Top 6 Rustic Bedroom Furniture Trends of 2023

Rustic bedroom furniture

Have you ever felt the need to escape to a wood cabin in the countryside to feel the warmth you lack from your house? So, you need to decorate your home in a rustic manner to give you a comfortable feeling with fresh materials that also help you feel at peace. This home-style decor honors nature in its adulterated form. Rustic bedroom furniture is the finest way to bring the outside nature inside. Rustic style is all about being natural by infusing the place with vital energy. 

The space looks more organic and peaceful thanks to the natural accents that go with the rustic design items. Natural textures, simple patterns, neutral hues, beige, cream, brown, and gray, and the fusion of reclaimed woods, stones, and bricks exposed in their natural forms with soft lights, are all hallmarks of the rustic style. There is no place for vibrant tones. The best approach to incorporate this style into your home is by including natural textured furniture. Here, we will walk you through the six most outstanding designs for rustic bedroom furniture to give your property a retro and country vibe.

Reclaimed Wood Bed

Reclaimed Wood BedSource: DAAZ
Reclaimed Wood Bed

If you want to feel the warmth of the wood logs in your bedroom, then opt for the reclaimed wood bed. This rustic bedroom furniture comes in various forms, like mango, oak, cherry, and teak wood. These beds add an aesthetic perspective to your bedroom and give you a comfortable space to sleep on. 

The handcrafted wood adds rustic beauty to your bedroom, letting you snuggle down after a tiring day and making you feel more cozy.

1001 is a perfect, rectangular-shaped double bed that complements rustic home decor. It is a king-sized bed with a high headboard to give you support and warmth while adding vintage charm to your space. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • King Size

Reclaimed Wood Dresser

Anna Wood Dresser as Rustic Bedroom FurnitureSource: Centro
Anna Wood Dresser in Rustic Bedroom

The wood dresser can definitely be addressed when considering rustic bedroom furniture. It is the most functional piece of furniture that also adds aesthetic charm to the space. The use of reclaimed wood in the making of furniture adds a minimalist look to the bedroom. 

Whether you want to go to a party tonight or need to dress up for the regular formal meetings in the office, a wooden dresser is what you should look for. The dresser made only with reclaimed wood is ideal to match the rustic style of home decor.

Add this functional wooden dresser Anna for a sophisticated look in your bedroom. It is made with good quality wood to serve a contemporary design, adding aesthetic charm to your bedroom. 


  • Ample space to put mirrors
  • Extra space for storage

Reclaimed Wood Nightstand

Reclaimed Wood NightstandSource: Domus Arte
Reclaimed Wood Nightstand

A wood nightstand is a perfect addition to the rustic bedroom furniture in your space as it serves the purpose of accommodating the things that usually are scattered here and there. This wooden nightstand piece is functional as it provides extra space to keep your belongings safe while adding charm to the bedroom. 

The storage nightstand made of reclaimed wood with antique metal handles will perfectly suit the rustic home decor. The nightstand made of wood comes in various styles and shapes to choose from and offers durability for an extended period. 

The Flyer is a wooden nightstand that will enhance the aesthetic of rustic home decor with its natural finishes. In addition, this nightstand is integrated into the bed and is perfect for placing the items to reach them easily.


  • Integrated into the bed
  • Adds an extra space

Barn Door Headboard

Use Barn Door Headboard for Rustic LookSource: DixonandDad
Use Barn Door Headboard for Rustic Look

We know that while resting on the bed, the sore walls at the back of the head hurt a lot, and for that problem, the headboard comes to the rescue. A headboard is a piece of rustic bedroom furniture often attached to the head of the bed so that the cold walls do not bother you while resting or sleeping. 

The headboard made of a barn door will work wonders for rustic-style home decor. You can make a perfect barn door headboard by finding a suitable barn door, cutting it to have the ideal width and height according to your bed, and finally giving it a finish with sandpaper, paint, or chalk. 


