mid-Century Modern Chandelier: Nostalgic Retro Vibes

Clean designs. Fusion of traditional and modern materials. Geometric shape. Minimal Ornamentation. 

The clear-cut chandeliers with no fancy ornamentation are the characteristic features of mid-century modern chandelier lights. This style emerged during the 20th century and is still in style. The lighting fixtures of this style are designed to be stylish and functional. 

Mid-Century Modern ChandelierSource: Cameron Design House
Mid-Century Modern Chandelier

Haara Seventeen is a stunning piece that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the existing decor. The cylindrical lanterns are made of hand-drawn glass in a brass finish, which results in a stunning lighting diffuser that will be admired whether the light is on or off.

Boho Chandelier: Whimsical



Free-spirited aesthetic. 

That’s what boho chandeliers are all about. Chandelier lights with a bohemian flair have an aesthetic effect. The boho chandeliers are made of natural materials such as wood, cotton, or metal in the form of beads, tassels, or strips. These lights can transform any room into a cozy and inviting place. 

boho chandelierSource: Logam
Whimsical Boho Chandelier

The woven wooden beads in Kahuzi increase the essence of boho in chandelier lights. It comes with an adjustable cord that you can customize with your lighting needs and ceiling. 

Contemporary Chandeliers: Master of Versatility

‘Lighting is the lifeblood of a design.’

  • Gregory Kay (a lighting designer)

Truly said by a contemporary lighting designer, the lighting highlights the architectural features of the building. These are made in sleek and minimalist design, featuring metal and glass materials. 

Contemporary ChandelierSource: Cameron Design House
Contemporary Chandelier

Among the contemporary chandeliers, Lohja Five adds glamour and artistic flair to the space. It is an eye-catching chandelier light made of metal and emits warm white light. It is a unique combination of simplicity and geometry that changes appearance from every angle. 


Now we know that chandelier lights have evolved from traditional to modern and contemporary styles. The latest styles have features that are adaptable and functional in each perspective. We discussed seven styles of chandelier lights in this blog that can inspire anyone looking to elevate their space with a stunning lighting fixture. Brighten up your space and add elegance with Arcedior.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a modern chandelier?

Size, material, and style are essential factors when choosing a modern chandelier. 
1. Size of the chandelier lights: A chandelier that is either too little or too big would look out of place in the room. Therefore, you must consider the room’s dimensions before shopping for chandeliers. 
2. Type of materials: The modern chandeliers are made of glass, fabric, crystal, metal, and wood. Choose the finish that matches the aesthetics and interiors of your space. 
3. Style: From highly decorative to minimal design, the modern chandeliers should match your existing decor. 
Choose a chandelier that reflects your personality and matches with interiors. 

How can you tell if a chandelier is vintage?

Identify the chandelier based on its materials and electrical components. The vintage chandeliers were made of brass, crystal, and bronze that reflect aging or patina over it. These chandeliers show intricate designs and heavy ornamentation. 
The wirings of vintage chandelier lights may have outdated sockets or electrical components. Glass shades or candle sleeves are found in vintage chandeliers. 

What makes a chandelier valuable?

The chandelier’s materials, design, owner, and age greatly impact the value of chandeliers. High-quality glass or brass increases the value of chandeliers. Also, the intricate designs or heavily embellished chandeliers are valuable.
If a renowned or eminent personality owns any chandelier, its market value is higher than its counterparts. The older the chandelier, the more it is lucrative in the market. If any chandelier lights have these qualities, it is lucrative for collectors or enthusiasts. 

What makes a chandelier classic?

The timeless design and symmetrical shape make the chandelier classic. Classic chandeliers are often made of glass, bronze, and brass. Compared to current or contemporary designs, classic designs use different types of lighting. In contrast to more contemporary designs, classic ones often have translucent glass sleeves or covers. It does not follow any fashion or trend and stands out from the crowd.

Are traditional chandeliers out of style?

No, traditional chandeliers will remain in the style. These are timeless light fixtures that can brighten the space with uniform illumination. The traditional chandelier lights were used in the foyer or dining room. People hang them in living areas, elevating the space’s elegance. In the end, the selection of chandelier lights will be based on taste and the particular decor style of a place.

image sources

  • Tube: Sergey Makhno
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  • Kahuzi wooden lamp: Logam
  • Lohja-Five: Cameron Design House
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