7 Rustic Bedroom Ideas to Create a Cozy and Charming Space

Rustic bedroom ideas

A calming and serene vicinity with a cozy environment in the lap of nature is what we need to unwind after an exhausting day. Indeed, this arena is possible to experience in a hilly village area, but it remains a dream in the busy life of the city folks. With the daily noise of the hustle and bustle in the busy life of metro cities, we often miss that relaxing countryside vibe. 

The earthly tones, cozy ambiance, and vintage home decor pieces make an effortless, sophisticated look. But we have found an out-of-the-box solution where you can feel that calm vibe in your personal space – the bedroom. Yes, you do not have to visit any countryside to relax. Just incorporate rustic style in your home’s decor and experience the plush coziness of your space. So come with us and experience the countryside vibe in your bedroom with the rustic bedroom ideas we have curated for you. 

Use Reclaimed Wood In Rustic Bedroom Furniture

What does the smell of reclaimed wood evoke in your mind? Indeed, a vintage vibe. Using reclaimed wood in rustic bedroom furniture incorporates the feel of nature in your bedroom. It is one of the unique rustic bedroom ideas to add charm and coziness together inside your place. 

This rustic bedroom furniture adds a beautiful style statement to the room with the bed, cabinets, couches, and tables. Reclaimed wood furniture uses a kind of wood already used for other purposes. Still, it needs to be in a great position to be used as a great piece of furniture that is charming and withstands daily wear and tear. 

Green Cane Bed for Rustic BedroomSource: this and that
Green Cane Bed for Rustic Bedroom

Add the charm of a Green Cane Bed inside your bedroom to complement the rustic home-style decor. This is a king-size bed with a unique headboard design in three green colored big circles in rattan material with a base material in wood and will be a great addition to the home’s decor.


  • Withstand daily wear and tear 
  • Provides support with the headboard

Minimalist Rustic Bedroom Set

Minimalistic Rustic BedroomSource: Passion for Linen
Minimalistic Rustic Bedroom

Minimalism is always in fashion. So why not choose a minimalist rustic bedroom set while finding rustic bedroom ideas? For a vintage vibe, the bedroom set would complement the rustic home decor if made of wood material with a rough appearance. 

Adding the antique metal accents to accessorize the bedroom will make the room appear more cozy. Rustic style is all about using the natural elements in their raw forms, so be bold to choose subdued hues in your furniture that can rarely be perfect because nature is best in its basic form, which is never perfect. 


  • Includes subdued hues
  • Made of natural materials like rough wood and antique metals

Incorporate Rustic Wallpaper

rustic wallpaperSource: Tecnografica
Rustic Wallpaper in Bedroom

Wallpapers have always been the most stylish investment while decorating homes. If you want to experience a vintage vibe inside your home then add rustic wallpaper to your bedroom. These are the perfect way to escape the idea of painting the entire wall or looking for a more enhanced and effortless look.

Several options are available like the vinyl wallpapers, which are ideal for damp areas and easy to apply and remove. In addition, these rustic wallpapers include natural textures on them like reclaimed wood, antique metal, distressed brick, wooden planks, and earthly tones.


  • Have the natural textures
  • Easy application and removal 

Introduce Rustic Light Fixtures

Rustic light fixtures in your bedroom will add a vintage aesthetic and simplistic style to your place. The handcrafted light fixtures in several finishes like antique copper, iron, zinc, wrought iron, and oil-rubbed bronze. 

The light fixtures in rustic style have the perfect exposed lights that give an old-home look to the bedroom. Most of the time, the lights in rustic bedroom ideas include handcrafted wood-made lamps, metal cage lamps, and mesh lamps for the lights.

rustic light fixturesSource: Studio Saswata
Goblet Uplighter Rustic Light Fixtures

Goblet Uplighter is a beautiful light inspired by the era of the Mughals in India. It has geometric tessellation on the outside, made with a unique process known as etching. This light softly illuminates the wall and will go well with your rustic-style home decor.


