10 Unique Round Wall Mirror For Your Home

Unique round wall mirror

There are tons of ways to decorate a round mirror in your home and office. You can place a round wall mirror in the hall or even in the kitchen. Create a niche wall in the living room with the help of different styles of round wall mirrors. 

You can mix and match different mirror shapes for a unique element. Hang the round wall mirror in the bathroom for a distinct look. Even your office space can become warmer by using a round mirror and then decorating it with other home decor items

A round wall mirror is a great way to create more depth and character in the house. The round shape tends to break the monotony of the straight lines that are primarily in abundance in rooms. You can hang one in your entryway to give guests a preview of your style or use one to brighten up a dark corner. 

Mirrors reflect light and make rooms look larger, so round wall mirrors are perfect for small spaces. You can choose a frame that matches the rest of your decor or go for something unique that will stand out. Either way, a round mirror will enhance any room in your home.

Large Round Wall Mirror

Large round wall mirror in woodSource: Mianzi
Large round wall mirror in wood

A large round wall mirror is a versatile addition to your home. You can place the large round wall mirror and forget that any stains or dirt exist. Removing any sore sight caused by chipped paint or dirty wall can be beneficial. 

This beautiful and elegant round wall mirror decor is of optimal size and can be placed anywhere in the home. It is best placed on the dressing table, bathroom, and entrance, which can provide a last-minute glance at the outfit. Made using bamboo, this is eco-friendly as well as a modern take on mirrors.


  • Minimal and sleek design
  • Good for use on empty walls
  • Can be used anywhere 
  • Made using bamboo

Decorative Round Wall Mirror

Decorative round wall mirrorSource: Logam
Decorative round wall mirror

Gone are the days of boring wall mirrors that have no decorative qualities. Cut cue to this swoon-worthy decorative round wall mirror that is bespoke and trendy. 

The mirror embeds the half-and-half pattern in the middle. The top and bottom play with lines and clean curves to make this home decor product stand out. This mirror gives off centerpiece vibes, which is why it can be placed in the living room for everyone to see. 


  • Dual tone color
  • Very eye-catching
  • Exclusive look
  • Beautiful modern design

Round Gold Wall Mirror

Round gold wall mirrorSource: Home Artisan
Round gold wall mirror

Gold color has always been associated with royalty and luxury. This gorgeous round gold wall mirror does the job of decorating and adding visual interest to a room. 

You can place it right at the entrance so that a guest notices this enticing mirror. Its metallic angled rods extend, creating a sunburst design.


  • Eye-catching
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Premium quality
  • Versatile

Black Round Wall Mirror

Black round wall mirror with dresserSource: Vismara
Black round wall mirror with storage

The black color screams sophistication and modernity, which is incorporated in this black round wall mirror. Its frame is black with a shiny finish with small triangles. The large wall mirror comes with a shelf and three compartments, two of which have drawers. 

You can use this as a focal point in your drawing room or as a great dressing station. This a three-in-one solution that does the job of a full-length mirror, vanity mirror, and a decorative home decor item. 


  • Built-in dresser
  • Beautiful design
  • Large shape
  • Ready to mount

Round Wood Wall Mirror

Round wood wall mirrorSource: Porventura
Round wood wall mirror

Wood is an evergreen material that works well with almost all decor styles, be it minimalistic, modern, traditional, or contemporary. Since most home furniture is made from wood, this round wood wall mirror is specially made to gel with that aspect. 

This product deviates from boring mirrors and is shaped like a pie chart. Two third is a mirror, and one-third is a shelf where you can keep books, sculptures, and other decor items. 


  • Wooden frame
  • Built-in bookshelf
  • Pie shape
  • Durable

Round Silver Wall Mirror

Round silver wall mirrorSource: Schuller
Round silver wall mirror

Paving the way to a unique element in the home, this round silver wall mirror does wonders in uplifting the look of the room. It is silver in color, and its frame is shaped in a concentric circle with protruding elements.

Its frame’s reflective surface makes it look almost like a bunch of tiny mirrors. You can use this above a shelf or simply to fill out any blank space on any wall. 


