Innovative Office Desk Organizer Tools to Simplify Your Workday

Office desk organizer

Are you sick of finding items all over the office’s desk? We have your back! You might need an office desk organizer to systematically arrange the things you need. 

But have you ever wondered why we need a desk organizer? To systematically arrange the things lying on the desk. It keeps the desks clean and tidy. It boosts employees’ productivity and improves concentration. A study says a clean desk increases productivity and persistence by 84%.

Now, your next question would be, how to use an office desk organizer? There is no one way to answer this. Small trays, monitor stands, pen stands, and cable organizers can maximize your workspace. 

The essence of office desk organizers lies in selecting tools as needed. You may use a specific organizer to arrange specific things (pen organizers for pens) or multi/sectional organizers for various items (trays or drawers).

You can shop for office desk organizers at Arcedior shop and keep your desk neat and clean!

Desk Phone Holder

desk phone holderSource: Studio Indigene
Desk Phone Holder

Earlier, people used anything to keep phones at a distance. Now, desk phone holders are designed so that you can enjoy videos and scroll through the screen without any discomfort. It is also easy to use and safe for your phone. 

In addition, it reduces arm pain and relaxes your neck muscles. Keeping a phone at a distance also gives relief to your eyes. These are designed to be placed on a desk or hard surfaces.


  • Ergonomically designed desk phone holders prevent neck pain.
  • No more holding a phone, thus preventing shoulder and arm pain.

Office Desk Organizer With Drawers

Desk Organizer With DrawersSource: Sorbus
Desk Organizer With Drawers

There are many things on the desk that you do not need regularly. Keep it in the drawers! The drawers provide a place to store unimportant items. Smaller items can be stored in drawers too. It is crucial to have only important and necessary items on your sacred desk. Metal and wooden drawers are sturdy, durable, and sustainable materials and thus can be used as desk organizers with drawers.

Advantages : 

  • Specific things will be found in their respective drawers.
  • Inside the drawers will be clutter and disorganized accessories.

Pen Organizer

Pen OrganizerSource: Objectry
Pen Organizer

When you’re not using pens, where would you keep them? You may keep it in a pen organizer. If you use colored pens, the pen organizer makes them visible and accessible. You can also segregate the type of pens or pencils ( blue pen, black pen, fountain pen, colored pencils, gel pen, or disposable pens). It comes in various shapes, such as round, square, pentagonal, or hexagonal. It can be an upright, oblique, or elongated shape.


  • Prevents tabletop stains from ink leaks.
  • All pens can be found in one place.

Desk Organizer Tray

Desk Organizer TraySource: Studio Indigene
Desk Organizer Tray

If you’re the person who needs everything in front of your eyes, then the desk organizer tray is the one you should add to your desk. The main advantage of using trays is that things are left open and thus visible and accessible when in need. The same is not possible with the desk organizer with the drawers. You may place documents, stationeries, and even treats on a tray.

At the Arcedior office, we use a Circle Organiser to organize the desk. You can keep pins, pens, pencils, and scissors. You can use to store a variety of office knickknacks


  • Open access to place different things/tools.
  • Manages the clutter on the desk.

Desk Caddy

Desk CaddySource: bambaiSe
Desk Caddy

A desk caddy is a container, box, or pouch with small pockets to keep different items. You can zip it up and move it from one place to another. Some desk caddies are made of metal and wood and are thus practical, fashionable, and simple to lift. It can store big and small-sized items.


  • Keep things in a small compact place.
  • Open, visible, and easily accessible.

Cable Organizer Box

Cable Organizer BoxSource: Baskiss
Cable Organizer Box

Untangling the wires and making desks nice and tidy is a time-consuming process. A cable organizer box is a must-have for all your electronics because it allows you to manage and keep tech connections neat easily. It keeps the cords and plugs away from sight and provides enough desk space.

With considerable traffic, floor wires are quickly torn and damaged. Hence need replacement, which is expensive. As a result, cable organizers prevent wire damage and help you save money. It works magic for those who work from home. 


  • Minimizes hindrance in the workplace by wires.
  • Workspace looks cleaner.

Monitor Stand For Desk

Monitor Stand For DeskSource: Ikea
Monitor Stand For Desk

Computers are the basic machines which you can find in the office. Prolonged use of computers gives rise to neck discomfort and crooked posture. Therefore, you need a monitor stand to level up the monitors at an ideal height. The monitor’s height should be adjusted so that your eyes look slightly downwards when looking at a screen.


  • Maintains upright posture and prevents neck pain
  • Keeps the desk tidy and clean.


Now, you have a list of innovative desk organizer tools that can transform your workplace and simplify your workday. You have many options to explore, from keeping the smallest item (pins) to the largest possible item (files, documents). Suppose you are still confused about the necessary office desk organizers; in that case, you can buy them at Arcedior shop and declutter your office desk. 


What is the importance of a desk organizer?

Desk organizer frees up the workspace and declutters the desk. It makes the desk look organized, clean, and tidy. It saves you time while searching for a required item. When you place your items on drawers, pen holders, or mesh racks, you impart an image of an organized person. 
Many desk organizers are suitable for small items such as pins, pens, pencils, and other stationery items. In contrast, drawers, racks, and shelves are also used for storing writing pads, documents, or even books. 

What should I look for in a desk organizer?

You may look for durability, style, and usage as per your requirements:
1. Durability: you may use wood, steel, plastic, or cloth. Wood and cloth sustain more years than other materials.
2. Style: Desk organizers came up with handles and push buttons, or you can zip it up and carry it from one place to another. You can choose an office desk organizer from various shapes, sizes, and colors.
3. Usage: use a pen organizer for pens, pencils, and other stationery items; use drawers for storing documents; mesh desk organizers are multifunctional and sturdy and go with any interior decor. 

What are the features of a desk organizer?

The features of the desk organizer are:
1. It needs to be sturdy.
2. It saves time by keeping clutter at bay.
3. The material should be durable.
4. If required, then compartmentalize the organizers. It makes the organization easier.
5. Installation should be easy.
6. Desk organizers with corkboards are easier to put notes or important information on.

What is the use of a cable organizer?

A cable organizer is a desk organizer where all the cords and plugs are kept from the desk. It keeps the wires untangled and the desk clean and spacious. It not only gives you space at the workplace but also increases productivity and concentration at work. In addition, it cuts down on the time that would otherwise be required to untangle the cables. 

What is the best way to organize desk drawers?

The best way to organize desk drawers is to label them. If the drawers are opaque, you can’t search outside. Thus it saves time, and you can open the required labeled drawer. 
You can also compartmentalize the drawers with mini-open boxes inside the drawer. These sections would hold different items in specific boxes. These are called drawer organizers.
You can also arrange them based on frequent use. For example, more frequently used items can be kept in the front or topmost drawer, and less needed items in the rear position or bottom drawer. 

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