  • Made of earthy materials like rough wood and brass
  • Have neutral tones 

Add Rustic Rugs To Your Room

jute rustic rugsSource: Gan Rugs
Aesthetic Rustic Rugs

Want something decorative yet functional? Then, choose the rustic rugs to place inside your bedroom. The rustic rugs add aesthetic charm to your personal space and invoke the much-needed vintage vibe required in rustic bedroom ideas. Place them anywhere like an entrance way, kitchen or bedroom and they are sure to add that farmhouse and rustic charm to your place. Lay these rugs under your furniture to create an aged look in your room.

Rustic rugs are known for their earthy tones, lots of natural elements like wood and jute, and faded details with the use of raw materials in manufacturing to add the countryside vibe to the bedroom. You can use these rugs to complete the look of your rustic-style home decor with a distressed look, ultimately invoking an old home appearance.


  • Made of natural materials
  • Features the distressed look 

Choose Earthy Colors

Rustic Bedroom in Earthy colorsSource: Kennethcobonpue
Rustic Bedroom Earthy Colors

Earthy colors are perfect for bringing the remnants of the past into the present. Try incorporating a palette of earthy colors for rustic bedroom ideas that adds a vintage look. These colors primarily include neutral shades of green, metals, and antique and reclaimed wood tones. 

These colors have shades of brown, gray, and green. You will experience a warmer and more cozy feeling with these natural tones in the bedroom. Fusing these colors in your bedroom can come through the walls, furniture, and ceiling shades. 


  • Includes warm and muted shades
  • Exudes cozy feel 

Get Cozy With Linen Bedding

White Linen Bedding for Rustic BedroomSource: Industville
Linen Bedding for Rustic Bedroom

Considering their rustic bedroom ideas, add the linen bedding to the list for a more sophisticated look to match the vintage home-style decor. The linen bedding can bring out the minimalist look required for rustic home decor. 

Its fabric is quite soft and breathable, which allows the air to flow freely and makes you feel lighter. It keeps you warm on cool nights and cools on hotter days. The earthy-colored linen bedding would complement well with the rustic home decor.


  • Excellent breathability 
  • Don’t retain moisture 


Conclusively, a simple look is possible in a home situated in a busy town by incorporating a rustic style of home decor. A cozy and warm bedroom feels quite welcoming after coming home from a tiring day, and this calming experience is given through the rustic decor inside your bedroom.

Considering the rustic bedroom ideas, it is ideal to include the earthly tones in the bedroom through walls, curtains, rugs, and furniture. This home decor style specifically makes you feel like you are in the lap of nature. The weathered and rough wood, and antique metal elements, including iron, zinc, and copper used in furniture and light fixtures, will provide you with a vintage feel. Now, it’s time to add the charm of rustic style to your space with our products available here at Arcedior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Rustic Bedroom?

A rustic bedroom consists of the elements of nature to create a peaceful environment in the home. It includes earthly colored tones with natural ingredients like weathered wood and antique metal items, including light fixtures, furniture, etc. If you like the vintage feel, then you must opt for the rustic bedroom ideas.

What materials are used in a rustic bedroom?

The materials used in a rustic bedroom include unprocessed wood, antique metal, stones, linen bedding, earthy-toned rugs, real bricks, burlap, canvas, and sand. The rustic style is all about incorporating nature in its raw state into the home. In addition to these, natural materials like furs and heavy wool are also used. These materials create a cozy and welcoming environment.

How can I create a cozy and inviting rustic bedroom?

You can create a cozy and inviting rustic bedroom by incorporating nature in its raw form into your place. For rustic bedroom ideas, use reclaimed wood for the furniture in your home when working on rustic home decor. Also, use earthy colors at your location, which are generally subdued and come from a soft palette. 

What are the features of rustic interior design?

The rustic interior design includes raw and natural materials that are not at all elegant. These consist of soft and subdued hues from the color palette, including shades of browns and grays. For rustic bedroom ideas, it is always considered excellent to add furniture in wood material that can also have rough edges to create a more realistic appearance.

What are rustic colors?

Rustic colors include an array of earthy tones from the color palette and mainly have rich tones of browns, greens, and grays. These colors are perfect for adding vintage charm by incorporating them through the furniture, rugs, and curtains. The rustic bedroom ideas are perfect for those who want a countryside feel at home.

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