  • Timeless design
  • Adds depth
  • Shiny finish
  • Small mirrors on the frame as well

Unique Round Wall Mirror

Unique round wall mirror in multicolorSource: Transnatural Art & Design
Unique round wall mirror

Unlike any mirror you have ever seen, this unique round wall mirror looks straight out of someone’s imagination. The contemporary design uses purple, orange, yellow, and blue to create a transcending visual appearance. 

From afar, it will not look like a mirror but rather a fantastic decor item. But on a closer glance, you will see that it reflects in multiple colors.


  • Multicolored design
  • Contemporary finish
  • Extremely unique
  • Easy to install

Classic Round Wall Mirror

Classic round wall mirrorSource: Tarba
Virginia Classic Round Wall Mirror

This classic round wall mirror is fit for royalty as it is vividly shaped in a classic twirl design. You can notice the small detailing on this mirror every time you look at it. 

Around this exquisite round mirror are a series of different shaped lives in a silver finish enhancing its charm. Great for any corner in the room that needs amping up, you can be assured that this piece would stand out from the crowd.


  • Unique design
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Stand out piece
  • Built-in hook for stability

Beautiful Round Wall Mirror

Beautiful round wall mirrorSource: Ballabio Italia
Silver round wall mirror

This mirror is studded with four small mirrors on its frame. This beautiful round wall mirror is further decorated with a pleasing design, making this a true gem. This piece reveals the homeowner’s style, which makes it distinct.

You can further decorate it by putting a matching chandelier in the room. Also, you can place it above a cabinet, where you can decorate it with vases, sculptures, and more. 


  • A work of art
  • Unique silver color
  • Great quality
  • Sturdy

Nature-Inspired Round Wall Mirror

Nature-inspired round wall mirror in goldSource: Boca Do Lobo
Nature-inspired wall mirror

You can bring in a bit of nature and the animal kingdom with this nature-inspired round wall mirror. Its golden reflective bold frame is topped with various lifelike insects. 

This can be an exciting element in any room and would become the talk of the town for days. 


  • Nature-inspired design
  • Insect miniatures on the frame
  • Unique piece
  • Good quality


With a plethora of options to choose from on the premium website of Arcedior, shopping will be easy. Round wall mirrors have a distinct and eye-catching ability to transform the look of a room. There are tons of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from that will suit the home decor style well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should round mirrors be placed?

Round mirrors can be placed in the entryway, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Round mirrors make the home more welcoming and inviting when placed in the foyer. In the living room, you can place the mirror above the fireplace or on a console table for a stylish element. A round mirror can be set up over the dresser or nightstand in the bedroom for a functional and chic addition.

Are round mirrors good for feng shui?

Yes, round mirrors are good, according to feng shui, since they seek to represent clarity and positivity in life. The circle shape demonstrates a whole life cycle and becomes a source of harmony. Other than that, there are general rules for placing a mirror in the feng shui way, like not putting the mirror opposite a door. 

Can we put a round mirror in the living room?

Yes, round mirrors are a great addition to the living room as they bring the whole room together. They also look good as the focal point of the room, where it can be decorated with sculptures, books, and flowers. You can place it above the fireplace or mantel. If you want to put a small mirror, place it in an alcove or near a window to add more light and brightness to your living room.

Where should I hang a round mirror?

The entryway, living room, bedroom, and bathroom can all use round mirrors. Round mirrors in the foyer enhance the home’s cozy and friendly atmosphere. The mirror will look beautiful above the fireplace or on a console table in the living room. A circular mirror can be positioned over the dresser or nightstand in the bedroom as a stylish and practical addition.

When should you use a round bathroom mirror?

If your bathroom has a lot of straight lines and angles, a round mirror can help soften the look. You can also use this type of mirror if your sink area is small or cramped. A round mirror will make it feel more open and spacious. And if you prefer the look of a round mirror and the retro feel, then go for it. 

Are round mirrors out of style?

No, round mirrors are not out of style since they will always be versatile and unique. They can be placed anywhere in the house or office. Though their frame can vary according to the current trends, the shape is evergreen. It is also no secret that they will continue to be in style for centuries. 

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