Outside Is the New Inside: 2019 Trends in Outdoor Living

Outdoor furniture is turning increasingly popular in the design world. Interior designers and landscape architects have been designing innovative backyards and patios that are high on style just as your interior spaces are. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in outdoor living for 2019.

1. Patio Furniture Trends for 2019

Wood Slat Patio

A deck style patio with wood all around is a trend that’s never going to go out of style. It’s so versatile and it can give your outdoor space a rustic, chic and modern appeal.

Painted Patio Floor Tiles

Geometric floor tiles have been trending in indoor spaces. You can recreate this magic in your outdoor space too. Try combining three colors to give your space more character. You can liven up your outdoor dining space with a textured finish, dramatic glaze, or rustic colors.

Stone Pavers With Pea Gravel

You’ve probably seen stone pavers at hotels, villas, cafes and huge homes. But did you know you could recreate the same in your outdoor space? Even if your outdoor space isn’t huge, it’s a great idea to remodel your patio.

Tip: Make sure you use materials that are strong and durable.

Bamboo booth 1

2. Outdoor Dining Set Trends for 2019

Mixed Materials

Combination of different types of materials like metals, timber, upholstery, and rope are trending this year. For instance, outdoor sofas with a powder-coated metal frame can be combined with charcoal fabric and rope detailing to come up with a look that’s chic and trendy.

Low-Slung Seating

Low-slung sofas are gaining popularity with a look that defines ultimate comfort. The cushions in contrasting textures, styles, and patterns add to the character. Generally, younger homeowners prefer this type of seating.

Modular Sofas

Multi-functional furniture is a growing trend and is a must-have, especially in urban compact homes, although they are versatile enough to be adapted in both small and large spaces.


2019 will see a shift towards colors that blend easily with the outdoor environment and will incorporate natural materials. Sofas with neutral colors with a dash of color and texture, along with scattered cushions will be a huge trend in 2019.

49 Lansing Dining Table Large 1

3. Outdoor Bar Stool Trends for 2019

Luxe Bar Stools

Glam seating is in this year and this time around the bar stools will give your space a luxurious feel. The metallic legs, patterned seats, and soft upholstery are perfect for a cocktail party or a few drinks with the family.

Wooden Bar Stools

Wooden bar stools can never go out of style, and this year too it will be no different. They add an extra level of comfort, unlike stools made of other materials. They instantly create a cozy and welcoming seating, while making the house bar look brighter and fresher.

Patterned Bar Stools

Patterned bar stools are so distinct that they instantly become the talk of the room. Choose your patterns and colors according to your taste and make your bar stools stand out.

46 Square Coffee Table 1

4. Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2019

Basket Lamps

Large round bulbs in wicker baskets instantly create a unique space for your garden area. It’s an easy way to illuminate your backyard seating ensemble.

Tip: Use thin wicker basket lamps to ensure sufficient light comes through.

Solar Led Lamps

Solar LED lamps serve two purposes – they beautifully illuminate your garden while marking the important areas to ensure spaces that double up as seating areas are well-lit.

Orbs & Spheres

If you want to get a little more creative, using spheres and orbs throughout your yard or patio will create an angelic appearance. Perfect for developing an ideal little sanctuary, you could cluster them or hang them separately.

outdoor lighting trends for 2019 1

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