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to mount

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Reclaimed Wood Bench in Rustic Style BedroomSource: Daaz
Reclaimed Wood Bench in Rustic Style Bedroom

A reclaimed wood bench is a piece of furniture that can be placed at the end of the bed. This rustic wood bench has a minimalist shape made of reclaimed wood to give a vintage look to your home decor. This rustic bedroom furniture comes in different shapes and styles, but the most common shape chosen for the wood bench is the rectangle shape that covers the entire foot of the bed while giving space for the people to sit on it. 

Now, whether you are in for a high tea or a quick chat, just grab the reclaimed wood bench and enjoy your leisure time while sitting comfortably on it.

Place the E1020 at the foot of your bench for a rustic yet sophisticated look to invoke a vintage charm and visual interest there. This is a backless bench with fabric as the upholstery material that will complement the vintage style in the bedroom.


  • Backless
  • Upholstered bench

Rustic Wooden Wardrobe

Clothes here and there make the room messy, and being unable to find a particular place for them makes us frustrated. So, in that case, a wardrobe is what we always look for. The wooden wardrobe in several shades and rough finishes will add a vintage vibe to the rustic home decor while providing enough space to put and store the clothes inside it. 

In addition, these are sturdy in nature and exude naturality through their elements and textures. To make it look more organic in rustic home-style decor, use the natural textured wardrobe made of reclaimed wood and antique metal handles. 

Rustic wooden wardrobeSource: Domus Arte
Multipurpose Rustic Wooden Wardrobe

Woodplayer is a multipurpose wooden wardrobe that provides enough space to safely add the clothes inside. It has two doors with the wooden stripes placed in a unique pattern to give the realistic rough look.


  • Sustainable
  • Unique pattern


On a conclusive note, using resting bedroom furniture is the ideal approach to give your bedroom a tranquil, quiet, and rural field. The bed, nightstand, dresser, headboard, bench, and wardrobe made of reclaimed wood will serve this purpose. In addition, your bedroom will have a minimalist aesthetic in a sophisticated manner with natural-toned furniture. Get the most incredible rustic bedroom furniture from Arcedior to give your home a distinct rustic atmosphere and create a fashion statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rustic-style bedroom?

A rustic style bedroom includes furniture made of reclaimed wood, with neutral colors including beige, cream, brown, and grays. This style of bedroom incorporated nature in its organic form to give a peaceful feel and relaxing vibe. The place should be welcoming and cozy so that people can unwind after a tiring day.

What is rustic furniture made of?

The rustic bedroom furniture is made of reclaimed wood most of the time. The wood used in the manufacturing of furniture often comes in different forms, including maple, cherry, walnut, and oak. The rough cuts in the wood give your room a natural and authentic look. For the walls, you can also use the exposed bricks to add a natural tone to your space.

What is reclaimed wood furniture?

Reclaimed wood made furniture includes furniture made from recycled timber. This wood exudes the tones of nature in a sophisticated manner. The reclaimed wood furniture adds beauty to the room and the much-required warmth. This wood was used for another purpose earlier and is now in a satisfactory condition to serve as the furniture in the rustic home decor.

What makes a room rustic?

The reclaimed wood furniture, earthly tones, and natural textures make the room rustic. The rustic room is all about adding nature to its original form for coziness and warmth. Reclaimed wood comes from the timber that has already been used to serve some purpose and is now in acceptable condition to be used in the manufacturing of rustic bedroom furniture. The earthly tones give a sense of sophistication and make you feel more calm.

What color is rustic furniture?

The colors of nature are used in rustic furniture. Generally, the rustic style of home decor has colors picked directly from nature in its natural form. These colors include browns, beiges, creams, greens, and grays. The rustic bedroom furniture mostly has different tones of brown color, which is the organic color of the wood. The rustic style at home makes you feel at peace by giving a countryside vibe at your place.

Is reclaimed wood good quality?

Yes, the reclaimed wood is of good quality. This wood is taken from old barns and factories. This reclaimed wood has already been used to serve some purposes earlier and is now in good condition to be used in making rustic bedroom furniture. This wood mostly has shades of brown to give your place a sophisticated and minimalist look.


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