11 Smart Storage Ideas for Small Bedroom

Small Bedroom

Plenty of stuff to store and need more space? Whether you live in a small or studio apartment, everybody wants clutter-free personal space. You need smart solutions that are functional as well as decorative in purpose. We’ll discuss storage ideas for small bedrooms that will keep your room organized and tidy. Creativity is a key, and it holds true when you need to organize small bedrooms.

We’ll give you 11 ingenious solutions for storage problems in a small bedroom that will add a touch of flair to your personal space. So, get ready to enter the world where you will get to know under bed storage solutions to wonderful storage ottomans that will keep your room spacious and harmonious. 

Play With Wall Shelves

Wall shelves as floating nightstandsSource: Woodendot
Wall Shelves as Nightstands

In Spanish, Alba means ‘sunrise.’ The two front panels, which simulate the sun and moon, are connected with a horizontal component that serves as a place to store your belongings. You can also feed the cable to charge electronic devices through a secret hole in the base. This versatile wall shelf utilizes vertical space and offers a stylish and functional storage space for your small bedroom. You can keep your books, decorate them with plants or even use them as a floating nightstand

Opt Bed With Storage

Double bed with storageSource: Stones
Bed with Storage for Small Bedroom

The storage beds are ideal for compact living situations such as small bedrooms. Carmen is a game changer when it comes to storage ideas for small bedrooms. It is a rectangular-shaped bed with an upholstered headboard and storage space. This storage bed eliminates the need for big dressers and cupboards, as you can store your stuff in it and keep the bedroom tidy and organized. 

Bag A Small Nightstand With Drawers

Rest Nightstand with drawersSource: Oliver B
Rest Small Nightstand with Drawers

Rest Night Stand is crafted with wood that combines style and practicality. Despite its small size, the nightstand with drawers serves as ample storage for your bedside essentials. Solid oak wood handles are handy enough for opening and closing the drawer. Placing a small nightstand is one of the trendiest storage ideas for small bedrooms, as they are petite in size and functional in usage. You can keep your reading glasses, books, water bottle, and electronic gadgets within arm’s reach. 

Use The Bedroom Dresser As A Bedside Table 

Amazon Bedroom DresserSource: Gual
Amazon Bedroom Dresser

Bringing an Amazon Dresser is one of the practical storage ideas for small bedroom that enhances the functionality and elegance of the room. This bedroom dresser is made of MDF with walnut veneer and acrylic finish, which enhances the overall appeal of the bedroom. It has three spacious drawers with the integration of invisible slides and hinges that ensure the smooth operation of drawers whenever you open or close them.  

A Study Table With Secret Dressing Table

dressing table as study table storage ideas for small bedroomSource: Wewood
Dressing cum Study Table

In this modern age, Lei is your functional companion, primarily a study table but with a secret area for keeping grooming accessories. It is crafted in solid oak wood with tasteful accents of American walnut. The secretive area opens with a shiny mirror and has the storage space to keep your essential items such as electronic gadgets, jewels, makeup, or photos. 

Consider A Storage Bench For Bedroom

storage bench for bedroomSource: Medea Srl
Storage End of Bed Bench

Colonna: a storage bench for bedroom exudes sophistication and elegance with its style and functionality. It features a sturdy structure with a brown oak finish that enhances its lifespan. The upholstered top is wrapped in fabric, offering a cozy seating experience. This bed bench is for those seeking storage ideas for small bedroom. It provides storage space to make your bedroom clutter-free and organized. Thus, it is an ideal solution for comfort and storage in small bedrooms. 

Go For A Headboard With Storage

Upholstered headboard with storageSource: Arketipo
Upholstered Headboard with Storage

This 2-in-1 storage idea for small bedroom adds functionality and elegance to the room. You can have a headboard with storage, making it a versatile piece of furniture. You can choose a mounted headboard with storage areas or a full-size headboard with built-in drawers, tiny cabinets, or shelves to save floor space.

Use Clothes Rack

CLOTH RACKSource: Tonelli Design
Stylish Clothes Rack

The most convenient way to hang your clothes that are visible from the outside is to use a clothes rack. The Opalina Appendiabiti is a coat hanger that you can fix to the wall. It is made of a frosted or mirrored glass panel providing a clear view of your clothing. You can check out yourself in the small mirror that is placed on the top of the rack. It is one of the most convenient and practical storage ideas for small bedroom. 

Stand Out Decorative Wall Hooks

Decorative wall hooksSource: Anantaya
Decorative Wall Hooks

What would you hang on Aaina Lal Kila

  • Display your scarf
  • Hang your chains or necklaces
  • Hang tapestries or artwork
  • Winter coats are hung on wall hooks
  • It is perfect for hanging bags

It is a decorative wall hook that has a Venetian glass mirror mounted on a metal structure. This is one of the beautiful storage ideas for small bedroom that is available in two colors: rani magenta and deep turquoise.

Space-Savers Storage Ottomans

Space Saver Storage OttomanSource: Sadie Dorchester
Space Saver Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are the talk of the town, as it combines functionality and a seating area. With striking colors in Georgia, it is a statement piece of furniture for living areas. You can sit on it. You can hide things in it. Or you can also use it as a table to keep magazines or reading glasses. 

Add Under Bed Storage

Under Bed Storage Ideas for Small BedroomSource: Mathy by Bols
Under Bed Storage Ideas for Small Bedroom

One of the most clever storage ideas for small bedroom is to utilize the under bed space for storage purposes that is often overlooked. Madavin Bed is a contemporary classical bed in MDF. The structure is made of wood with under bed drawers that add functionality. The most evident feature is its continuous curved line that makes this bed cut above the rest. 


Here we are, standing at the exit after a long discussion on storage ideas for small bedroom. We saw vertical storage solutions such as wall shelves and wall hooks. We also went through new-age spacious furniture such as storage ottomans, storage benches, and under-bed storage. 

Remember, with creativity and thoughtful planning, you can transform your small bedroom into a spacious, stylish, and clutter-free bedroom. So, what are you waiting for? Transform your storage ideas for small bedroom into reality with Arcedior. As a first step, Click here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of a bedside cabinet?

You can use a bedside table, clothes rack, storage bench, or decorative wall hooks instead of a bedside cabinet. The wall hooks use vertical space in the room for storage purposes. You may also use a headboard with storage to keep items such as basic essentials, emergency items, or extra bedding.

How to arrange furniture in a small bedroom?

1. Place the bed against the large wall to save floor space. 
2. Use multipurpose storage ideas for small bedroom to avoid clutter. 
3. Use vertical space such as wall shelves or hooks to decorate them.
4. Arrange the furniture for easy opening and closing of drawers and doors. 
5. Use a mirror to make the small bedroom appear larger. 

How do I maximize storage in a small bedroom?

1. Fix a loft bed or bed with storage against the wall. 
2. Use multipurpose furniture such as storage ottomans or bed benches to save floor space. 
3. You can use a small nightstand as a bedside table to make the room spacious.
4. Keep the floor space open by using furniture with legs. 

How do you use wall space in a small bedroom?

You may use vertical storage ideas for small bedroom to enhance the visual appeal. You may use wall shelves to keep the items. It is reachable and convenient to use. You can also install wall hooks to hang coats, bags, or essential items. The decorative wall hooks enhance the functionality and style of the room.

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