8 Decorative Glass Vase for Flowers For Stunning Floral Displays

Glass vase for flowers

The blossoming world of flowers inside the home is incomplete without their containers– the flower vases. If you are also searching for a perfect glass vase for flowers, then you have landed at the best place

Do you also agree that a glass vase for flowers has its own elegance as it is pretty, fragile, easy to clean, and resistant to scratches? Its transparency is the cherry on top, as it enhances the aesthetic appeal of flowers by showing their original shade and texture. 

These traits of glass together make it an incredible choice for the floral setting. So, here we are to bring forth a plethora of such glass vase for flowers. Get ready with us to dive into the world of eclectic glass vase for flowers.

The Standalone Statement Piece: Tall Glass Vase

tall glass vase for flowersSource: Home Artisan

Larger than traditional vases and impactful for floral display, give a place to a Peyton bag tall glass vase for flowers in your small place. A beautiful decor piece offers a great way to bag your favorite blooms in style. This vase does not take much surface area and crawls up long to the wall. Make the corners of your room blossom with this vase. Put the mix and match of flowering and dried branches, longer twigs, and blossomed flowers together in this vase and make a statement.

The Toughened Greatness: Large Glass Vases

large glass vases for flowersSource: Home Artisan

Cut some shrubs, gather some leaves, and acquire three rose sticks, and you are good to go! Collect and combine all this greenery in the Kealan Sea Green Glass Vase. This colorful floral arrangement will amp up your boring space and brighten it up. This vase in turquoise blue color boasts an array of designs. The upper part displays a beautiful hand-blown design inspired by the seashell, and the lower part is sleek and simple to carry with your hands.

Bring The Serenity: Blue Glass Vases

blue glass vasesSource: Home Artisan

The sky’s color and the ocean’s shade! Blue leads to a sense of calmness and a feeling of nature. Set your conventional space with a quirkily designed glass vase for flowers in a blue color called Sorento Blue Glass Vase. This glass vase for flowers beholds a unique modern design with a wider mouth that narrows down to the bottom. The upper part has a darker blue version which fades as it goes to the middle. Fill this amazing vase with the colorful varieties of Gladiolus, and the room decor is done.

The Home’s Glory: Decorative Glass Vase

decorative glass vase bowlSource: Rustic Horse

Freshness in the air and elegance in the room is definitely possible with the decorative glass vase for flowers. Infuse your home with the Jeweled Moroccan Art Glass Bowl /Vase. Just like a beauty adorned in jewelry, this tiny vase is embellished with beautiful blue beads and draped in a palette of distinctive colors. This decorative glass vase is suitable to put on your nightstands, on the dining table, or on the coffee table. So, would you like to fill it with sunflowers, or will the handful of orbeez work for you? That is completely your call.

The Simplistic Approach: Clear Glass Vase

clear glass vase for flowersSource: Home Artisan

Indeed! The floral arrangement looks the most spectacular when all its colors are clearly visible. For that, nothing can beat the simplistic allure of the clear glass vase for flowers. Carter Clear Glass Vase is one such kind that will accommodate all your lilies, roses, dandelions, and poppies elegantly. This is a long vase, with the width being broadest at the bottom. The slanted opening of this glass vase surely got all our attention.

The Superpower Of Sleekness: Glass Cylinder Vase

glass cylinder vaseSource: VG

Spruce up the wedding venue, bedroom, and living halls with this Eternity Cylinder Cactus vase. This vase’s long, sleek, and elegant cylindrical shape will look great with the longer and thinner flowers. Its flat and round-shaped base provides firm support. Put some fresh flowers with colorful pebbles at the bottom and fill the space with lots of water, and your informal decorative setting is ready!

The Splash Of Colors: Murano Glass Vases

murano glass vasesSource: VG

A mesmerizing palette of colors and unconventional shapes made by hand-blowing glass defines the Munaro artistry. One such piece that you can experience the magic of at your home is Mocenigo Murano glass vase. Its exceptional craftsmanship needs to be appreciated. This decorative vase in Venetian glass from Murano will enhance the aesthetic appeal of flowers.

Nature At Its Best: Green Glass Vase

green glass vaseSource: Niche

Nature is the testimony of the glory of the green. Now, it is your turn to bring nature’s pure essence into your home with the green glass vase. Boa Modern Glass Vase boasts a beautiful cylindrical shape in the upper and bottom, with its middle area swollen up. This artistic glass vase for flowers needs to be placed in the corners of your living room, and a few branches of colorful flowers will instill the magic of beauty in your homeplace.


We are concluding this blog on the note that you have surely picked up your best choice among the presented glass vases. In addition to providing the space for floral arrangements, the glass vase for flowers has its own elegance, so they are preferred more than any other material. From cylindrical to Murano, choose any of them for your place, and it is sure to brighten up with the charm of the glass vase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you arrange flowers in a glass vase?

For arranging the flowers in a glass vase, place the large flowers first on the edges and then the small ones inside. Arrange them so they vary in height, as this will add a dimension to the whole floral setting and finally fill up the remaining space with grass, pebbles, or orbeez.

What is the purpose of a glass vase?

The purpose of a glass vase is to provide a space for the arrangement of different flowers within it. The transparency of the glass vase enables people to look at the original color, textures, and beauty of the flowers, which gives a pleasant look.

What are the benefits of a flower vase?

The main benefit of the flower vases is to provide a space for the arrangement of flowers. These flower vases are designed in different shapes, adding beauty to an area. They can accommodate different kinds of flowers, from branches to bouquets.

How do you take care of flowers in a glass vase?

To take care of flowers in a glass vase, it is important to clean the vase regularly so that the moss is not developed. In addition, it is equally important to change the water of the vase from time to time so that the flowers remain fresh for a longer time. Also, keep removing the leaves that occupy the extra space in the vase.

What are the uses of cylinder vases?

Due to their long and sleek shape, cylindrical vases create a statement when placed. They can easily be washed and occupy less surface area due to the smaller base. They can also be used for displaying floating candles.

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